Ryan Thompson Personal Injury Attorney

Thompson Law Wins 2 of the Top 5 Personal Injury Settlements in Texas in 2020

Thompson Law had two of the top five personal injury settlements in Texas in 2020, according to TopVerdict. Additionally, Thompson Law won two of the top 100 biggest personal injury settlements in the US in 2020. Our top settlement in Texas in 2020 was a $4,780,000 settlement for a Dallas car accident. If you or […]

When to lawyer up after a car accident blog image

When to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident

Have you been injured and are not sure when to lawyer up after a car accident? Not every automobile crash results in a lawsuit. If you were in a minor fender bender with no injuries and no vehicle damage, you might not need legal help. But if your auto accident results in injuries, lost wages, […]

Personal dealing with an insurance adjuster

Dealing With an Insurance Adjuster: What NOT to Say

If you were in a Texas auto accident, you might find yourself dealing with an insurance adjuster at some point. The best course of action is to let a personal injury attorney guide you through any and all correspondence. That’s because many things can go wrong during a discussion with the adjuster.  Every year, auto […]

A Guide On How Can an Attorney Help You With Your Car Accident

How Can an Attorney Help You With Your Car Accident?

Finding the right lawyer is essential to your personal injury claim. If you or a loved one were injured due to someone else’s negligence, an auto accident attorney can help you get fair compensation for your damages. While some people assume they can file their own claim, personal injury law is complex. It is important […]

Hot car safety young child in back seat of car

Hot Car Safety: 5 Startling Statistics

Hot car safety is a big concern in Texas. Although a hot car death can occur anywhere, Texas has the highest number of Pediatric Vehicular Heatstrokes in the US. Every year, fatalities occur when children are left in cars either intentionally or by accident. But with awareness and education, child hot car deaths are entirely […]

Car Accident Medical Bills

Debt Collection in a Personal Injury Case: What You Need to Know

Getting hurt in a car wreck can lead to unexpected medical bills and other expenses that can seem impossible to pay back. Medical providers often threaten to send their bills to debt collection in the event of non-payment. A car wreck is a traumatic event and the last thing you need is to worry about […]

Car Wreck Lawyer

When To Get A Car Wreck Lawyer

Following a car accident, you may be asking yourself, “When do I need a car wreck lawyer?” The answer: It is always worth contacting a car accident attorney. Start by calling Thompson Law for a free consultation. Our experienced staff will fight hard to get you the best settlement for your case. The best part? […]

Memorial Day Weekend 2021

What to Do If You Were Involved in a Car Accident on Memorial Day Weekend 2021

Memorial Day is the start of the summer and people always like to celebrate with BBQs and sometimes a few too many libations. As the world begins to get back to normal and people are vaccinated, they will undoubtedly be partying harder than normal this year. Remember that if you or a loved one get […]

Texas seat belt law

Everything You Need to Know about The Texas Seat Belt Law

The Texas Motor Vehicle Authority ensures that vehicles registered in the state undergo an annual inspection, and among the many things in the inspection checklist are seat belts. Every year the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has a “Click It or Ticket” Campaign, and November 2020 marked its 18th anniversary. Since 2002, the campaign that […]

Car Accident Medical Bills

What to Expect with Car Accident Medical Bills

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates motor vehicle crashes in Texas led to car accident medical bills of about $43 million in 2018. While getting medical assistance should be your top priority after a car crash, paying for the injuries can turn out to be a tricky issue. Some accident victims might not […]

car accident cost

In Total, How Much Does a Car Accident Cost?

The Houston Chronicle, a leading Texas newspaper, reports that car crashes in the state cost a whopping $38.4 billion in 2017, representing an 86% increase from 2007. These statistics factor in a year’s lost wages in addition to other costs. Given these cost implications, you deserve to be compensated if you believe the other driver was […]

PIP In Texas

PIP in Texas 2021 – A Comprehensive Personal Injury Protection Guide View Larger Image

If a car accident has left you with injuries, medical treatment will be the most vital element of your recovery. Your doctor may offer emergency treatment procedures, inpatient care, surgeries, or therapy. While you don’t want to imagine how much you’ll pay, the costs are unavoidable because you must heal. In these circumstances, personal injury […]

liability insurance

Can I File a Lawsuit If the at Fault Driver Has Basic Liability Insurance?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 6 million automobile crashes reported by police every year in the US. In the state of Texas, not a single day passes by without a road crash. Subsequently, data from the Texas Department of Transportation show there were 14,282 crashes on Texas roads in 2017, resulting in […]

DWI in Texas

Texas Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

In Texas, the acronyms DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated) refer to an individual operating a vehicle in public while under the influence of a mind-altering substance.  Statistically, about 14% of Texans admit to driving under the influence of alcohol, oblivious of the fatal car accident injuries and damages they might inflict on others. […]

uninsured motorist

What Happens If You’re in a Car Accident with an Uninsured Motorist?

