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Our car accident lawyers understand the trauma that accompanies a motor vehicle collision, especially when the crash results in injuries. In 2021, there were over 44.5 million miles driven on Fort Worth roads.

When driving across a metroplex that is as sprawling as ours here in Dallas-Fort Worth, it is easy to forget the perils we face every day by simply getting in our cars. However, when analyzing crash data for 2021, we found:

  • One auto accident occurred every 35.8 minutes,
  • One person was injured in a wreck every 1.2 hours, and
  • One person died in a car crash every 2.8 days.

We often do not think of the serious potential risks that we face each and every time we enter a roadway. The risks involved in operating a motor vehicle are easy to forget as we go about our daily lives driving to work, dropping kids off at school, or simply running errands.

However, our safety and physical health depends on drivers we share the with roadway acting responsibly. When they lose focus or drive irresponsibly, it can change the course of your life forever.

When you are involved in an injury accident, you deserve to have a car accident lawyer on your side. Thompson Law will strongly represent your interests and fight for the financial compensation you are owed for your damages under Texas law. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, call Thompson Law today for a FREE CASE REVIEW.

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What You Should Do After a Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. However, knowing what to do afterwards can help to minimize stress and confusion. Here are some important steps to take if you are involved in a car accident:

  1. Get to Safety:  If you are able, move to a safe location off the road, and turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers.
  2. Call the Police:  Calling the Fort Worth Police Department will help ensure your safety, get medical care (if needed), and produce a crash report. Further, Texas law and most insurance policies require accidents be reported when there is significant property damage to vehicles and/or injuries were sustained (Texas Transportation Codes Sec. 550.026).
  3. Offer an Honest Statement:  Describe how you think the accident happened, but do not accept blame even if you believe you may be at fault. Also, do not comment on your physical condition or speak with an insurance adjuster, as accident injuries often take time to manifest. Our Fort Worth car accident lawyers will obtain your Fort Worth crash report and work to establish liability with the insurance companies.
  4. Take Pictures of Everything: Photograph all vehicles involved in the collision to document property damage and establish liability and demonstrate the potential for injuries. Take pictures of any visible injuries suffered by you or others involved. Also, photograph relevant information from the other drivers (i.e., drivers licenses, insurance cards, license plates, VIN numbers) to ensure accuracy of the data.
  5. Look for Proof:  See if there were any witnesses to the accident, or cameras at nearby businesses which may have captured the wreck.
  6. Get Medical Treatment:  This is critical to protect your physical health and connect your injuries to the accident.
  7. Call Our Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyers: Studies show that injury claims recovered by personal injury attorneys typically result in a threefold greater recovery compared to claims handled independently by an individual. Thompson Law has a strong track record of providing excellent results for our clients, and we stand ready to assist with your claim.

Remember, it is the job of insurance adjusters to reduce insurance claims payouts. They have no interest in you getting you full and fair compensation.

Thus, never sign any release, authorization, or anything for the insurance company of the party at fault. Call our Fort Worth car accident lawyers for a FREE CONSULTATION and to protect your right to full compensation.

DOs and DON’Ts After a Car Wreck in Fort Worth



How We Can Help Your Auto Accident Claim

When injured in a car accident, the services offered by our lawyers can be extremely helpful for victims. Our experienced car accident attorneys can provide our clients with a wide range of services to help them receive the compensation they deserve.

These services include gathering evidence and conducting investigations, such as taking witness testimonies, obtaining police reports, and reviewing surveillance footage if available. We can also review insurance policies to ensure that victims receive the full coverage they are entitled to.

Additionally, We are experienced in negotiations with insurance companies, ensuring that they defend the rights of their clients and secure the best possible outcome for them.

A strong argument holds that securing legal representation after suffering an injury due to a car accident is important; otherwise, victims may not be fully aware of their rights or the compensation they may be eligible for.

Moreover, facing off against large insurance companies is often overwhelming and emotionally taxing for victims, which is why having a trustworthy and knowledgeable lawyer by their side can make all the difference.

At the same time, there are those who would argue that getting legal representation from an experienced car accident lawyer in Fort Worth could be unnecessary—Victims could always attempt to resolve their cases on their own without any legal assistance.

But it should be noted that several nuances of personal injury law require specialized knowledge, meaning self-representation may not produce the desired results without the proper know-how.

Regardless of your side in this debate, it cannot be denied that a qualified Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer can help you secure the compensation you deserve after a crash—and seeking out one is certainly worth considering.

Moving forward, it’s essential to understand some key points about why legal advice and guidance are so important for car accident victims.

Essential Highlights

Seeking the help of an experienced car accident lawyer is important for those who have sustained injury due to a car accident. Such lawyers can provide vital services, such as gathering evidence and negotiating with insurance companies, which can help victims receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Legal Advice and Guidance for Car Accident Victims

When it comes to navigating the legal landscape after a car accident, victims often rely on the advice and guidance of a skilled Fort Worth-based car accident lawyer.

