Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer? (And Why Thompson Law Might be Just the Right Lawyer to Call)

If you have been injured in an accident you may be wondering if it makes sense to hire a lawyer. What is the better course: fighting your own battle with the insurance company, and receiving the full settlement amount or hiring an attorney on a contingency fee and paying a portion of the total settlement in legal fees for your attorney’s services? The answer lies in the likelihood of receiving a settlement and the anticipated amount of that settlement.

The benefits of attorney representation following a personal injury accident are very real. Legal resource Martindale-Nolo reports that the percentage of people who receive a personal injury payout without attorney representation is 51%. The percentage of people who receive a personal injury payout when they are represented by an attorney is 91%. This study may make the simple question of “do I need a car accident lawyer?” an easy answer:  yes!

After a serious accident, you may be hurting, dealing with car repairs or other property damage, trying to get through work and family responsibilities in the face of these additional challenges, and more. Don’t add a losing situation to that equation. Remove some of the burden of these responsibilities and take advantage of the resources a dedicated personal injury attorney can provide. Read on for more information about the benefits of personal injury legal representation, as well as factors to consider when making the right choice for you and your family.

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Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Every case is unique, but if any of the items on this list apply to your accident, you are likely a good candidate for personal injury representation:

  • There was a death in the accident.
  • You were hit by a commercial vehicle: 18 wheeler, Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Construction or Government Vehicle.
  • A participant sustained serious injuries: hospital stay, broken bones, head injuries, nervous system injuries, future expected medical bills
  • Significant medical costs resulted from the accident.
  • Missing a significant amount of time with work, school or other critical actives.
  • Reduced earning capacity: perhaps related to missing work or being unable to work in the future.
  • The other driver’s reckless, negligent or dangerous behavior caused the crash.
  • A dispute exists over the fault of the accident.
  • Accident took place in a state of confusion: heavy traffic, obstructions, construction area.
  • Paperwork/reporting surrounding the events of the accident is wrong or seems off.
  • Significant complications in the aftermath of the accident: technical, legal, medical.
  • Insurance company rejects or lowballs your offer.
  • Serious detrimental impact on your emotional well-being: trauma, pain and suffering, and more.

Hiring a Lawyer Can Win You a Better Settlement

The main reason that people choose to hire lawyers after a personal injury accident is because they want a better settlement. This reasoning is well deserved. Unfortunately, many insurance companies see unrepresented individuals as easy targets for low ball payouts. Some insurance companies have made difficult tactics such a part of their business strategy that they have become infamous for it. Personal Injury Attorneys have the expertise and experience to stand up to the insurance companies, even those corporations which are most well-established and well-practiced at protecting their interests. Studies have shown that hiring an attorney results in compensation over 4 times as much as going it alone in your demand. This means that even after factoring in your contingency legal fee, you are likely to walk away from your ordeal with a considerably larger check.

In short, working with a lawyer brings the Intimidation factor. If push comes to shove, and you are fighting for your rightful compensation with your insurance company in vain, your threat to file a lawsuit as an individual is unlikely to be taken very seriously. On the other hand, if the insurance company knows that you have engaged legal expertise, or even better if your legal team presents the communication of intent to file suit, the uncooperative insurers will be forced to take notice.

Hiring a Lawyer Can Get You an Improved Experience

Even beyond expecting higher compensation, working with a professional accident lawyer can help improve the experience of obtaining your settlement. Insurance companies are experienced in protecting their interests and paying out as little as possible. The industry is well known for its tactics of obfuscation and opacity, and the processes they use are designed to slow down claims and discourage claimants. With attorney representation behind you, the insurance companies take your claim and your needs so much more seriously. Your dedicated legal team expertly generates the demand to the insurance company, fiercely negotiates on your behalf for your best outcome, and streamlines this whole process for your benefit. Working with a great firm like Thompson Law, you can expect helpful communication, sound advice to help you make necessary decisions for your claim and a clear understanding of your settlement and paid expenses at the finish line.

Hiring a Lawyer Can Smooth Your Path to Recovery

Many people struggle with all the responsibilities that they face in the aftermath of sustaining a serious injury. It can be very difficult to add on new responsibilities and obligations, such as treatment and filing claims, while you are in pain, let alone maintaining your usual pace. Working with an experienced accident attorney can really help streamline your recovery process. For example, Thompson Law has a large network of trusted care providers that we can refer you to for your injuries and treatment. We can even help with scheduling and coordinating healthcare providers and appointments and provide reminders for your treatment plan. This assistance is all designed to remove obstacles between you and your best possible recovery.

Additionally, hiring a personal injury attorney takes away the administrative hassle of demanding your insurance settlements, battling the insurance companies and doing copious amounts of administrative work. With these items off your to-do list, you can focus on what is important: your health, your healing, and your loved ones. When Thompson Law takes care of these tasks for you it does not mean you are left uninformed. Some lawyers may have a bad reputation for leaving clients out of the process – taking a case and going through the motions to win a settlement, and their fee, but leaving their clients in the dark and worried. At Thompson Law, this couldn’t be further from our reality. Our ultimate wish for every client is full recovery and maximum settlement. We take very seriously the work that we do in cooperation with you and your healthcare providers to support these optimal outcomes.


Hiring a Lawyer Can Optimize Your Time After an Accident

At Thompson Law, our use of technology is a huge asset to our process. We understand that life can be crazy busy, particularly when you have just dealt with a major life event like an accident! This is why we offer extensive remote resources for navigating the entirety of your claim and case. If it is your preference, you may actually go the entire duration of your claim without ever needing to take time for an in-person office visit. We always appreciate meeting our clients face-to-face but really enjoy offering the convenience of numerous ways to communicate for your best results. Communicating, receiving status notifications, uploading documents and images are all tasks that can be as simple as a text message. Additionally, our variety of communication options can be set to your preference, so you can receive the information you need on the best platform for you. After a serious accident, you don’t have time to waste, and Thompson Law seeks to optimize your time during this period. Nothing brings peace of mind like knowing that you can get all the information you need, right when you need it.

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When Do I Not Need A Car Accident Lawyer?

Not every single car accident calls for attorney services. Accidents, where there have not been any injuries, accidents with very minimal damage overall, or instances where the insurance company actually comes through and offers a fair settlement, are all cases that may be well handled without the addition of legal assistance.

Still, each situation is unique, so if you are uncertain of the best path forward following your accident, take advantage of our free consultation service and reach out. In 15 minutes or less, connect with our legal experts who are standing by to take your call, and get the advice you need.

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When you hire Thompson Law, you hire a highly specialized set of skills. Ryan Thompson and his team of attorneys and legal experts bring over 350 years of combined experience in the personal injury field to the table. At Thompson Law, each and every case is valuable and important. We understand that the call you make to us may be about one of the most important events in your life. Our empathy is part of who we are, and it’s what inspires us to fight for the justice our clients deserve. If you are still wondering whether you need a lawyer, and if we are the right lawyer for you, just give us a call. We are standing by 24/7/365 ready to talk with you in Dallas at 214-444-4444, Fort Worth at 817-444-4444, or wherever you are at 1-800-LION-LAW (1-800-546-6529). Call 4 for help if you’ve been hurt in any type of motor vehicle accident, or any other type of accident. Allow our accident attorneys in San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth the opportunity during your free consultation to answer your questions and show you the Lion Law difference.

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