Auto Accident Reconstruction: What Do Accident Reconstruction Experts Do?

An accident reconstruction expert is a professional who employs scientific methodologies to understand the circumstances surrounding a vehicular collision. These experts meticulously analyze crash sites, inspect damaged vehicles, and utilize advanced software programs to recreate the events leading up to and during the accident. Their findings can reveal crucial details such as the speed of the vehicles, the direction of impact, and whether safety measures were used.

In personal injury claims involving auto accidents, the role of an auto accident reconstruction expert is pivotal. Their unbiased, scientific analysis can provide compelling evidence that clarifies liability, helping to ensure that the victims receive fair and just compensation for their injuries.

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What Happens During the Reconstruction of an Accident?

During an accident reconstruction, a series of detailed analyses and procedures are performed to piece together the events leading up to, during, and after the accident. Here is what generally happens:

  • Site inspection:  The reconstructionist will visit the crash site to document and analyze physical evidence. This can include skid marks, debris, vehicle resting positions, and damage to surroundings.
  • Aerial photography:  The reconstruction expert may use aerial photography to capture a comprehensive view of the accident scene to provide a broader perspective of the location, including aspects such as road conditions, signage, traffic signals, and other relevant attributes.
  • Vehicle inspection:  Each vehicle involved in the accident is thoroughly inspected. Experts assess the vehicular property damage, which can provide valuable insights into the force and direction of the impact.
  • Data collection:  Modern vehicles often have Event Data Recorders (EDRs), similar to an airplane’s “black box”, which records valuable data such as speed, brake usage, and seat belt status before the collision.
  • Interviews:  Eyewitness accounts and statements from the involved parties are collected to gain subjective perspectives on the incident.
  • Review of police reports:  These police crash reports often contain crucial data like measurements, photos, and initial findings on traffic violations.
  • Analysis of medical records:  By reviewing victims’ medical records, reconstructionists can correlate injuries with the accident’s physics.
  • Applying laws and regulations:  The reconstructionist will determine if any traffic laws or state/federal regulations were violated leading to the accident.
  • Creating a reconstruction:  Using all collected data, a comprehensive reconstruction of the accident is created, often aided by advanced software. This helps visualize the events leading up to the accident.
  • Report preparation:  Finally, all findings are compiled into a comprehensive report which can be used in court proceedings or insurance claim settlements.

When Do Personal Injury Lawyers Use Accident Reconstruction Experts?

Personal injury lawyers often employ the expertise of reconstruction specialists when handling cases involving motor vehicle accidents. These professionals can bring clarity to the circumstances surrounding an accident, offering scientific evidence that can greatly influence the outcome of a case. Here are some scenarios when accident reconstruction experts might be called upon:

  • Complex cases:  Reconstruction experts are often called upon in situations where the incident’s circumstances are highly complex, requiring a deeper level of analysis and understanding. This could involve multiple vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, or commercial vehicles.
  • Disputed liability:  When liability is in dispute, a reconstructionist can provide an unbiased analysis of the incident, helping to determine who was at fault.
  • Serious or fatal injuries:  In cases where serious or fatal injuries have been sustained, it is crucial to accurately determine the series of events leading up to the accident. The expert’s report might be instrumental in securing fair compensation for the victims or their families, such as supporting a survival action claim.
  • Inconsistent witness accounts:  If witness accounts or statements from involved parties contradict one another or the physical evidence, a reconstructionist can help shed light on the truth.
  • Lack of clarity in police reports:  Sometimes, police reports may not provide a clear picture of the accident’s events. In such situations, an accident reconstructionist can conduct a more detailed investigation.
  • Proving injury causation:  In cases where there are questions about whether a particular accident caused the injuries claimed, a reconstructionist can analyze the crash dynamics and the injuries sustained to create a correlation. Their testimony can help prove the injuries were indeed a result of the accident.

The utilization of reconstruction experts by personal injury lawyers is indispensable in many motor vehicle accident cases. The detailed, scientific insights these experts offer can be instrumental in determining liability, clarifying disputed facts or events, and ultimately achieving justice for the victims involved.

What Qualifications Do Accident Reconstruction Specialists Have?

Accident reconstruction specialists possess a diverse set of qualifications that ensure they are better equipped to effectively analyze and reconstruct accident scenes. Typically, they have a strong foundation in engineering or a related scientific field, with many holding bachelor’s degrees or higher in these areas. This academic background allows them to have a robust understanding of the physics involved in vehicle collisions.

Continuing education is also essential for reconstruction experts, as it allows them to stay updated with the latest methodologies, tools, and technologies used in the field. Many receive specific training in areas such as crash data retrieval, commercial vehicle accident reconstruction, pedestrian accident reconstruction, and motorcycle accident reconstruction.

Certifications are another crucial aspect of a reconstructionist’s qualifications. Organizations like the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) provide certification programs that validate an individual’s competence in accident reconstruction. These programs often require candidates to pass rigorous exams and maintain their credentials through ongoing education.

Lastly, practical experience plays a significant role in an accident reconstructionist’s proficiency. Experience in related fields such as law enforcement, automotive engineering, or traffic safety can provide these experts with invaluable insights and perspectives when reconstructing accidents.

These qualifications combined ensure that accident reconstruction experts are capable of conducting thorough and scientifically sound analyses of motor vehicle accidents. Their work is instrumental in resolving disputes, determining liability, and ultimately, upholding justice.

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