How Do I Select a Lawyer for a Car Accident Claim?

The aftermath of a serious car accident can be extremely stressful and chaotic, not to mention painful if you have suffered injuries. The last thing that victims of a car crash want to do is add the chore to select a lawyer to their busy to-do list. Healing, getting back to work, managing car repairs or finding alternate transportation, dealing with police reports and insurance agencies all take time and energy, often when you have none to spare.

The good news is, it does not need to be so hard. Engaging an expert law firm can significantly streamline the auto accident aftermath for you and your loved ones. It is important to select a lawyer that is reputable and with a trustworthy firm that is the best fit for you, and the information below is designed to help you find and select the best lawyer for your car accident claim.

Selecting a car accident lawyer sooner rather than later can be extremely important to the outcome of your case. At Thompson Law, we understand that surviving a catastrophic accident is difficult and debilitating. However, we assure you that taking just a few minutes of your time to call an experienced car accident law firm is well worth doing.

Engaging legal assistance at the beginning of the fight with insurance companies helps avoid costly mistakes that require correction later and ensures that the proper steps in treatment and documentation happen. Early and skillful case preparation serves to optimize your outcome for the highest possible compensation. We are standing by to take your call 24/7, ready to get to work on your case, so you can get back to rest and recovery.


Choose A Lawyer With Experience

You need a lawyer who has the industry experience. Select a lawyer who is a specialist in personal injury law to set your claim and case up for success. Specialized lawyers have applicable experience in cases similar to yours, meaning they are most knowledgeable on current legal events, nuances in the field, and they can also use their time more efficiently in their law practice.

Beyond just the right attorney, select a lawyer at a law firm that is made up of industry insiders. An accomplished and qualified law firm employs many seasoned paralegals with well-cultivated resumes. Former insurance adjusters, emergency medical services (EMS) professionals, and others from health care backgrounds, along with their legal training have industry knowledge that is pertinent and helpful to all parts of your claim process. Selecting a law firm that carefully curates a team of experts to work on your case means better results for your treatment, negotiations process, and settlement.

Whether you’ve had a car accident with an e-scooter or an 18 wheeler, you deserve attorney representation from an expert who has fought and won cases against all types of at-fault interests. The Thompson Law legal team has over 350 years of combined legal experience, plus the peripheral industry knowledge to supplement their legal prowess. This means, when you are facing the insurance companies after your accident, you have an army of knowledge and skill behind you all the way.

Select A Law Firm With Expertise

You need a skilled auto accident attorney who knows how to investigate your claim, fight hard for your rights, and stand up to the at-fault parties no matter what. Beyond that, you deserve a concierge customer service experience including free consultations, maximum just compensation results, and zero fees until your case is won.

Because communication is critical, Thompson Law provides you with multiple options for connecting, including phone calls, email, text, chat, arranging to send an intake paralegal to your location for an in-person consultation. From there, you are assigned a full legal team, replete with investigators, paralegals to help guide you through the treatment and negotiation stages of your case and, of course, your expert attorney.

Working with an attorney who has a streamlined, effective, and efficient process is very important. During the stressful aftermath of a car accident, with uncertainty about your injuries and your vehicle swirling around you, the last thing you need is an additional worry. Select a lawyer with an organized operation, who knows how to communicate, and who seeks to care for clients in the best possible way.

Another critically important part of selecting a car accident law firm is weighing the fee structure options of the lawyers you are considering. With Thompson Law, you benefit from a contingency fee structure. Not only does this simplify your life during the treatment and negotiation phases of your claim by deferring legal bills until settlement, but it is also the most fair payment method. At Thompson Law, we only win if you do. Contingency fee basis means that your attorney is compensated for his or her work after winning your settlement or case for you, so our interests are aligned. We are in the fight together for your highest rightful compensation.


