Do I Need a Lawyer for State Farm Claims?

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Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle State Farm Insurance Claims?

State Farm is one of the country’s largest and most recognizable insurance agencies. Without giving it much thought, you probably know their slogan by heart, “And like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”

While that’s a nice sentiment, dealing with State Farm after a car accident isn’t always a warm, neighborly affair. Like any other colossal insurance agency, State Farm has a tremendous amount of resources and set-in-stone tactics. And it’s the insurance adjuster’s job to try and make a low offer on your claim.

State Farm advertisements promise some of the “cheapest rates” in the industry. But it’s important to remember that they can afford to offer low rates by keeping payouts minimal. Usually, adjusters cannot offer more than a certain amount, so negotiations only go so far. Most auto accident victims don’t have the time or energy to fight big insurance agencies, and insurers like State Farm are counting on it.

Why Hire a Lawyer to Handle State Farm Insurance Claims

With a personal injury lawyer on your side, you will send a clear message to State Farm Insurance claims adjusters. That message reads, “I’m serious, I won’t let you take advantage of me, and I’ve enlisted the help of an experienced professional. So look out.” Insurance companies know it’s an entirely different game when a lawyer gets involved. That’s why they usually assign a new adjuster to the case right away.

After an auto accident, you have enough on your mind. You might be dealing with lost wages, pain and suffering, and a completely disrupted life. You can’t possibly be expected to learn the ins and outs of claims negotiations instantly. With a skilled lawyer on your team, you won’t need to. 

Many people don’t realize their initial offer might be tens of thousands of dollars below what the adjuster is authorized to pay out. But a seasoned attorney knows the negotiation game well. Your lawyer will ensure you get the settlement you deserve, not the one State Farm wants to convince you to accept.

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A Texas Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

In your injury claim against State Farm, their representatives will do everything they can to delay the process and reduce your offer. But your lawyer will help you every step of the way. It’s no secret or surprise that State Farm would try its best to minimize payouts to claimants–it’s business. That’s why you need someone just as knowledgeable and dedicated working on your behalf for State Farm Insurance claims. 

Insurance companies like State Farm are banking on the fact that claimants will accept a low payout to avoid the hassle. After all, most car accident victims already have too much on their plate. But your injuries, anxiety, and medical bills shouldn’t prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve. In fact, you need a fair payout to address these matters adequately. 

At Thompson Law, we understand how frustrating auto accident injuries can be. Our team of personal injury lawyers is here to handle the legal aspects of your accident so you can focus on rest and recovery. We’re familiar with big corporation tactics and strategies, and we have the experience needed to help you maximize your payout.

We offer the following services:

Call us today for a free consultation so we can discuss your legal rights and options. A personal injury lawyer can help you deal with State Farm Insurance claims adjusters, negotiate a fair settlement, and understand your legal rights. Remember – we do not collect compensation unless you do, and your consultation is FREE.

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Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the average personal injury settlement in Texas?

Personal injury settlements vary greatly, and your compensation depends on your injuries, the nature of the accident, and total damages. The average auto liability claim is around $3,231, and the average bodily injury claim is approximately $15,433. A personal injury attorney can help you better understand what your case might be worth. 

How long does a personal injury lawsuit take in Texas?

No two cases are alike, and the length of time varies, just like the settlement amount. One important thing to keep in mind is the statute of limitations. In Texas, you have two years to file a personal injury claim. While that might sound like a long time, it’s best to hire an experienced lawyer who can ensure you file correctly. The average personal injury lawsuit takes anywhere from less than a year to around two years. 

Do I really need a lawyer for a personal injury lawsuit?

Yes. A car accident lawyer has extensive experience with insurance companies and personal injury law. When you’re recovering from a crash, the last thing you want to do is deal with adjusters trying to give you a lowball offer or deny your claim outright. You need a lawyer experienced in dealing with State Farm Insurance Claims Adjusters.

What are some common causes of car accidents in Texas?

Common causes of car accidents in Texas include drunk driving, texting or talking while driving, speeding, tailgating, and aggressive driving or road rage. While many drivers are prone to multitask, even a few seconds of distraction can cause a severe or fatal crash. 

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