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Fort Worth Trucking Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents are serious. No one plans to be involved in a wreck with a big rig. If it happens to you, you need the help of a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer. Because of the size of the big rig, a truck accident does more than just total your car. It can cause permanent or deadly injuries. The injuries can cause permanent disability or require you or your loved one to need a lifetime of specialized medical care. And death? A family could lose someone they love and they could even lose their only income. These accidents can change your life in a split second.

A Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawyer Plays a Crucial Role

Victims and their families may be eligible to receive compensation because of the accident. A Fort Worth truck accident lawyer plays a crucial role for victims and their families. Truck accidents can be quite complex. It’s not just proving that your injuries were caused as a result of a truck accident. It’s also about proving who is responsible. The insurance company and the trucking company will have lawyers on their side to try to make sure that they don’t have to pay what your claim is worth. They may take no responsibility at all and blame the driver. The driver may blame the company that owns the truck or the manufacturer of the truck. Your truck accident claim could have more than one negligent party that contributed to your injury. A Fort Worth truck accident lawyer can sort out these details and hold the right parties accountable for your injuries.

Get Immediate Medical Care After a Truck Accident

Even if you don’t feel like you’ve been hurt after a truck accident, get medical care right away. You can make an appointment with your primary doctor or go to urgent care if you don’t feel like you’re dealing with a medical emergency. The shock of being involved in a truck accident can cause adrenaline to flow through your body. You may not feel any pain right away. Yet, you could still have serious injuries. Waiting after a truck accident can put your health at risk. It can also give the insurance company and other party a reason to doubt that you were hurt.

Serious injuries to the back and neck are common after being involved in a truck accident. These injuries can cause permanent disability. You could be unable to work or have to change your line of work. You could need continuing medical care or physical therapy.

A traumatic brain injury is a catastrophic injury that often occurs because of a truck accident. You could need a caretaker for the rest of your life. Could you or your family survive financially if you were permanently disabled because of a traumatic brain injury?

Thompson Law: Your Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’re hurt in a truck accident, call Thompson Law. We are your Fort Worth truck accident lawyer. Our lawyers have the experience truck accident victims need to help protect their legal rights and get them the compensation that they deserve. We provide free case evaluations to truck accident victims. Call us today at 1-800-LION-LAW to learn more and schedule your confidential consultation.


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