Get Necessary Medical Care After A Car Accident

Even with the incredible advances that have been made in recent history for the safety and functionality of automobiles, car accidents (as a category including other motor vehicle crashes) are still one of the leading causes of death in the United States every year. It is imperative that you Get Necessary Medical Care After A Car Accident. Over 100 people are killed daily as a result of these events, and over 2.5 million people are treated in ER’s over the course of a year. The institutional and financial impacts of these incidents is extremely significant, but even more important is the devastation to people’s health and well-being after suffering a painful injury in their car accident.

If you are one of the millions of individuals involved in a car accident this year, this article is intended to help with the health considerations in the aftermath, from the diagnosis you may be facing, to the medical facilities that provide help, to the implications for the insurance claim and personal injury demands involved. Ryan Thompson and his team are passionate about providing quality Medical Care After A Car Accident and help to our clients, so if you have any questions after reading, please don’t hesitate to give us a call in Dallas at 214-444-4444 or Fort Worth at 817-444-4444.

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How Car Accidents Can Impact Your Health and Well-Being

After you have been hurt in a serious car, truck, motorcycle, boating or ANY collision – please get medical treatment! Nothing is more important than your healing and recovery, and your first priority should be seeking immediate attention from a medical professional. Even minor impact crashes can result in injuries, especially if impact happened to occur in just the right place on your body or vehicle, or if you had a pre-existing affliction or condition that left you vulnerable. If you are not sure that you are injured or not sure how serious the damage is, do the right thing for your health and get checked out by a doctor. Shock and adrenaline after an accident can numb the body’s ability to sense pain, so you may not be in a position to confirm your own condition with accuracy.

In the work that we do at Thompson Law, we have seen many types of injuries and many types of instigating events for the resulting trauma. But, there are a few categories of harm that we see most commonly. In a split second, a motor vehicle, workplace, or other accident could result in these types of injury and more:

Head Injuries: concussions, bruising, bleeding, traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Neck Injuries: whiplash, sprains, strains, damaged disks

Back and Spine injuries: from slipped disks to paralytic conditions like paraplegia or tetraplegia

Skeletal Injuries: broken, crushed or fractured bones, joint damage, lost teeth

External Injuries: cuts, bruises, lacerations, burns

Other injuries to musculature, tendons, ligaments, like sprains and strains

Psychological Impacts: depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or cognitive and memory issues

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Where to Seek Medical Care After A Car Accident

Many of our clients seek advice on types of institutions and types of practitioners that they should visit. If you are lucky enough to walk away from an accident, and not be transported in an ambulance for immediate attention, you have at least some comfort in choosing the most appropriate venue for your needed medical care after a car accident. Here are a few of the categories of medical provider you may seek out after your accident and injury:

Emergency Room – For serious injuries needing attention immediately

Urgent Care Center – Similar benefits to an emergency room in that you can quickly be seen by a doctor with a short term or no appointment. Many facilities are 24 hours, and typically can treat a wide range of injuries

Hospital – For long term, in-patient treatment; surgeries and recovery; and specialist care

Doctor’s Office – For injuries that are not debilitating, you can make an appointment and have the benefit of seeing your doctor or your primary care provider who also has your health history

Specialist’s Office – For specific injuries, treatments, or care, often centered around a specific function or system of the body that has sustained injury in your accident

Therapist, Psychologist or Psychiatrist’s Office – For counseling and recovery assistance for the psychological impacts many feel during and after their accident. Emotions like fear, helplessness, and grief can impact the healthy functioning of the brain and need treatment just like any other part of the body.

Physical Therapy – For specific exercise and healing techniques to return the systems of the body to function as well as possible after the injury

Chiropractor – For the neck, back, and certain spinal injury therapies

Other Therapeutic Treatments – Sometimes referred to as holistic practices, they focus on total body wellness. Examples include types of massage or acupuncture


How Medical Treatment Impacts Your Claim or Case

Getting immediate medical treatment does two very important things: first, it makes sure that any injuries you sustained are properly diagnosed and treated, and second, it helps eliminate any doubt that your injuries were caused by the accident. By seeking prompt medical treatment, you protect both your health and your ability to seek compensation for medical bills and time off work, with the help of your attorney.

The expert accident lawyers at Thompson Law are very skilled at guiding clients through the steps to take after sustaining an accident during an injury. Your dedicated attorney and their team can provide advice and a network of medical resources for your health and healing, all while overseeing the case documentation for the full scope of your expenses, losses, and hardships experienced as a result of your accident. Armed with this information about your experiences, they fiercely fight for every penny of compensation you deserve from those at fault. If you have any questions about this process, we are here to help answer them, and help you focus on the most important thing – your recovery.

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Thompson Law is Your Ally in Treatment After Your Accident

After a serious injury accident, there are many critical decisions that need to be made so quickly. It can be incredibly overwhelming to navigate all the requirements of insurance companies and medical institutions, all while trying to heal and recover, field the incoming repair and hospital bills, and just keep your life together.

At Thompson Law, we’ve all been affected by these situations in our own lives, or through the experiences of our loved ones. We deeply understand and care about the trauma that you are suffering from a serious injury. Our goal is to take the hard work of battling with the bureaucracies of these large institutions off your plate. Let us gather the evidence, document your medical treatment path, and set you up for a successful demand from the at-fault parties.

All that we have talked about here is more than just our area of expertise because the empathy that informs this work that we do is central to who we are as individuals, and as a firm.


Please reach out when you are in need of help after an accident.

We are here for you anytime you need us.

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