A 2015 study published by the Insurance Information Institute revealed that about 14% of Texas motorists were uninsured. It can be a complex case if you get into a car accident where an uninsured driver is involved. It gets worse if the driver cannot afford to pay for all the expenses. You may have to seek help […]

Statute of Limitations

In Texas, What Is the Injury Claims Statute of Limitations?

A study by the Texas Department of Workers Compensation reveals Texas employers recorded over 177,900 non-fatal workplace injuries in 2018.  Additionally, the Texas Department of Transportation recorded 19,506 serious injury crashes, with 30,992 serious injury victims and 3,722 motor vehicle fatalities in 2019. If you had an accident and considering the possibility of bringing a personal injury suit in the state […]

police report

How a Police Report Can Determine Fault and Liability in A Car Accident

In its latest report, the Texas Department of Transportation reported 12,186 car crashes in 2018, with 14,937 people obtaining serious injuries. Given these alarming statistics, it is essential to understand fault and liability in an accident to facilitate fair compensation for those involved. After an accident, it is best to remain on the scene until the police arrive, especially […]

Unlicensed Driver

What Happens to an Unlicensed Driver in a Car Accident?

Driving a vehicle without a license is not only unlawful but has also been reported to increase the risk of car crash injury compared to those holding a driving license. In fact, according to a 2012 report by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 26 percent of the drivers involved in fatal car crashes in Texas are […]

Our Results

How Long Can Someone Wait Before Suing in Texas

Accidents happen every day. However, when these accidents result in devastating injuries and life-long debilitating pain because of another person’s wrongful actions, the situation can often become unbearable. Additionally, oftentimes, the amount of time you have to file a legal claim to collect compensation for these injuries is limited. Learn all the ins and outs […]

fault in a car wreck

Should You Admit to Being at Fault in a Car Wreck If It Was Your Fault?

It is natural to feel rattled or agitated after a car crash. But the last thing you want is to let your emotions overrule your judgment. Whether or not you are at fault in a car wreck, at no cost should you ever admit the liability! Here are some reasons to justify that stand: What […]

Hidden Injuries

5 Hidden Injuries to Watch Out for After a Car Accident?

The stats on auto accidents are frightening. Did you know that a staggering 20-50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries annually, often resulting in long-term disabilities? Some injuries are usually apparent after the accident, such as broken bones, cuts, bruises, and facial scars. However, hidden injuries are never noticeable at a glance, but that doesn’t mean they’re non-existent. […]

good samaritan law

What Is The Good Samaritan Law?

Picture this: you’re at a roadside cafe enjoying your coffee when suddenly, a car runs the red light in front of the building, hits a person in the pedestrian walk, then speeds off. Coffee was forgotten, you jump to your feet and sprint to the scene to offer aid. This reaction seems like the obvious thing to do, despite the help […]

police pursuit

How To File an Injury Claim If You Got Hit in a Police Pursuit

High-speed police chases have become a normal part of everyday life in urban American society. The dangerous criminal pursuits are on the news every day. While the police chase down criminals, it is not uncommon for innocent bystanders and road users to get injured or killed in the process. More than 350 people are killed […]

pip vs med pay

The Essential Guide to PIP vs Med Pay

As a top personal injury law firm, we’re no stranger to the complexities of auto insurance and the stress that can come from selecting coverage for the greatest safety and preparedness. We’ve talked in the past about types of auto coverages, dealing with defendants’ insurance companies, and even exposed some of the worst practices, but a deeper dive into coverage specifics deserves discussion. Today, we’re […]

Ryan Thompson has been named to TopVerdict's Top 20 Settlement List

Ryan L. Thompson of Thompson Law Makes TopVerdict’s Top 20 Settlements List

Thompson Law is proud to announce that our firm has been awarded a ranking on the TopVerdicts list of Top 20 Settlements in Texas in 2018! TopVerdict is an institution that annually ranks and recognizes U.S. Law Firms and attorneys who have obtained one of the highest jury verdicts, settlements, or court awards generally and […]

TBI attorney

How Do I Know if I Need a TBI Attorney?

