Liberty Mutual Insurance Claim Lawyer

Do I Need a Liberty Mutual Insurance Claim Lawyer?

Insurance companies employ claims adjusters to ensure that they do not overpay when settling claims. This can pose problems for those involved in a car accident. In 2018 alone, residents of Texas were involved in 12,220 car crashes that resulted in serious injury. It is often difficult for the insured to receive the true value of their claim because the insurance company is focused on paying out as little as possible.

Liberty Mutual Insurance was established in 1964, is the US’s sixth-biggest auto insurer, and one of the most recognizable names in the industry. It offers a number of commercial and personal insurance policies. The company will undoubtedly try to negotiate any claims that are submitted, and if the insured is unprepared, it can take advantage and underpay. This is the business model of almost all insurance companies, so it is important to work with an attorney to receive the biggest payout possible when you’re involved in an accident.

Whether you have been in a car accident or need to file another type of claim with Liberty Mutual Insurance, below is information that will help you. If you need a consultation with a Liberty Mutual Insurance claim lawyer after reading these tips, contact Thompson Law.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Claim Lawyer

Get In Touch With an Attorney

Getting in touch with a Liberty Mutual Insurance claim lawyer immediately after a car accident is essential for your claim to go as smoothly as possible. Filing a claim by yourself is possible, but without the expertise of an attorney, you are likely to jeopardize your chances of success. A Liberty Mutual Insurance claim lawyer will know exactly how to structure and deal with the claims process, so let them communicate with Liberty Mutual for you. They will be in contact with the Liberty Mutual insurance claims adjuster who is assigned to your case from its beginning to end.

Another reason to contact a Liberty Mutual Insurance claim lawyer as soon as possible is the amount of time that Liberty Mutual claims take to get processed, and this length of time depends on a number of factors. In the event of hospitalizations, adjusters may sometimes try to underpay the insured by offering a quick settlement amount that is significantly under the claim value.

Liberty Mutual has been known to try and settle claims before an injured party is even out of the hospital. Tricking you into admitting the accident was your fault is also one of their strategies, which would forfeit any payment on your behalf. This is why you need an experienced, competent Liberty Mutual Insurance claim lawyer to handle this for you.

Your injuries and other information need to be documented extensively in order to be used against Liberty Mutual, and having a Liberty Mutual claim lawyer help you with this is vital. They will record and organize all of your information, and then use it to aggressively pursue the compensation that your injuries deserve.

Problem with auto insurance claim - Liberty Mutual Insurance Claim Lawyer

How Much Is Your Claim Worth?

You may have dealt with Liberty Mutual before by yourself and didn’t suspect that they were acting in bad faith. However, getting a second, or even third, opinion from a Liberty Mutual Insurance claim lawyer can be a good idea, as the amount that you end up settling for should be as much as is fair for your situation. You could be entitled to much more than you think, and definitely a lot more than Liberty Mutual will suggest on their initial offer.

Insurance companies owe a duty of good faith to their customers, but that does not mean that they always abide by that. A Liberty Mutual Insurance claim lawyer will ensure that they are penalized if they do not.

Insurance companies like Liberty Mutual can be sued if the policyholder can prove that they acted in bad faith or breached their contract. Examples of bad faith and breaches of contract include:

  • Denying a claim
  • Delaying a claim
  • Refusing to defend a lawsuit
  • Not investigating a claim
  • Interpreting insurance policy terms unfairly
  • Not making a reasonable settlement offer

There are two ways to prove a bad faith claim against the likes of Liberty Mutual: There is a common law bad faith claim, and a statutory bad faith claim under Chapter 541. With the help of your attorney, you must prove either they delayed or denied your claim when liability was clear (common law), or they acted similar to one of the clauses under Chapter 541. These include:

  • Not denying or affirming coverage in reasonable time
  • Refusing to pay without an investigation
  • Misrepresentation of a policy provision or material fact
  • Not explaining why a claim was denied

Now you can see why it is so important to have proper representation when dealing with Liberty Mutual Insurance. If you have been in an accident, get in contact with a Liberty Mutual Insurance claim lawyer to ensure you are protected and are compensated correctly.

Thompson Law Injury Lawyers is a family-run practice and we’re here to help you after an accident, whether you have had a truck accident anywhere in Texas or a motorcycle accident in Dallas. You should not deal with Liberty Mutual alone, and that is why our skilled attorneys are ready to aid you with any claim you have. We want you to get the money you deserve and have won more than $1.8 billion in the past for our clients.

Liberty Mutual insurance claim lawyer no win no fee

We are experts in many types of auto accidents, including:

So, contact us today to schedule a free consultation or case review with a lawyer in 15 minutes. Remember, we only win if you do!

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