Ryan L. Thompson Makes the 2020 Super Lawyers List Again

Thompson Law is excited to announce Super Lawyers has once again selected Thompson Law’s Managing Partner Ryan L. Thompson for its prestigious Texas Super Lawyers distinction. An important part of finding a great personal injury attorney is ensuring that they have earned peer recognition and honors. To confirm these honors, look no further than the Texas Super Lawyers List. Looking at this year’s list, and prior-year lists as well can provide an understanding of the quality and consistency of a given firm. Not only has Ryan L. Thompson made the Texas Super Lawyers List for 2020 in the category of Personal Injury Products: Plaintiff, he has been named a Texas Super Lawyer for the last 6 years running.

Texas Super Lawyers and the Texas Rising Stars list is reached through a competitive, multi-step process designed to select the most respected and distinguished attorneys in the state. The process begins with the collection of a diverse group of peer-nominated attorneys. From there, nominated candidates’ professional histories and qualifications are analyzed by third-party researchers. Candidates are evaluated based on 12 key performance categories. Those who make it to the next step of the process are reviewed by a panel of Blue Ribbon peer attorneys who are highly credentialed and distinguished in the profession. Finally, 2.5% of attorneys are selected to become Rising Stars and 5% of attorneys are accepted onto the Super Lawyers List. Through this process, the standout attorneys are selected based on exceptional professional performance and track records of success. They represent the most luminous examples of attorney success in their fields.

From the Super Lawyers Attorney team, and all of us here at Thompson Law, our driving passion is to provide exceptional personal injury legal experience to our deserving clients. Not only do we care about serving justice and winning maximum settlements for those we represent, it also matters deeply to us that our clients are cared for and have a stress-free experience. Many of our own family members and friends have suffered serious auto accidents. We are motivated by the empathy gained by helping our own loved ones through these difficult periods. We understand the ways that a serious accident can turn a life upside down physically, emotionally, and financially. The most rewarding results that come from what we do are the wins for our clients. In times like these, where we receive recognition for our hard work and success, we take the opportunity to realize what a privilege it is to do the work we do.


Super Lawyers

The statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Texas is two years, so if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. The sooner you know your options, the sooner you are on the path to recovery and your deserved compensation.

Super Lawyers 2020

Super Lawyers

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State law limits the time you have to file a claim after an auto accident. If you have been injured in an accident, call now to get the help you need.