When was the last time you heard someone plan in advance to hire a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) attorney? Never? We understand. Planning for unexpected and traumatic events is never fun, and often is pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Unfortunately, TBI is not is as uncommon as you may think, so it […]

Avoid an accident

What Are the Best Ways to Avoid an Accident?

2020 has been a year no one could have predicted, and if you’re anything like us, you’re very much looking forward to a fresh start in 2021. On that note, we’re working to set the stage for a great next year. It’s been twenty years since Texas has had a death-free day on our roads. […]

Lyft accident attorney

How Do I Find a Professional Lyft Accident Attorney?

It is possible to find a Lyft accident attorney with just a quick online search of personal injury attorneys in your area, however finding a great, professional Lyft accident attorney may prove more difficult. We have put together our guide to finding the best rideshare attorney for you, and some critical information to consider after […]

insurance claim attorney

Different Types of Auto Insurance

As insurance claim attorneys, we get asked a lot of questions about the ins and outs of auto insurance policies and coverages, and we completely understand why. Auto policies can be confusing, and insurance providers can be deliberately vague in order to upsell you a more expensive package or to skirt responsibility after an accident […]

cars safer

Are Lighter Weight Cars or Heavier Cars Safer in a Crash?

Everyone would like to know when purchasing a new vehicle, are lighter-weight cars or heavier cars safer in a crash? The simplest answer is that heavier cars are safer in a crash than lighter cars. The more complete answer is that there are some factors that can affect this baseline. Typically, older model cars can […]

police report

How Do I Get a Police Report?

If you’ve found your way to this page, we feel for you. Finding yourself in a position where you’re seeking a police report, means that you or someone you love has recently experienced some misfortune and frustration. Police Reports, also referred to as Accident Reports or Crash Reports, are one of the most valuable documents […]

Accident Claim

What Factors Can Affect My Accident Claim?

The fact that there are massive industries devoted to health insurance, auto insurance, and property insurance is a great indicator of the complexity that insurance claims entail. Most people don’t plan to seek a personal injury lawyer, but once the frustrations of filing claims, facing denials, and endless negotiations are considered, it makes a lot […]

lyft settlement

Do I Have to Sign a Confidentiality Clause with My Lyft Settlement?

In the 11 years since Uber’s, and 8 years since Lyft’s, arrival on the scene, there have been consistent increases in user numbers, driver numbers, and revenues for these rideshare services. In tandem with the growth these companies have experienced, there has also come an increase in accidents and accident–related complications for these commercial vehicle […]

Traumatic Accident

Loss of Motion Segment Integrity from Traumatic Accident

More and more people are aware of the concern around delayed onset injuries, and for good reason. A slight soreness in the immediate aftermath of an accident can easily be much more severe than we realize at the time. Shock and adrenaline are what the body uses to mask pain, and they provide an important ability for humans to persevere through […]

traffic trends

Driving and Traffic Accident Trends in 2020

2020 has certainly been an extraordinary year. From pandemic to political upheaval, there have been many events that are changing our communities, our country, and our way of life. Driving, traffic trends, road habits, and daily patterns are no exception in this extraordinary time. Recent patterns in how we travel on our roads and highways […]

care for your car

7 Tips to Care for Your Car During Coronavirus Quarantine

The present moment is resulting in changes to the way we live, work, and take care of business. Routine tasks we used to take for granted, or perhaps considered a slight nuisance, now may range from highly difficult to impossible. One of the most pressing concerns for people during this pandemic is fear of making […]

Less cars on highways means lower car accident numbers after stay-at-home mandates.