A professional attorney can provide sound advice and help auto accident victim understand their legal rights. The lawyer can also explain how to ensure that the injured party has access to all necessary medical treatments, insurance forms to fill out, and letters to write in order to obtain just compensation for the damages caused by the collision.

For instance, a lawyer can advise victims on what forms of evidence should be collected as proof of negligence on the other driver’s part. Everything from eyewitness statements, police reports, and photographs could be helpful in securing a favorable outcome for their client’s case.

Depending on whether or not the other driver was found at fault or negligent, victims may be offered settlements or be asked to file a claim with their own insurance company if they lack uninsured motorist coverage.

In addition to providing legal advice, car accident lawyers are also there to lend their support and moral guidance in times of difficulty when victims are still adjusting and recovering from their injuries.

A qualified lawyer is an advocate who will help guide an individual through the complex legal system while helping them achieve the best possible outcome for their case. This invaluable support can make all the difference during such trying times.

On the one hand, some people may argue that victims do not necessarily need legal representation for a successful outcome; however, it is quite clear that the assistance provided by an experienced lawyer is invaluable.

By utilizing their experiences and knowledge from past cases, car accident lawyers have been able to secure maximum compensation for their clients so that they ease back into regular life following an unfortunate event such as this one.

Now that you know more about what services are offered by our car accident lawyers, let’s discuss how they might help you with insurance claims after an auto collision.

Assistance with Insurance Claims

When it comes to insurance claims after a car accident, your attorney can provide invaluable assistance. They can help ensure the best possible outcome when it comes to negotiating deals with insurance companies or navigating your right to insurance payouts.

During the process of filing a claim, an experienced attorney will review any offers and explain their complexities in detail. They can advise you of available options and give recommendations on whether they believe you should accept or deny the proposed settlement.

Furthermore, if your claim is denied despite having a valid case, personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and skills necessary to open up new options for securing compensation from insurers.

Your lawyer may be able to prove negligence on behalf of the at-fault party, enabling you to pursue additional legal remedies for personal losses related to medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, or property damages.

The proof of damages usually requires qualitative and quantitative evidence to support your claims, such as paperwork that indicates any economical losses sustained due to the accident or detailed records proving long-term physical or emotional suffering.

With the help of knowledgeable car accident lawyers who are well-versed in state laws pertaining to motor vehicle accidents, clients stand a better chance of receiving maximum compensation for their losses.

By engaging legal counsel who is an expert in litigating car accident matters, victims also benefit from timely advice concerning negotiating with insurers and other attorneys.

You can rest assured that your interests will always be looked after by someone well-equipped to understand Texas’s complicated laws involving collisions on public roadways.

This is why it is so important to enlist the assistance of an experienced lawyer who is committed to protecting clients’ rights when interacting with insurance companies.

From providing legal advice and guidance for victims of car accidents to assisting with insurance claims, an attorney specializes in helping individuals receive the compensation they deserve in court or through negotiations.

Next, we’ll examine litigation experience and court expertise when handling complex motor vehicle cases involving parties from out of state.

  • According to data published by the Texas Department of Transportation in 2018, there were 488,103 auto collisions in the state of Texas that year.
  • NHTSA estimates that one person is injured in a car crash every 14 seconds, and one person dies from a crash every 12 minutes in the United States.

How to Choose the Best Auto Accident Lawyer

The outcome of your case can be dramatically improved by selecting a car accident lawyer with significant trial experience and specialization in personal injury law. Thus, here are some tips for selecting the best accident law firm for your accident injury case:

  • Results: Choose an attorney with a proven track record of winning recent settlements in Texas. Thompson Law had 2 of the top 3 biggest personal injury settlements in Texas in 2020.
  • Experience: Pick a lawyer with significant trial experience in the courtroom that is held in high esteem by their peers. Ryan Thompson is a lifetime member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and is one of the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers. The insurance companies track which attorneys are willing to take a case to verdict at trial and offer better pre-litigation settlements to clients of those law firms.
  • Resources: Ensure that the lawyer you select has the resources to employ field investigators, accident reconstruction experts, and traffic safety engineers. If liability is disputed or litigation is required, for instance, you may need experts such as these to do research and testify on your behalf.
  • Service: Talk to people in your community and see what they have to say about their experience using various accident attorneys, or look at online reviews. Thompson Law prides itself on offering the best client service in the personal injury arena. You want a law firm that puts your needs first.

At Thompson Law

We provide car crash victims with dedicated and tenacious legal representation, ensuring that you get fair value for your claim. Our experienced car accident lawyers will build a strong case with supporting evidence so that you recover the money that you deserve.

