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Sustaining an injury, car damage, or other property damage in a car accident when it is a third party’s fault makes you eligible for an auto insurance claim. However, if you get in an accident that was not your fault and have coverage with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, you might end up struggling to get anything from them in terms of compensation. That’s where our Nationwide insurance claim lawyers can help.

Many people with insurance coverage from Nationwide Insurance filed a claim and took legal actions with car wreck lawyers‘ help to get their claims approved. Nationwide has a notorious reputation for defending, denying, or delaying your accident claim.

There were 427,806 motor accidents in Texas in 2022 alone. If you are facing the same issue and thinking about filing a lawsuit against Nationwide Auto Insurance, you can get a lawyer at Thompson Law working for you with a simple 15 minute call.

Nationwide is amongst one of the top 10 auto insurance providers in the country with multiple billions of dollars in assets. If you have been injured in a car wreck, you may end up dealing with Nationwide Insurance. However, it is always best to speak to a personal injury lawyer before you talk to the insurance companies.

Auto insurance companies try to get away with denying your claims or paying you a lower personal injury claim amount than you actually deserve. To ensure that you get full compensation for your pain and suffering, you should get in touch with a personal injury law firm to help you navigate the claims process.

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Why Do You Need a Nationwide Insurance Claim Lawyer?

Nationwide Insurance claims adjusters will do its best to get away with paying injury claims and avoid paying you a dime. If you do not have an auto insurance lawyer on your side, you will end up receiving nothing but disappointment. Once you file a claim on your own, the insurer will send you a letter confirming that they have received your claim application and will start investigating it.

The next step brings never-ending requests for paperwork from the insurance company. In the end, you will end up being frustrated and the insurer will most likely use a lack of documentation as an excuse to refuse your claim.

While you pay your insurance premiums, insurance providers use this money to invest and earn interest while increasing their profits. It may come as a surprise, but such companies have one mantra: to make as much profit as possible. For this reason, the more they delay paying you compensation for your claim, the better it is for Nationwide.

On top of that, the insurance claim adjuster is always looking for a tiny mistake that can help reduce your compensation amount or throw your claim out of the window altogether.

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What Happens Once You File a Claim

There are two ways to begin the process of filing a claim with Nationwide Mutual Insurance:

As you contact Nationwide Insurance to file your claim, you must not fall for the empathy the insurance adjuster shows towards you. You have to remember that the claims adjusters have a job to do, and that is to save the insurance company as much money as possible.

The claim adjuster listens to your story to find loopholes and reasons to delay or deny your claim, making the claims process take longer. That is how the insurance company makes a profit. So, suppose you are dealing with Nationwide to make an accident claim on your driver’s insurance in Texas. In that case, it is crucial to consult with a personal injury Nationwide Insurance Claims lawyer in your area.

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What is the Next Step if You Have Already Filed an Insurance Claim?

Once Nationwide Insurance receives your injury claim you will receive a reservation of rights letter. This letter states that the company has received your claim and will investigate it, but has not yet accepted liability.

The insurer will typically assign two separate claims adjusters to your case. One will handle the property damage side, whereas the other will investigate your personal injury claim. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side can help you navigate through the entire process, avoiding any mistakes that might jeopardize your claim.

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Get A Fair Settlement with the Help of Our Nationwide Insurance Claim Lawyers

After the paperwork is ready, your injury lawyer will submit a settlement letter to the insurer. This settlement letter will state all the facts about the car accident and the amount you are pursuing as compensation. This amount includes your medical bills, lost income, car damages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Upon receiving your claim request, Nationwide will respond with a counteroffer that will be far lower than what your personal injury lawyer requested. This is common for claims adjusters to try to find ways to reduce your compensation amount.

However, it does not mean that you must accept this unfair offer. Your lawyer will enter into negotiations with Nationwide, and the process may involve multiple offers and counteroffers before you can get anything out of the insurance company.

If you and your lawyer cannot reach a settlement with the insurance company, the next step will be filing a lawsuit against Nationwide Insurance. An experienced Nationwide Insurance Claim lawyer can be your best chance to pursue a lawsuit against Nationwide and receive maximum compensation for your car accident.

Get Instant Advice with a Nationwide Insurance Claim Lawyer in Texas

If you have been in a car crash and want to file a claim with Nationwide Insurance, reach out to a personal injury lawyer right away. Thompson Law is a family-oriented, family-run, and bilingual personal injury law firm serving the entire state of Texas, and beyond.

It does not matter if you were down in Laredo when your accident happened, in a wreck up in Amarillo, down south in Brownsville or McAllen, driving through Waco on the way to Austin, going through Seguin on the way to San Antonio, or out in Midland – Thompson Law can help. We have obtained over $1.8 billion in net recoveries that went directly into the pockets of our clients, and are available 24/7.

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We are experts in many types of motor vehicle accidents, including:

Our motto is “we only win if you do, and we don’t receive a dime unless we win your case.” Book your free consultation to discuss your case with a Nationwide Insurance claim lawyer at Thompson Law today. Our team will do a free case review, and our lawyers will be working with you within 15 minutes. Want to refer friends and family? Call Thompson Law today!

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