Car Accident Numbers Plummet after Stay-at-Home Mandates Issued to Limit Coronavirus Spread

One effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic that may actually bring some good news is the fact that fewer cars and trucks on the road should result in fewer accidents. While financial concerns and difficult transitions in work and home life during shelter-in-place dominate our thoughts, can we accept a small comfort in lowered risk of auto accidents? Even with car accident numbers dropping, the results […]

most dangerous

Dallas Moves to Top of the List as Most Dangerous Driving City in Texas

Welcome to Dallas  In a study published late last month, Aceable completed its analysis of the 2018 data on driving in Texas. The results of the survey are surprising – while Dallas claims the unfortunate title of the most dangerous driving city, the neighboring suburb of Allen comes in as tied for the safest! Both Allen and The Woodlands (a suburb of Houston) boast an extraordinary zero fatality record for 2018. These two cities are stand-alone in reaching our state’s […]

Doctor and patient discussing quality of life after spine surgery

How is Someone’s Quality of Life Impacted by Spine Surgery?

Advances in spine surgery have made leaps and bounds, particularly in the last twenty years, but there is still an understandable fear around these significant procedures. The apprehension is only intensified when neck, back or spine surgery is a requirement of an accident that you suffered at the error and negligence of another. There are varying degrees of […]

7 things your insurance adjuster doesn't want you to know

7 Things Your Insurance Adjuster Does Not Want You to Know

We’ve previously documented the sneaky tricks, here you will find 7 tricks your insurance providers play in past posts, like any. of. these. But it never hurts to refresh your knowledge in order to protect yourself from insurance carrier tactics. Thompson Law is here to fight for your maximum payout and share these tips to […]

Woman on phone about car accident property damage claim

Car Accident Property Damage Claims and When to Lawyer Up

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the highest contributing factor for crashes statewide in 2018 was failure to control speed, resulting in over 138,000 collisions. Here in Dallas, distracted driving is ranked among the top leading causes of car accidents. The statistics are frightening considering that most of us rely on cars and buses to do daily tasks like going to work, […]

Man receiving medical care after a car accident

Get Necessary Medical Care After A Car Accident

Even with the incredible advances that have been made in recent history for the safety and functionality of automobiles, car accidents (as a category including other motor vehicle crashes) are still one of the leading causes of death in the United States every year. It is imperative that you Get Necessary Medical Care After A Car Accident. Over […]

Auto repair after car accident

Vehicle Damage After an Accident? Your Auto Repair Options

The average amount of property damaged caused in each crash in the US is about $7,500, and considering Texas alone has over 400,000 crashes every year, you can image the massive impact that property damage has on our lives (and wallets) annually. Facing these costs, especially while dealing with the pain, medical treatments, missed work, and other […]

accident in fort worth

What to do After an Accident in Fort Worth

In Fort Worth there are over 15,000 traffic accidents annually. In fact, the city of Fort Worth even has a comprehensive and interactive map of traffic incidents available for public reference. Even if your home, work, or other frequent locales are not located in the map areas with the highest concentration of collisions, there is no arguing accidents are frequent. Fort […]

Car accident types

Types of Car Accidents

Over 400,00 car accidents occur in Texas each year, more than 6 million in the United States, and a frankly incalculable number occur globally, resulting in 1.3 million deaths and 20-50 million injuries around the world each year. With these numbers, it seems like every possible type of motor vehicle crash must have occurred, even ones that seem absurdly […]

car accident injuries

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the top three injury-caused deaths across all age groups in the United States, and one of the top ten causes of non-fatal injuries. This tragic reality is so well known that the CDC tracks the data in an extensive and dedicated bank of rolling reported statistics. Sadly, many car accident injuries and results could be prevented if people consistently followed the […]

dallas fort worth

Dallas & Fort Worth Traffic Through 2019

Dallas-Fort Worth has gained one million people in less than 10 years, making the Metroplex the 4th largest in the nation. The population of our metropolis is over 7.5 million people, a tally that stresses the infrastructure of our city’s including roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. DFW residents are noting the increase in heavy traffic and longer commutes, as our city becomes a […]

Thompson Law's top motorcycle safety tips.