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How Does Sharing Fault for Your Car Accident Affect Your Case?

Texas law allows for parties to sometimes share blame in the event of a car accident – a concept known as comparative negligence. Specifically, Sec. 33.001 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies code allows for “modified comparative negligence” in which insurance companies can argue for proportionate responsibility between the parties involved in an accident. Being placed partly at fault for an accident has the following impacts on your claim:

  • As long as you are less than 50% to blame, you can still seek damages; and,
  • Your damages will be reduced by the percent to which you are found at fault.

If you are wondering how comparative negligence works in practice, and example might help. If you are found to be 25% to blame for a car accident, then you can still make a personal injury claim. However, if your damages are found to be $10,000, you will only be able to recover $7,500 in damages (i.e., your damages are reduced by the 25% to which you are at fault).

Trying to place blame on another party is a common insurance tactic, which is why it is important to have our accident lawyers acting as your advocates.

We know when there is truly shared blame, as we see cases like yours every day. Call us today for a free consultation and we will make sure the insurance companies do not take advantage of you after your accident.

The Most Dangerous Places to Drive in Fort Worth, TX

Every city has certain areas that are more accident-prone than others due to limited visibility, higher speed limits, narrow roads, or other reasons. Our accident lawyers researched intersections and roadways in Fort Worth with the highest incidences of motor vehicle crashes in the hope that knowledge would help better protect you and your loved ones.

5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Worth, TX

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram highlights in this video the top 5 most dangerous roadways, based on a variety of perilous conditions and risk factors:

  1. Riverside Drive and East Lancaster Ave.
  2. Texas 183 at Texas 360
  3. Interstate 20 at McCart Ave.
  4. East Lancaster Ave. and South Sargent St.
  5. Interstate 35W (North Freeway) at Meacham Blvd.

Dangerous Roads Targeted for Repairs in Fort Worth, TX

These intersections and roads are not only dangerous to motorists, but also to pedestrians and cyclists. From 2016-2021, over 2,200 pedestrians and cyclists were hit by cars. Many of these roads are in low income and/or minority areas, but the city is taking steps to fix these dangerous roads. The first 8 corridors the city of Fort Worth has focused on improving safety in include:

  1. Camp Bowie West Boulevard from Renzel Boulevard to Boston Avenue
  2. Isbell Road from White Settlement Road to Ohio Garden Road
  3. Long Avenue from Azle Avenue to Angle Avenue
  4. Eastland Street from Miller Avenue to Edgewood Terrace
  5. Miller Avenue from Eastland Street to Hardeman Street
  6. 28th Street from Clinton Street to I-35W Southbound Frontage Road
  7. Altamesa Boulevard from Woodway Drive to McCart Avenue
  8. Allen Avenue from Hemphill Street to Main Street

Dangerous Roads in Fort Worth, TX - Fort Worth Car Accident Attorneys

The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Over half of the motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) in Fort Worth in 2021 were caused by only six (6) negligent actions taken by drivers. The most common causes of car accidents reported by the Fort Worth Police Department in 2021 were, in order of highest frequency:

  1. Failed to control speed:  3,590 collisions were caused by speeding (20.5% of collisions).
  2. Driver inattention:  2,723 crashes were the result of drivers not paying attention, such as texting and driving (15.5% of collisions).
  3. Changed lane when unsafe:  1,105 accidents were caused by people failing to check blind spots, misjudging traffic coming up behind them, or otherwise changing lanes in an unsafe fashion (6.3% of collisions).
  4. Disregard of stop and go signal or stop sign:  809 wrecks were caused by people unintentionally running red lights and stop signs (4.6% of collisions)
  5. Failed to yield right of way when turning left:  677 accidents were due to people turning left across oncoming traffic when it was unsafe to turn (3.9% of collisions).
  6. Ignored stop and go signal:  605 crashes were caused by people intentionally running stop lights (3.5% of collisions).

Fort Worth Car Accident Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) tracks motor vehicle collisions using crash report data across Texas. According to TxDOT, there were a total of 14,679 total crashes in Fort Worth in 2021. In terms of relative severity, these motor vehicle collisions included:

  • Fatal Wrecks:  119 fatal wrecks involving 130 fatalities
  • Serious Injury Wrecks:  432 serious injury wrecks with 534 seriously injured individuals
  • Minor Injury Wrecks:  1,835 minor wrecks with 2,488 minorly injured people
  • Possible Injury Wrecks:  2,960 possible injury wrecks with 4,412 possibly injured individuals
  • Non-Injury Wrecks:  8,704 non-injury wrecks with 28,691 uninjured people
  • Unknown Severity Wrecks:  629 unknown severity wrecks with 2,300 people with unknown injuries

