How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take?

The first question that many new clients ask when they are beginning the process of hiring a Personal Injury Claims lawyer is, “how long is my personal injury case going to take?” The length of your personal injury claim will depend on your unique accident and the factors involved. These factors include the details of the accident itself, the parties involved in the event, the extent of injuries, and the type of dispute resolution required. We want to answer this question of timing for you in greater detail and to do so, it is important to discuss the factors more specifically.

It would be ideal to be able to tell you right from the point that you hire us that your claim is going to take exactly “x” number of weeks or “y” number of months. But the fact is, our practice at Thompson Law is to deliver exceptional, customized service to each and every client and to treat our clients like family. This means we do not take any shortcuts, and we always strive to guide our clients through the process such in a way that will get the very best results and maximum compensation.

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1. Details of the Accident Itself

Accidents vary widely in severity and scope. The degree of complication involved in your accident will impact the amount of time it takes to investigate and make determinations about at-fault parties and contributing factors. If multiple vehicles are involved in a car crash, for example, that will mean more time is required to process the accident details than if the case were of a simple two-car fender-bender event.

The location of the accident can also affect how fast a claim may settle. For example, a car accident in San Antonio may offer a more friendly judicial venue that encourages the insurance companies to settle more easily than a similar accident in a less personal injury friendly city.

Authoritative documents concerning the accident can also impact timing. Having a police report can help speed the process because this is an objective record of the event from an authoritative source that usually helps to bring some agreement about the event for all those involved in the claim.

2. The Parties Involved in the Accident

The parties involved in an accident can also impact how much time it takes to process a claim or pursue a case. A worksite accident in which there are layers of project management, subcontractors, equipment rental companies, engineers, architects, and property owners will mean that determining the liable party or parties is complicated.

In cases of truck accidents, things can also be complicated by additional parties. Truckers themselves are often contracted to large trucking companies or product companies for whom they provide transport. These large corporations are experienced at protecting their interests and have armies of insurance and legal support on their side to delay and complicate the negotiations process.

Government entities can also complicate a case. They often have shorter time periods in which you are legally obligated to file, so this can speed the process on the front end. However, they typically do not return the courtesy in timeliness that they require you to extend to them. Miles of red tape, extensive convoluted documentation, and administrative delay can all bog down the process of making a claim against government agencies who are liable for your accident.

3. The Extent of Your Injuries

The extent and severity of your injuries also play a major role in the duration of time that your case process will take. A car accident where you walk away with some cuts and bruises and a dinged-up vehicle will allow your personal injury attorney to generate a claim more quickly. You may need to see a doctor only once or twice for examination, perhaps stitches and precautionary follow up. On the other hand, if you suffer a traumatic head injury and broken bones, you may be facing months of medical treatment, monitoring, and physical therapy. The total scope of these services and their associated costs will take time to finalize.

If your injuries are permanent, it will take time to ascertain monetary value to the life changes you will require. This can include determining loss of earning potential, home care services, retrofitting your home, securing childcare, and more.

In these serious and lasting injury cases, taking the extra time for the case is worth the wait. Doing so allows your legal team to capture the full value of your expenses and losses, which will set you up for a more complete and fair financial compensation arrangement.

4. The Type of Dispute Resolution Required

Finally, the type of dispute resolution that you and your attorney pursue will impact the duration of your case process. Most personal injury claims can be resolved through one of four methods: Negotiation, Arbitration, Small Claims Court, or by Filing a Lawsuit. Negotiation and arbitration methods will require less time. There can still be a significant back-and-forth between your attorney and the opposing insurance company, but the process is managed in more direct communication between parties.

A lawsuit that goes to court will be the lengthiest option to pursue. This method will mean that you are subject to court scheduling, which involves multiple steps – and often delays. Lawsuits are typically turned to as a last resort when negotiations fail or the amount of money in question is extremely large. These cases make the additional time, energy, and effort worth the extended case duration.

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At Thompson Law, we understand the pain, trauma, frustration, sadness, and anger that come with serious accidents. Recovering from injuries, missing work, dealing with repairs or replacements all take valuable time and energy. We understand that you want your claim process and case process to move as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can move past your traumatic accident and get back to normal life.

Our track record of 5-star service is built on this empathy to our clients’ needs and dedication to providing the very best personal injury client services. Not only do we want you to have a positive experience with our firm, we truly want to win you the best possible payout results. An important part of providing the best results is taking the time to accurately assess your situation, examine the parties involved, allow time for medical diagnosis and treatment, and choose the appropriate method of dispute resolution.

Your Thompson Law attorney will work with you to ensure that you are informed of your options, including the time they will take, so you can move forward with your case in the way that is best for you and your family.

To get started working with your Thompson Law personal injury attorney, reach out anytime 24/7. Our expert team is standing by to take your call and get to work helping you right away.

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