Motorcycle Safety & Motorcycle Accidents

Whether you drive a Harley or a Honda motorcycle, you are part of a group that faces some of the most significant dangers on the road.   Motorcycle Safety Tips  Motorcycle accidents can happen for reasons out of any control in some cases, however, there are some actions that you can take to reduce your risk of collision. […]

Do I need a car accident lawyer blog image

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer? (And Why Thompson Law Might be Just the Right Lawyer to Call)

If you have been injured in an accident you may be wondering if it makes sense to hire a lawyer. What is the better course: fighting your own battle with the insurance company, and receiving the full settlement amount or hiring an attorney on a contingency fee and paying a portion of the total settlement in legal […]

Holiday season driving tips for 2019

2019 Holiday Season Driving Tips

Thompson Law’s Holiday Season Driving Tips The holiday season has certainly rushed in this year, and as the days get shorter and the end of December approaches, it seems everything continually gets more hectic. Many holiday weekends throughout the year consistently rank as the deadliest driving periods, but the winter holidays between Thanksgiving and New […]

Thompson Law's 2019 holiday driving safety tips

Holiday Driving Safety Tips 2019

Thompson Law’s Holiday Driving Safety Tips Traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday to visit family and friends is a great tradition and a lot of fun, but every year during the busy season, worsening weather and increasing road traffic result in accidents and injuries that can put a damper on the holiday spirit. While you’re making […]


Seatbelts Save Lives

The Risks of Not Buckling Up and Famous Cases of Those Who Paid the Price  Sadly, over 33,000 people die in car accidents each year, and a major contributing factor to fatalities in these wrecks is failure to wear a seatbelt. The risk of being killed in an auto accident is estimated to be 45-60% higher when you are not […]


Allstate Insurance – Maybe Not “In Good Hands”

Reporting Disturbing Results   In a story featured this week by WSB-TV, a large Atlanta law firm reported that 30% of its suits were against Allstate, and Allstate made up 40% of those lawsuits which then proceeded to trial. What makes this so distressing is that Allstate has less than 10% of the market in the area that the firm serves. The disproportionate representation of Allstate in these lawsuits may […]

car accident fatalities

How to Reduce Car Accident Fatalities

The average person in a developed country has a 1 in 100-lifetime risk of being killed in a road traffic accident and a 1 in 3-lifetime risk of being injured in the same. These statistics are part of the motivation behind the ambitious goal set by the United Nations in its 2015 Agenda for Sustainable Development to […]


Texting and Driving Accident Statistics

There are over 1.6 million crashes caused by distracted drivers using their cell phones in the United States every year. “Texting and Driving” is one of the most dangerous forms of Distracted Driving. When a driver is paying attention to their phone’s text messages, emails, apps, maps, music, and more, he is sacrificing his ability to focus on the […]

minimum coverage

Minimum Insurance Coverage for Financed Cars in Texas

span> What it Covers:   Insurance payouts up to these amounts may be issued based on loss and injury caused in the accident.  UM/UIM and PIP must be offered by insurers but can be rejected in writing by the policyholder. It is important to understand as a policy owner that if you are involved in a collision with an […]

Bus accidents and Farmers Insurance

Bus Accidents and Farmers Insurance

Since the 66,000 bus accidents that took place in the United States in 2013, there have been consistent increases in the reported accident numbers annually. Nationwide, hundreds of these crashes are fatal each year, and Texas has one of the highest national rates for bus accident fatalities per 100 million total vehicle miles traveled (VMT). It may be […]

Select a lawyer after a car accident

How Do I Select a Lawyer for a Car Accident Claim?

The aftermath of a serious car accident can be extremely stressful and chaotic, not to mention painful if you have suffered injuries. The last thing that victims of a car crash want to do is add the chore to select a lawyer to their busy to-do list. Healing, getting back to work, managing car repairs […]

Delayed pain after a car accident guide

Why Would I Have Delayed Pain After A Car Accident?

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injury in the US. In 2018,  2.35 million people were injured or disabled due to car wrecks.  Almost any car accident is traumatic. From fender-benders to catastrophic collisions, unnatural and damaging force is put on the human body in a car wreck. Often, victims of car accidents that seem minor do not notice […]


What are the most common internal injuries from car accidents?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every day about 7,000 people are hurt in car accidents. Internal injuries after a motor vehicle accident are common and are one of the most dangerous type of car accident injuries. These injuries are especially deadly because there are not always outward symptoms to warn injured victims […]


Common Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) most recent finalized report, in 2016 there were 37,806 traffic fatalities. Texas’ roadways were some of the most significant contributors to this tragic tally, accounting for about 1/10th of all deaths – a per capita rate that is over 7000% higher than the state with the […]

rideshare uber lyft

Dealing with Rideshare (Uber & Lyft) Car Accidents and Progressive Insurance in Dallas-Fort Worth

