Ryan L. Thompson of Thompson Law Makes TopVerdict’s Top 20 Settlements List

Thompson Law is proud to announce that our firm has been awarded a ranking on the TopVerdicts list of Top 20 Settlements in Texas in 2018!

TopVerdict is an institution that annually ranks and recognizes U.S. Law Firms and attorneys who have obtained one of the highest jury verdicts, settlements, or court awards generally and in specific disciplines throughout the nation and individual states. Recognition from this independent organization is different from other publications, because TopVerdicts awards recipients based on historic facts, not opinions of peers or legal panels. Additionally, due to the short list lengths compiled by the organization, and the independent selection criteria, recognition is both prestigious and unbiased. These awards are earned, not bought, and very few firms receive recognition more than once.

Despite this competitive selection standard, Thompson Law is in consideration for the next year’s ranking. As we eagerly await the 2019 top verdicts (currently under review, with publishing beginning in mid-April and continuing through 2020), we are enjoying a time of reflection and gratitude for the award.

Managing Partner Ryan L. Thompson represented the plaintiff in this case against two different insurance companies and their team of lawyers. The plaintiff in the case had been injured in a tragic boating accident, which ultimately resulted in Mr. Thompson securing a settlement of over $1.3 million. The settlement allowed for critical access to the medical treatment required by our client. The compensation from the settlement will also offer the financial resources necessary to support our client through the difficult period of life this accident caused for her and her loved ones. Reflecting on the experience of winning this settlement, Mr. Thompson shared that, “This case presented unique issues related to the liability of the parties involved, however, we were able to vigorously represent our client, and ultimately, achieve an outcome that would support all required medical treatment and ensure our client has the financial resources she needs moving forward from this horrific accident.” A relentless pursuit of excellence in representation certainly paid off, both in the result for the accident victim, and less importantly, for the achievement of our exceptional legal team.

At Thompson Law, our sincerest wish, and sustaining motivation, is to see each and every client we represent get the best treatment and fullest recovery possible, and to receive the maximum compensation possible. As a family-oriented firm, we have seen our own loved ones suffer the pain and challenges that grievous accidents can cause, so we have great empathy for the plight our clients are facing. We are driven by a passion to win justice for the people we serve, and work tirelessly to achieve extraordinary results. It can be easy to loose sight of achievements in the hustle and bustle of helping more people and fighting so hard, but moments like these give room for pause. It’s an honor and a privilege to do the work we do for our clients, and it’s also a great honor to receive recognition of our success.

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