Are There Truck Accident Lawyers?

Yes! There are many specializations within the practice of law, including lawyers who specialize in righting the wrongs that come from the injury and loss of truck accidents. There are particular challenges that come with truck accidents, so it is imperative that truck wreck victims select the right attorney. In this article we’ll share pertinent information about why truck accident attorneys are necessary, the challenges of truck accident claims, and advice for selecting the right legal help for you.

Thompson Law is a premier personal injury that specializes in a number of personal injury accident types, including truck accidents. If you or a loved on have experienced a truck accident resulting in substantial loss or injury, there is no time to delay. Get concise, clear, expert advice when you call Thompson Law. You can receive the guidance you need and hire a specialized attorney for your case in 15 minutes or less.

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Why are truck accident cases more difficult to settle than other automobile incidents?

The reason that there are truck accident attorneys is that settling truck wreck cases can be more complicated. There are three main reasons for this:

Liability – with commercial fleets or owner-operated 18-wheelers, there are virtually always multiple parties involved. The trucker, the hiring firm, the owner of the product in tow, the workers who may have handled the cargo, and more may make claims about why events unfolded as they did, and who is ultimately liable for the collision, more complicated to untangle.

Representation – the numerous parties listed above may all have insurers and lawyers representing them. This can create an incredible amount of confusion and red tape which will take experience and tenacity to fight through. Opposing insurance has no motivation to help things proceed efficiently, and in fact they typically drag their feet and try to confuse individual claimants into giving up.

Money – Frankly, with large truck accidents, the injuries and property damage can be more severe. This means higher medical bills and higher damages to repay. The more money that is on the table, the harder at-fault parties will fight to avoid fair payment.

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Truck Accident Fast Facts

If you’re contemplating fighting your truck crash claim on your own, first consider a few truck accident statistics. These facts may change your thinking about how significant and powerful the presence of commercial vehicles on our road and in our industries really is:

  • The conventional  18-wheeler  can weigh up to  80,000 pounds,  nearly 20 times as much as an  average  car on the road.
  • Texas contributed 9.3%  of the fatal tractor-trailer collisions that occurred in the US in 2017, with  433  of the  4657  total  accidents.
  • The US Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) most recent statistics reports that  there are  2,746,882  semi-trailers and 8,456,30 straight trucks  in the US.
  • American Trucking Association  (ATA) released its  2018 revenue  report  for the industry, showing nearly $100 billion in growth over the prior year,  for a total of  $796.7 billion.

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Commercial Truck Accidents: Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

You may be surprised to hear this coming from us – but there are absolutely times where accidents happen, and a lawyer does not need to be involved. If there are no injuries involved, if there is very minimal damage, and if the parties involved are in equal positions of power, these may all be situations where accident reparations may be handled by individuals and their insurers directly.

However, commercial vehicle accidents and collisions with large trucks are not the time to go it alone. There are simply too many interests, and often too much money at stake, to take the risk of going to the negotiation table unrepresented. Correctly handling a complex injury or death case like this is nearly impossible to do alone without the knowledge of laws and regulations surrounding commercial vehicles.  The trucking company, its insurance company, and their lawyers have an automatic advantage because it’s their industry and they have the resources and incentives to fight you for the long haul. These representatives will do whatever they can to limit or eliminate the trucking company’s liability for your claims – sometimes leaving victims with nothing. The trucking companies and their lawyers leave nothing to chance, so neither should you.

How Do I Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer?

We’ve shared our suggestions on the best way to search for and select the best attorney, but truly the greatest advice comes down to three deciding factors:

    • Select a Lawyer with Expertise: Specialized lawyers have applicable experience in cases similar to yours, meaning they are most knowledgeable on current legal events, nuances in the field, and they can also use their time more efficiently in their law practice. Selecting a law firm that carefully curates a team of expert attorneys and paralegals to work on your case means better results for your treatment, negotiations process, and settlement. Whether you’ve had an accident  with an  e-scooter  or an  18 wheeler, you deserve attorney representation from an expert who has fought and won cases like the one you are battling.
    • Select an Attorney with a Great Reputation: Consult referrals from friends and family and check the web for ratings and reviews. Places like  Google reviews  and  Facebook  pages can provide valuable feedback about the experiences of former clients and give you the opportunity to see how a law firm’s service ranks. Other law-specific sites such as  Justia  and  Avvo  can provide specific information about the community reputation of a lawyer you are considering.
    • Choose a Lawyer Who is the Best Fit for You: Commercial vehicle cases vary, but they can take time to complete. It is important that you trust and communicate well with the person working for you through the process. Having a positive and respectful rapport with your lawyer will help foster the communication and understanding that will ultimately benefit your case outcome. If it feels like a bad fit from the beginning, the challenges of claim negotiations and case arbitration will not make a relationship easier. Don’t be afraid to consider the connection and feeling you have with the firm when you make your first call.

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Thompson Law: DFW’s Truck Accident Attorney

If you have gotten this far, the question you may well be asking at this point is – what is the best time to call a truck wreck lawyer? The sooner you call, the sooner your attorney can get to work building your case and drafting a comprehensive and strategic demand. When your legal team has the opportunity to do this work as quickly as possible after the accident, there are great benefits to preserving evidence and setting up for a strong stance in negotiations. Even if time has passed, however, you are still deserving of justice after being hurt in a truck accident. Experts in truck and 18-wheeler accidents can advise you of your specific options when you call. Don’t delay and let an important opportunity for your well-being slip away.

Thompson Law is a full-service personal injury law firm located in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, with the capacity and licensure to practice in many areas throughout the country. If you have been hurt in an accident – be it car or truck collision, workplace accident, slip, and fall, or another negligent accident event, our team is poised and prepared to help. Share 15 minutes of your time by calling our team today – we would be honored to help you.

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