Select A Lawyer Who Will Provide Quality Service and Results

After a serious motor vehicle accident, you want to work with someone who can win your rightful compensation for reimbursement of medical bills and car repair or replacement expenses, plus any additional damages you are owed for your ordeal. Quality of personal injury law service means receiving the maximum just settlement or successful case outcome for a client, all while receiving excellent customer service.

It is important to conduct due diligence after a car accident to locate the right personal injury lawyer for your case. Determining which attorney provides the best quality services and delivers results can seem daunting but does not need to be. There are many tools available to filter the best from the rest. Consult referrals from friends and family and check the web for ratings and reviews. Places like Google reviews and Facebook pages can tell you the experiences of former clients and give you the opportunity to see how a law firm’s service was for others. Other legal-specific sites such as Justia and Avvo can provide valuable information about the standing of a lawyer you are considering.

All of these web resources can help narrow your search. Once you have a favorite lawyer or two you think would work best, look at their specific results. The American Bar Association requires and regulates specific reporting of an attorney’s results. This guarantees honest representation to the public. After your car accident, you need an attorney who not only fights hard for you but also has a formidable track record of success. At Thompson Law, our results speak volumes.

Select An Attorney Who Is A Good Fit For You

Not only do you want select a lawyer who is well-reviewed by your friends, family, and the internet at large – you need a lawyer that feels right for you! Do you enjoy your interactions with your legal provider and team? When you engage with your attorney on social media, by their website, by email, and by phone, are they responsive, personable, and helpful? These may seem like small details in the grand scheme of a legal claim and case, but they matter.

Cases vary, but they can take time to complete. It is important that you trust and like the person working for you through the process. Having a positive and respectful rapport with your lawyer will help foster the communication and understanding that will benefit your case outcome. If it feels like a bad fit from the beginning, the challenges of claim negotiations and case arbitration will not make a relationship easier.

At Thompson Law, we believe in approaching everything we do with compassion, respect, and the ambition to win. We deeply appreciate and understand our clients, and this empathy is the underpinning of all the work that we do. Our greatest satisfaction is helping our clients on the road to recovery, and we look forward to helping you.

The Takeaway- The Thompson Law Difference

Ryan The Lion ThompsonPersonal injury law is complex and varies by state. Particulars of the cases can be nuanced and complicated. Dealing with insurance companies and healthcare providers to make sure your healing is prioritized, your property is restored or replaced, and you are justly compensated for your losses, pain, and suffering is a tough job that requires relentless determination and persistence. There is no need to go it alone through this challenging process. Talk to your network of family and friends, check the web for reputable and well-reviewed firms, visit their sites for information about their process, results, and successes, and reach out with your questions and your story.

You may also be asking:  Is it better to hire a local attorney? While it is important to hire an attorney that knows the local and state laws, many lawyers are licensed in multiple states, and often an in-person visit is not required. Call us today at (214) 444-4444 and we’ll let you know if we can help with your case wherever your accident injury occurred.  For example, Ryan Thompson of Thompson Law is licensed to practice law in Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kentucky, Arizona, California, and Pennsylvania. Even if you are outside of those jurisdictions, Thompson Law has other injury lawyers licensed in many other states.

Thompson Law is here to answer any questions you may have about your car accident or any personal injury situation. If you do select a lawyer at Thompson Law to work with – and we sincerely look forward to helping you – you can expect to be treated with care, compassion, and respect at all times. We are truly dedicated to putting our clients first, and your full recovery and maximum compensation is the ultimate goal we fight for every day.

Have you been injured or suffered in a serious car accident? The time to put yourself and your loved ones first is now. Reach out right away for help from expert car accident lawyer Ryan “The Lion” Thompson. Call 4 and get the roar lawyer. The statute of limitations in Texas limits your time to file a claim, so select a lawyer today. Contact us here or here at 844-308-8180 as soon as you can.

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State law limits the time you have to file a claim after an auto accident. If you have been injured in an accident, call now to get the help you need.