What Is The Medical Transportation Program for Medicaid & CHIP Participants?

Medical Transportation Program (MTP) for Medicaid & CHIP Participants

After a serious accident, there can be a lot of extra stress and expense added to your daily life. Doctor visits and treatment sessions can cut into work schedules, property damage or car repairs can cut into finances, and the emotional toll of taking extra time and energy to navigate these issues can be significant.

If you are without transportation following an accident, these challenges can be even more difficult or even impossible to solve. Fortunately, programs exist to help in these times. The Medical Transportation Program is a particularly helpful resource to explore if lack of transportation is holding you back from your recovery and healing process.

Ryan L. Thompson and his legal team at Thompson Law are passionate about helping clients reach a full recovery and maximum settlement – in other words – your best possible outcome. Read on for more information about one program that the Thompson Law team can help you access in the aftermath of your accident.

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What is The Medical Transportation Program (MTP)?

The Medical Transportation Program (MTP) was designed and implemented to provide non-emergency transportation services to medical appointments for individuals who do not have means of transportation to reach their healthcare providers. In addition, to ride services, the program has a few auxiliary benefits, including:

  • Bus, train, or airplane tickets
  • Payments for a friend or family member to take you to your appointment
  • Meals and lodging for those under the age of 20 staying overnight for healthcare services
  • Out of state travel to Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma or New Mexico

Rides may be arranged for visits to doctors, dentists, hospitals, drugstores, or other medical providers for healthcare services covered by the affiliated health insurance programs.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Individuals with no means of transportation who are enrolled participants in one of these programs may use the Medical Transportation Program:

What is Not Covered?

Gas money alone is not covered by the program. However, if you have a vehicle, but no money for gas to travel to your appointments, there is an additional step you can take to gain access to the resources of MTP ride service. Reach out to the MTP just as you would to request a ride and explain your transportation situation. You will be mailed an application to become an Individual Transportation Participant. With this approval and pre-approval of each unique ride, you may be granted the use of the program services.

How to Use the Program

MTP is a great resource for individuals who have health insurance coverage through one of the above-named programs, and it takes fairly minimal preparation to sign up for services.

Call your doctor or healthcare provider first to set up your appointment. Be sure to make the appointment sufficiently in advance so that there is time to order ride services. Local trips should be scheduled for 2 workdays in advance, and longer trips to other regions or states should be scheduled 5 workdays in advance. Certain restrictions exist for minors and children to travel, so be sure to check the official guidelines when scheduling for your child.

When you call in for a ride, you’ll need the following information:

  • You or your child’s Medicaid ID, Children with Special Health Care Needs Services Program Number or Social Security Number
  • The address and phone number for the pickup service
  • The name, address, and phone number of the medical service provider you need a ride to reach. The destination memo will also need to include the date, time, and reason for visit.
  • Note in advance any special needs like a wheelchair or walker accessibility so that the vehicle dispatched to you is properly equipped to best assist you.

Once you have gathered the pertinent information, use the following toll-free contact information based on where you live:

Houston/Beaumont area call 855-687-4786

Dallas/Fort Worth area call 855-687-3255

Other areas call 877-633-8747 (1-877-MED-TRIP)

Thompson Law is Here to Help

At Thompson Law we understand the value of having effective and reliable help in your time of need. After a serious accident, nothing is more important than getting your healing and recovery on track. Making regular doctors visits, keeping up with recommended treatment plans, and consistently following up with your healthcare providers is essential to a full and successful recovery. The Medical Transportation Program can be an invaluable resource for this recovery process. Don’t hesitate to make use of every resource available to you at a difficult time.

If you have questions, encounter challenges to accessing your resources, or need assistance reaching your healthcare appointments, reach out to your team at Thompson Law. The dedicated legal experts working on your claim and case have great experience with numerous programs and outlets for assistance. At Thompson Law, our ultimate goal is always your full recovery and maximum compensation through the best possible experience.

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