Alcohol Involved Car Accident Statistics for Fort Worth, TX

With regard to alcohol-related crashes in Fort Worth in 2021, there were 629 total wrecks that included:

  • Fatal Wrecks:  16 wrecks involving 17 fatalities
  • Serious Injury Wrecks:  23 wrecks that left 42 with serious injuries
  • Minor Injury Wrecks:  56 wrecks that left 76 people with minor injuries
  • Possible Injury Wrecks: 71 wrecks that left 116 people with possible injuries
  • Non-Injury Wrecks:  260 wrecks that left 617 vehicle occupants without injuries
  • Unknown Severity Wrecks:  32 wrecks leaving 70 people with unknown injuries

Tarrant County Car Accident Statistics

Our Fort Worth car accident lawyers also analyzed data for the broader Tarrant County area, since we often spend time driving outside the city limits of Fort Worth. In Tarrant County in 2021, there were a total of 30,696 total crashes. These motor vehicle collisions included:

  • Fatal Wrecks:  211 wrecks involving 227 fatalities
  • Serious Injury Wrecks:  918 wrecks that left 1,109 with serious injuries
  • Minor Injury Wrecks:  4,442 wrecks that left 5,930 people with minor injuries
  • Possible Injury Wrecks:  6,287 wrecks that left 9,580 people with possible injuries
  • Non-Injury Wrecks:  17,578 wrecks that left 58,148 vehicle occupants without injuries
  • Unknown Severity Wrecks:  1,260 wrecks leaving 5,143 people with unknown injuries

Sources: TxDOT – Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics – 2021; Crashes and Injuries by Cities and TownsCrashes and Injuries by County.

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Common Types of Car Collisions

Our auto accident attorneys can handle a variety of different accident types, from single vehicle accidents to multi-car pile-ups. Although the causes of motor vehicle collisions vary widely, being aware of the most common types of car accidents may help you avoid an accident, such as:

  1. Rear-end collisions: Also called whiplash accidents, rear-end collisions occur when the front end of one car hits the back end of another car. They frequently happen in stop-and-go traffic or when one driver is following another driver too closely. Distracted driving, such as texting or talking on the phone, can also cause rear-end collisions.
  2. Side-impact collisions: A side-impact collision, also known as a T-bone accident, happens when the front end of one car collides with the side of another. These types of accidents are especially dangerous because they often result in serious injuries, such as broken bones and traumatic brain injuries.
  3. Head-on collisions: Head-on collisions are among the most dangerous types of motor vehicle accidents. They occur when the front end of one car hits the front end of another head-on.
  4. Rollover accidents: Although rollover accidents can happen in any type of vehicle, they’re more common in taller vehicles, such as SUVs and vans. They occur when a vehicle tips onto its side or roof and can be caused by a number of factors, including speeding, sudden turns, and uneven terrain.
  5. Hit and run accidents: Although any type of motor vehicle collision can be considered a hit and run if the driver leaves the scene without exchanging information or rendering aid, the term is usually used to refer to crashes in which a pedestrian or bicyclist is hit by a car and then left injured at the side of the road.
  6. Single-car accidents: Single-car accidents aren’t technically collisions because they don’t involve two (or more) vehicles hitting each other. However, they are still considered motor vehicle accidents because they typically involve a vehicle hitting an obstruction in the road, such as a guardrail or utility pole.
  7. Multi-car pileups: Multi-car pileups are large scale motor vehicle accidents that involve multiple vehicles colliding with each other and often leave multiple people injured. They’re most likely to happen during periods of bad weather, such as snowstorms and ice storms, but can also be caused by distracted driving or reckless driving.

Often people have the impression that a traffic collision must meet a set of strict criteria to be considered for a personal injury claim. In fact, a minor crash does not necessarily mean a minor injury.

Our skilled car accident attorneys will review the facts of your situation with an expert eye. They can determine the best course of action to pursue for the compensation to which you are entitled, following your specific accident.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Motor vehicle accident injuries can vary widely based on the force of the impact and the types of vehicles involved. Our personal injury lawyers in Fort Worth have handled cases with almost every type of injury imaginable.

We understand the impact those injuries can have on the lives of injury victims, and cand help ensure we obtain the maximum settlement possible for your damages.

Our Fort Worth car accident lawyers have helped accident injury victims obtain recovers for injuries such as:

If you have been hurt in an auto collision, you may be entitled to payment for your pain and suffering. The implications of your car accident can often be much more far reaching than you realize.

Please seek medical care right away after an accident, carefully follow the treatments you are prescribed, and take care of yourself. The ideal outcome for clients of Thompson Law’s Fort Worth car accident lawyers is full recovery and just compensation!

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Taking quick and decisive action after a car accident can make a substantial difference to the success of your case. By understanding your rights and taking advantage of available resources, you will be well on your way to recovering the full value of your damages.

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