Dangerous Intersections Guide

Dangerous Intersections guide

Dangerous Intersections Guide to Avoid Accidents

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and don’t want to face the unthinkable, read this dangerous intersections guide. Doing so allows you to protect yourself and reduce the odds of getting into a collision. Although you always need to stay safe while on the road, paying extra attention to the road when you are near these intersections is a wise move you don’t want to overlook.

Those who ignore this advice can find themselves in a bad position before they know it, but you don’t need to make that mistake. This guide also reveals a range of steps you can take in response to an accident.

Intersection List

This section contains a few of the most dangerous intersections in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Make sure you are on guard when you come to these locations:

  • Coit Road and the President George Bush Turnpike
  • Legacy Drive and the Dallas North Tollway
  • Belt Line Road and Preston Road
  • Belt Line Road and Midway Road
  • Park Boulevard and Preston Road
  • Texas Highway 121 and Preston Road
  • Hebron Parkway and Old Denton Road
  • Coit Road and Interstate Highway 635
  • Interstate Highway 35 East and Lillian Miller Parkway
  • Texas Highway 121 and West Exchange Parkway
  • West Colorado Boulevard and North Hampton Road
  • Canton Street and South Good Latimer Expressway
  • Ferguson Road and Millmar Drive
  • Abrams Road and Flickering Shadow Drive
  • Arapaho Road and Dallas North Tollway
  • Campbell Road and Hillcrest Road
  • Greenville Avenue and Pineland Drive
  • Maple Avenue and Wolf Street
  • Inwood Road and Lemmon Avenue
  • Belt Line Road and Meandering Way
  • Six Flags Road and Watson Road
  • Preston Road and Plano Parkway
  • Forest Lane and Audelia Road
  • Valley View Lane and Josey Lane
  • Oak Lawn and Ceder Springs
  • Cooper Street and Waston Rd.
  • Matlock and I-20 Frontage Rd.

Increased traffic and other issues combine to make these areas more dangerous than normal. If you don’t want to face an accident that results in injuries or worse, make sure you take extra steps to avoid trouble if you go near these intersections.

Staying Safe

This section contains advice you can use to stay safe no matter the Dallas road on which you find yourself. Having these tips near the top of your mind does wonders to keep you on the road and out of trouble, and you will be pleased with the outcome. The first step is making sure your vehicle works properly and that no issues are present.

Before you leave your driveway or parking lot, ensure your headlights and brake lights work the way they should, and you will be off to a great start. You must then pay attention to the road and other vehicles near you.

Responding to an Accident

When an accident takes place, move to the side of the road if you can do so safely. Don’t assume someone else will report the accident. Before you do anything else, call the police and let them know what happened without giving too many details.

Turn on your hazard lights and deploy road flares if you have them to let other drivers know where you are. When the police arrive, they will ask you to write a statement detailing how the accident took place. Don’t talk to anyone about the accident on the side of the road, and you can avoid unneeded conflict.

Getting Medical Attention

Many people opt not to go to the hospital after an accident takes place. They don’t feel much pain, so they don’t think the injuries can be severe. The problem is that you might not feel the pain of an accident right away if you are in shock. If you have an undetected injury and avoid the hospital, the injury can get even worse and make your life that much more complicated.

Also, not going to the hospital makes it a little harder for you to fight for compensation if you take your case to trial. No matter how you feel after the collision, go to the hospital right away and let medical professionals run the required tests. You give them the chance to catch injuries before they progress, but you will also establish a paper trail.

Seeking Compensation

If you are anything like other people, you assume the insurance companies will support you after an accident, but that is not always how it plays out. In many cases, the insurance companies will have their own needs in mind and try reducing the amount of compensation you can get. Seeking compensation defeats the roadblock and improves your odds of getting the money you need to move forward with your life.

This lets you get justice and allows you to cover the costs of your treatment without going broke or breaking into your savings account. You have enough about which to worry after an accident, and the related fees should not be one of them. Taking this path could be the only viable solution if the insurance companies won’t cooperate.

Possible Damages

You are likely wondering what damages you can collect after an accident takes place, and this section has the information for which you have been searching. You can start by making a claim for your medical bills and car repair fees, but that is only the start. If your injuries prevent you from going to work, you can seek compensation for lost wages.

You might have so much stress that you only focus on the short term and miss the problems you could face over time. For example, you might concentrate on your current injuries and forget to consider the long-term cost of your treatment. In addition to immediate medical care, you could also require ongoing treatment, and you can seek compensation for both. Texas allows you to collect compensation for punitive damages. The courts give punitive damages as a form of punishment for extreme negligence or malicious behavior.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Filing a personal injury claim on your own is possible, but you might not like the outcome you get. The insurance companies will try reducing your compensation, and most people won’t even spot the problem. Only a trained and experienced personal injury lawyer can give you dependable results and improve your odds of reaching a fair outcome.

Your lawyer will detect deception from the insurance company and force them to offer a fair settlement. Your lawyer will take your case to trial if you are not satisfied with the terms. You can ask your legal expert for support and guidance each step of the way, and doing so puts your worries to rest.

Review the Legal Process

Reviewing the legal process gives you an understanding of what will probably occur over the next few weeks and months. The legal process begins when you enlist a lawyer and file a claim for compensation. Your lawyer will collect and share evidence with the other party, and this is the discovery stage of your legal battle. Your medical bills and police statements are among the things your lawyer will gather for evidence.

The extent of your injuries and amount of evidence on your side influence the settlement the insurance company is willing to offer. If you reach a settlement with which you are happy, you end the case and collect payment. You will otherwise go to trial. Your lawyer will present your evidence to a judge or jury for consideration, and the court will review facts from both sides before reaching a verdict.

Final Thoughts

An accident can strike at any time and cause untold damage to everyone involved, but some intersections are worse than others. Several factors contribute to the issue and increase your odds of getting into a collision and finding yourself facing a range of growing fees and expenses.

Knowing what to do to prevent accidents and how you should respond when they occur to improve your odds of survival and of getting the compensation you want, need and deserve. Having a lawyer to review the facts and fight on your side is a powerful step in the right direction.

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