How Safe Valentine’s Day Driving Won’t Break Hearts

valentine's day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are giving you a couple of tips on how to stay safe this holiday, for maximum enjoyment throughout your weekend. Here are 7 tips for safe celebrations and avoiding heartbreak for this Valentine’s Holiday…

Plan Ahead

Granted, it may be a bit late if you haven’t made plans already, so if you haven’t, make them now! Set up reservations, buy gifts, and avoid any mad dashes or last-minute rushing this evening before your date. Hurrying and stressing on busy, rush-hour roadways is a recipe for disaster! In fact, distracted driving, by things such as texting or using our phones while driving, increases your chances of crashing your car at a higher rate than any other behavior – including drug use, drowsy driving, or driving in poor conditions.

Take it Slow

When was speeding through everything ever romantic for anyone? The only thing that should be racing on Valentine’s Day is your heart – so take your foot off the gas and slow down speed demons! Cheesy advice aside, however, in 2018, speeding contributed to over 2,275 fatal crashes statewide, and that is certainly not a trend we want to see repeating this year.

Don’t Drink and Drive

It may be cliché advice, but you want to remember the fun you’re having on Valentine’s night, right? Don’t ruin the fun with too many drinks, which can lead to dangerous decisions like getting behind the wheel. Drinking and driving is still the greatest contributor to fatal motor vehicle accidents. Even if the consequences were not so dire, you still don’t want to risk the loss of those romantic memories from your evening or set yourself up for a decidedly unsexy next morning.

Plan a Ride

Even if you’re not splurging on a limo complete with champagne service, there’s still a lot to be said for taking care of your date by planning a safe and comfortable ride. Arranging for Uber, Lyft, Alto, or another rideshare service to chauffer to you and from your date night plans can show that you put real thought into planning the evening. Plus, you can have celebratory drinks without worrying about driving home!

Plan for Bad Weather

This holiday may call for getting dressed up with high heels and slippery dress shoes, but the festive attire can make it harder to get around! This weekend is looking like we may finally have some nice weather here in DFW, but Texas temperatures and conditions notoriously change on a dime! Plan accordingly if the weather takes a turn, and leave yourself extra travel time to reach your destination and get around town. The last thing you want is any slip and fall disasters on your romantic date night!

Buying Gifts? Get the Real Deal.

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely appreciate the art of saving cash, but maybe for Valentine’s Day splurge for the real thing. Cheap knockoff products have been found to contain dangerous chemical additives or harmful fillers. For example, cosmetics are a popular present for this holiday, and there have been a number of scandals in recent years as unethical retailers looking to make a quick buck by copying high fashion brands have seriously injured consumers! Treat your date right, and go for good quality gifts from reputable retailers.

Snuggling up at Home is Definitely an Option

Not a fan of night driving? We don’t blame you. The most dangerous time to drive is during the dark hours, with decreased visibility and increased chances of encountering drunk and drowsy drivers around you. If all the expense and fuss of a fancy night on the town for Valentine’s Day doesn’t resonate with you and your partner, enjoy each other’s company at home and avoid the risks out there altogether!

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