What is Rideshare?  Ridesharing is any transportation service – such as Uber or Lyft – in which customers use an online app to request rides from nearby registered drivers. The driver then picks up its clients and drives them to their destination for a fee.  No cash is exchanged because payments are processed through the app electronically.   Rideshare companies start coverage as soon as […]

Drunk driving

Former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin Stands With the Injury Lawyers at Thompson Law Against Drunk Driving

Former Dallas Cowboys alumnus Michael Irvin speaks out against drunk driving in the radio studio with car wreck lawyer Ryan Thompson. As the retired  Dallas Cowboy  and personal injury attorney Ryan Thompson discussed, drinking and driving is a catastrophically dangerous action. Every day, more than 30 people in the United States die in drunk driving crashes (one person every 48 minutes in 2017). In 2016, drunk […]


In Texas, At What Age Can Kids Sit in the Front Seat of the Car?

Recent changes to published guidelines have caused confusion and concern among parents who remain unclear about the differences between the laws and guidelines, and the impact on their children and family specifically. In addition to this confusion, the difference in safety requirements in just the space of a generation is very significant. Colloquial knowledge on the subject of car seats is simply not trustworthy, as parents and […]

Former Dallas Cowboy, Michael Irvin Stands Against Distracted Driving With Thompson Law

Former Dallas Cowboys alum, Michael Irvin speaks out against distracted driving in the studio with car wreck lawyer Ryan Thompson. Distracted driving has led to the death of 3,166 people in 2017 alone. Simply taking your eyes of the road for 5 seconds at 55mph is like driving the entire length of a football field with your eyes closed.  We […]

Car Wreck

How Many Times Will You Crash Your Car in Your Lifetime?

Texas Car Crash Statistics   If you have never been in a car accident, consider yourself lucky. According to Statista, there are over 225 million licensed drivers in the United States with an average of 10 million car accidents every year. Texas alone, has more than 13 million licensed drivers and over 313,000 miles of public roads, the […]

Car seat failure

Car Seat Failure Accidents & Injuries

Child safety seat laws have changed over the years, and children under the age of eight years ride in a child safety seat as opposed to using a seatbelt alone. Additional clarity is provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which states that children should be in rear-facing seats until they reach 2 years of age. After that […]

wreck in another state

What happens if I get in a wreck in another state on a road trip?

Road trips are a staple of summer life in the U.S. and in 2018, nearly 39% of vacations were taken by car rather than by plane or train. While everyone intends to have a great vacation and return home safe and sound, the reality is that 4.5 million people are involved in motor vehicle crashes every year. If you […]

summer auto accident

Summer Auto Accidents Bring a Significant Increase in Annual Statistics

Summer auto accidents seem to be the most inevitable as more drivers on the highway than any other time of year because many families across the country embark on road trips for their summer vacations. Accordingly, the summer months are also when the majority of car accidents occur. When it comes to car accidents, even minor fender […]

Car accident dispute

“He Said She Said” Disputed Liability Cases in Car Accidents

Attorneys refer to Car Accident Dispute which are not clearly established as “he said she said” cases. In short, he said she said cases are those in which neither party can affirmatively prove or disprove their version of how the wreck occurred.  In the absence of a police report in which an officer assigns fault to […]

Pain and suffering settlement

What Should I Seek for Pain and Suffering?

In most personal injury cases, plaintiffs seek compensation for expenses they incur along with pain and suffering. Out-of-pocket expenses, such as drugs and medical bills, are quite easy to document using simple evidence such as providing receipts. On the other hand, pain and suffering are quite difficult to prove as there’s no tangible evidence. Understanding […]

Personal injury lawyer for car accidents

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Against My Car Insurance Company?

Why you need a personal injury lawyer While hiring a personal injury lawyer might seem optional, a study conducted by the Insurance Research Council indicates that an insurance company is more likely to pay a victim represented by an attorney than one who is not. When an auto accident happens, and the claim is either denied or […]

Uninsured motorist House Bill 1739

Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage – Texas House Bill 1739

What is House Bill 1739 and how does it affect you? One out of every eight drivers does not have an auto insurance policy. Uninsured motorists make up 20% of Texas drivers and approximately 13% of drivers nationally, meaning there are around 32 million uninsured drivers on the road. When you get in an accident, you expect to […]

Car insurance guide information

What Should I Know About Car Insurance in Case of an Accident?

