Why You Need an Attorney Handling Allstate Insurance Claims

Auto Insurance Claim

What to know: Allstate Insurance Claims

If you have been involved in an auto collision filing an insurance claim can be a little intimidating. If the other driver is insured by Allstate Insurance, filing a claim to fix your car and take care of any medical bills might not be as straightforward as many people think. In fact, Allstate has been named “The Worst Insurance Company in America”! With this kind of reputation, it follows that they might not be the best at settling claims from your auto accident.

Do not stand alone against a giant corporation when the personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law can help. We are 1-800-LION-LAW for a reason – and we are in your corner.

About Allstate Insurance

The Allstate Insurance Company has been in business for nearly 100 years. In that time, they’ve grown into a national company promising those they insure that they’re “In Good Hands.” If you’ve been injured in an auto accident by an Allstate driver, however, you might not be in good hands at all. While the company boasts over 16 million customers, including the Esurance and Encompass branches of auto insurance, they also have a healthy bottom line. That bottom line comes from offering low-ball settlements to those hurt in a car accident, versus going to court.

Be Prepared After a Car Accident

The moments after a car accident can be frightening and overwhelming. Call your local police, as well as emergency services. Often, injuries may not be apparent just after a car wreck. Once the adrenaline in your body subsides, you may realize that you or your passengers are more badly hurt than you thought.

The police will gather information about the accident and provide you and your attorney with a copy of the accident report. They can also help you gather the other driver’s personal and insurance information. It’s very important to remember to speak only to police about details of the accident – not to the other driver or drivers. Anything that you say, even “I’m sorry,” can be used by Allstate to try and deny your valid claim. If you notice that the other driver is insured by Allstate, watch out. You may need the services of Thompson Law in order to receive fair and just compensation.

What Happens When You File An Allstate Claim?

Allstate uses industry-specific software to determine the dollar amount for your auto accident claim. This software is called Colussus, and thanks to a federal court ruling, the operation of it has been revealed to the general public – and savvy personal injury attorneys, like our accident lawyers and the injury attorneys in our other offices. When there are injuries after a car accident, settling the medical bills isn’t as straightforward as Allstate simply paying your physician and the hospital. Here’s how Allstate arrives at your claim settlement:

  • They will input your first date of treatment
  • The type of medication you receive, as well as how often (such as physical therapy or repeated chiropractor sessions)
  • The name of any medical provider, including specialists
  • Any documentation noting that you’ve been adversely affected by your auto accident
  • Whether an attorney is involved in the referral
  • The average cost of similar medical care in your area

Do you see the second from last item? Allstate understands – and you need to, also – that a personal injury attorney may be needed in order for you to receive your fair settlement after a car accident.

Allstate’s Low-Impact Collision Settlements

After your accident information has been analyzed by Colossus, expect Allstate’s attorneys to attribute some of the blame to you – even if you were demonstrated to not be at fault. Your police report, including witness statements, will come in handy here. Your personal injury representative from Thompson Law can walk you through the claims process

Allstate has a policy of offering a pittance for claims that are determined “Low-Impact Collision.” Conditions such as whiplash and mild concussions are difficult to prove in a court of law, and Allstate will aggressively fight against a Plaintiff (that is, the person that isn’t their client) both in denying their claim and in a court of law. You may be reimbursed to some degree, but insurance companies are notorious for haggling over every cent.

Protect Yourself During an Allstate Insurance Claim

You’d hire a plumber to fix your sink, right? Hiring a lawyer to go to bat for you against a large insurance company is the same thing. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a professional personal injury lawyer from Thompson Law can help you navigate the claims process, help you gather all the important paperwork you need, and most importantly, be your representative in court should Allstate try to deny part or all of your insurance claim.

At Thompson, we’ve made battling insurance companies and personal injury law our specialty for many years. We understand how these large corporations work, and we know how the law represents your rights as an injured party. Call us to see how Thompson Law’s injury lawyers in San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, and our other offices can get you the insurance settlement you deserve.

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State law limits the time you have to file a claim after an auto accident. If you have been injured in an accident, call now to get the help you need.