Do I Need a Lawyer for Farmers Insurance Claims?

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Do I Need a Lawyer For Farmers Insurance Claims?

There’s no denying–Farmers Insurance has some pretty entertaining commercials. With well-known actor JK Simmons front-and-center, their advertisements have inspired more than a few chuckles over the years. Unfortunately, clever marketing and catchy slogans don’t count for much when you’re injured in an auto accident.

The truth is, Farmers Insurance plays by the same rules as any other large, for-profit company: they’re in it to win it. And for an insurance agency, winning means minimizing, delaying, or outright denying insurance claims made by accident victims like you. If you or a loved one were recently injured by someone insured by Farmers, contact Thompson Law today a get a lawyer for Farmers Insurance claims. We can help you stand up to Farmers and collect the compensation your family needs.

Farmers Insurance Has a Bad Reputation

Consumer Reports recently gave Farmers Insurance a “worse” rating. And the American Association for Justice ranked Farmers as one of the Top Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America–not exactly the top-ten list of anyone’s dreams. Even more shocking, Farmers has been sued for fraud and deceptive business practices.

So why does Farmers Insurance have such a bad reputation? To start, claimants and policyholders rank their experiences with Farmers shockingly low. What’s more, Farmers has gotten into hot water for artificially inflating premiums and aggressively limiting payouts. 

If you’re up against tactics like these, you’re going to want an experienced personal injury attorney in your corner. Thompson Law knows the strategies of Farmers Insurance and others like them, such as State Farm. We will advocate on your behalf to collect the compensation you deserve.

Lawyer for Farmers Insurance Claims

Farmers Car Accident Insurance Claims

It should come as no surprise that Farmers Insurance adjusters will use every trick in the book to avoid paying out on claims. Many accident victims understandably put their faith in insurance companies, assuming they adhere to ethical practices. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters have more than a few tricks up their sleeves, and they won’t hesitate to use them. You need a lawyer for Farmers Insurance claims to protect your interests.

An experienced auto injury attorney can act as a buffer between you and mammoth insurance agencies like Farmers auto insurance. As you focus on your health and recovery, your auto accident attorney will deal with discussions, negotiations, and all the rest.

A Personal Injury Lawyer For Farmers Insurance Claims Can Help

The bottom line is, Farmers adjusters are incentivized to limit your payout. It’s not fair, but your auto accident lawyer can guide you through the entire process, step by step. Thompson Law will represent your interests, whether you were in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or pedestrian accident. 

We understand how frustrating auto accident injuries can be. Our team of personal injury lawyers is here to handle the legal aspects of your accident so you can get back to working, living, and thriving. We’re familiar with the tactics and strategies of Farmers Insurance adjusters, and we have the experience necessary to maximize your payout.

We offer the following services:

Call us today for a free consultation so we can discuss your legal rights and options. A personal injury lawyer can help you deal with adjusters, negotiate a fair settlement, and understand your legal rights. It does not matter if you were in a car accident in Austin or a truck wreck in Plano – Thompson Law can help. Remember – we do not collect compensation unless you do, and your consultation is FREE. 

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Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the average personal injury settlement in Texas?

Personal injury settlements vary greatly, and your compensation depends on your injuries, the nature of the accident, and total damages. The average auto liability claim is around $3,231, and the average bodily injury claim is approximately $15,433. A personal injury attorney can help you better understand what your case might be worth.

How long does a personal injury lawsuit take in Texas?

Lengths of time vary, just like the settlement amount. While Texas allows two years to file a personal injury claim, it’s best to hire an experienced lawyer who can ensure you file promptly and correctly. The average personal injury lawsuit takes anywhere from less than a year to around two years.

Do I really need a lawyer for a personal injury lawsuit?

Yes. A car accident lawyer has extensive experience with insurance companies and personal injury law. When you’re recovering from a crash, the last thing you want to do is deal with adjusters trying to give you a lowball offer or deny your claim outright. You need a lawyer for Farmers Insurance claims with experience negotiating with their adjusters.

What are some common causes of car accidents in Texas?

The truth is there are many common causes of car accidents, and many types of car accidents. Common causes of car accidents in Texas include drunk driving, texting or talking while driving, speeding, tailgating, and aggressive driving or road rage. While many drivers are prone to multitask, even a few seconds of distraction can cause a severe or fatal crash. 

What is a large personal injury settlement?

On average, a personal injury lawsuit might be anywhere between $7,000 and $75,000. But as you can see in our results, Thompson Law has won cases that settle for much more. 

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