Why do you need to know about car insurance? According to the Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts, there were a total of 14,299 crashes in Texas in 2017, in which more than 17,000 people sustained serious injuries. Apart from the physical and emotional trauma victims of an accident have to go through, they have to […]

dash cam

Why You Should Invest in A Dash Camera

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video tells the whole story. People everywhere are choosing to install dash cameras in their vehicles for a variety of reasons. No matter how cautious you may be while driving, even careful drivers cannot control the events that happen outside of their vehicles. Many […]

Police Report

What Happens After a Car Accident With No Police Report?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 90 people die daily from road accidents. However, not every accident is fatal. Although some of the most common vehicle accidents are minor and do not result in any injuries, it is important to be prepared after any wreck. In fact, what you do […]

top 20 settlements

Ryan L. Thompson of Thompson Law Makes TopVerdict’s Top 20 List

Thompson Law is proud to announce that our firm has been awarded a ranking on the TopVerdicts list of Top 20 Settlements in Texas in 2018! TopVerdict is an institution that annually ranks and recognizes U.S. Law Firms and attorneys who have obtained one of the highest jury verdicts, settlements, or court awards generally and […]

Dart blog

DART Partners With UBER

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is partnering with one of its major competitors, Uber to offer carpool subsidized rides to clients in its six operational zones. This comes at a time when many transit agencies are looking into expanding the capabilities on their mobile apps to make transit easier and more affordable. Customers can now book Uber Pool […]

Pedestrian deaths feature image

Pedestrian Deaths Hit 28-Year High

In 2014 SUV sales in the U.S. topped passenger sedans for the first time in history. They now account for over 60 percent of all privately-owned vehicles on the road. The sales discrepancy has reached such proportions that Fiat Chrysler has completely discontinued sales of most passenger cars in the United States and Ford has […]

Auto Insurance Claim

Why you need an attorney handling Allstate insurance claims

What to know: Allstate Insurance Claims If you’ve been involved in an auto collision filing an insurance claim can be a little intimidating. If the other driver is insured by Allstate Insurance, filing a claim to fix your car and take care of any medical bills might not be as straightforward as many people think. […]

Dallas Cowboy

Michael Irvin Endorses Ryan “The Lion” Thompson

Former Dallas Cowboy Endorses Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer Former Dallas Cowboy and Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin is taking to radio to endorse Ryan “The Lion” Thompson – and his team of Dallas injury lawyers at Thompson Law – for anyone seeking legal representation following any personal injury accident. Michael Irvin played for the Dallas Cowboys for 11 years, and along with quarterback Troy […]

Car crash lawyer feature image.

Best Car Crash Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Finding an auto accident lawyer when you need one the most It’s likely that many of you reading this will never need a car crash lawyer, however, some of you unfortunately will. Did you know that in 2018, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 36,560 people died in motor vehicle accidents? Moreover, according to the […]

Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle GEICO Insurance Claims?

What to know: GEICO Insurance Claims GEICO believes that 15 minutes can save you 15 percent or more on car insurance. But before you let the funny commercials and signature Gecco disarm you, understand that dealing with this particular insurance agency is not always a joyride. GEICO in unquestionably one of the biggest names in […]

defendant insurance

Defendant Insurance Company

The other driver will not cooperate with the defendant insurance company Stress and emotions set in right after a car accident. Some drivers may make this situation more difficult by becoming argumentative and refusing to share their Insurance information including the insurance company’s name, policy number and claims phone number. This makes dealing with the […]

auto accident claim dallas

What is My Auto Accident Claim Worth?

What is my claim worth? If you have recently been the victim of an Auto Accident, you will eventually start questioning what your Auto Accident Claim is worth. Determining the value of your case is a crucial aspect of any car accident, both for you and your attorney. It affects many decisions, including when to […]

after an accident

Vehicle Damage After an Accident? Your Auto Repair Options

The average amount of property damaged caused in each crash in the US is about $7,500, and considering Texas alone has over 400,000 crashes every year, you can imagine the massive impact that property damage has on our lives (and wallets) annually. Facing these costs, especially while dealing with the pain, medical treatments, missed work, and […]


Passenger in a Car Accident

Filing an Auto Accident Claim as a Passenger Car accident claims are usually filed by drivers who have been injured, but passengers are often injured in accidents as well. Passengers who suffer an injury as a result of an injury may be entitled to legal action, even if they were in the same car as […]

Auto accident safety tips feature image

Auto Accident Safety Tips

5 Important Auto Accident Safety Tips Some accidents are unavoidable but the following statistics show how important it is to do everything possible to stay safe on the roadways of the Lone Star State. In Texas, based on reportable crashes in 2017: 1 person was killed every 2 hours 21 minutes 1 person was injured every 2 […]

Personal injury protection (PIP) guide

A Complete Guide to Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Depending on which state you live in, you may have heard that you are required to maintain Personal Injury Protection, also known as PIP insurance. Even if it’s not required, it may be offered in your jurisdiction. PIP is personal injury coverage that pays out […]

Personal injury attorney claim denial

Why Would a Personal Injury Attorney Deny An Injury Case?

Why Would a Personal Injury Attorney Deny An Injury Case? If your expectations of a personal injury claim were up to the few cases that make it onto the major media circuits, you probably believe that every time someone stubs their toe, they fall into a litigation gold mine. You may also get the impression […]

Uninsured car accident guide.

Uninsured Car Accident Guide

So What Happens If I’m Involved in an Uninsured Car Accident? Car insurance is mandatory in most states. However, in some instances, the other driver may not have any or inadequate car insurance. Other times it’s a hit and run, and you may not be able to identify the driver or the car. If you […]

6 mistakes to avoid after an auto accident

Thompson Law Guide: Mistakes to Avoid After an Auto Accident

6 Mistakes to Avoid After an Auto Accident In the interest of helping you protect your rights under Texas personal injury law, Thompson Law would like to offer you this short list of auto accident mistakes to avoid after an auto accident. Considering that a personal injury case resulting from an auto accident can sometimes […]

Auto accident help guide

Auto Accident Help Guide

Thompson Law’s Top 5 – Auto Accident Help Guide Driving around Dallas can be very busy, particularly during rush hour. These kinds of conditions can put you at greater risk of having a car accident. If you have a collision with another driver, here is an accident help guide that will help you know what […]

big rig

Avoiding Big Rig Accidents

Passing That Big Rig; How Dangerous Is It? That big rig swaying in the wind ahead of you on the highway. It looks threatening, but the professional driver knows what he’s doing, right? Just how dangerous is it to drive near a big rig? And what can you do to take action in avoiding big […]

Dangerous Intersections guide

Dangerous Intersections Guide

Dangerous Intersections Guide to Avoid Accidents If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and don’t want to face the unthinkable, read this dangerous intersections guide. Doing so allows you to protect yourself and reduce the odds of getting into a collision. Although you always need to stay safe while on the road, paying extra […]

texting and driving

Texting and Driving Accident

Texting and Driving Accident According to a recent publication, texting and driving accidents are the current spike in driving deaths in the United States.  So why isn’t more being done to curb the issue? An informative article published on slate.com notes: “The U.S. has seen a 14-percent spike in roadway fatalities over the past two […]

car accident settlement

Car Accident Settlement FAQ

Car Accident Settlement FAQ Most car accident cases settle. It’s a reality of the way our legal system works. In many cases, the fact that one party caused the accident is so apparent that it’s not worth it for the insurance company to litigate the case. While settlements are common, most people don’t really understand […]

Child Safety Seat

Updates for Child Safety Seats — How Does This Impact Texas Seat Belt Law?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has changed its recommendations regarding child safety seats last month. The updated recommendations may not have much impact on how some parents secure their children while riding in a vehicle. However, some parents may want to take specific notice of the recommendation to continue the use of rear-facing car seats for as long […]

deadly highway

Top 5 Deadly Highway List in Texas

There aren’t many drivers who get into their car and think that they won’t make it to their destination. They don’t consider the fact that they might not see their family or friends again. Yet, car accident fatalities are a very real concern in Texas. Our deadly highway list is calculated by fatalities per mile. […]

Teen car accident

Teen Car Accidents and Summertime

During the summer, more teen drivers are on the road. Are they facing a higher risk of teen car accidents? Unfortunately, yes. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you’ll find the 100 deadliest days of summer for teen drivers according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. The deadliest out of those 100 days are summer […]

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