Do I Need a Lawyer for USAA Insurance Claims?

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a widely recognized insurance company known for insuring military members and their families. Based in San Antonio, Texas, USAA seems like it would be the kind of company you could count on when the unexpected strikes. Despite supporting and serving our men and women in uniform, USAA has some tricks up its sleeve that many people don’t see coming. That is why you need a lawyer for USAA insurance claims to ensure you do not fall victim to the insurance company, too.

If you or a loved one were in an auto accident and you’re dealing with USAA insurance, there is a good chance you will need the assistance and support of a skilled lawyer for USAA insurance claims. Like most insurance companies, USAA is out for itself. The last thing you need while recovering from injuries is to be coerced or bullied into accepting a lowball offer or no offer at all.


Why Hire a Lawyer for USAA Insurance Claims?

No matter how friendly their commercials and slogans are, USAA insurance is a business. And it’s in their best interest to delay, deny, or minimize your payout. Their adjusters have mastered the minimal offer that doesn’t even begin to cover medical bills and lost wages. USAA makes its profits – nearly 36 billion in revenue in 2019 – by collecting premiums and paying out as little as possible.

If you are dealing with USAA, call Thompson Law today. Our personal injury attorneys can help maximize your settlement and avoid unfair offers and negotiations. Remember, adjusters will always try to gain your trust and convince you that you are in compassionate hands. But their job remains the same–to listen for any details that might allow them to reduce or deny your insurance claim.

Lawyer for USAA Insurance Claims

A Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

When you are injured in an auto accident, there’s much more on the line than just medical bills. Most accident victims don’t realize how stingy an offer is because they assume insurance adjusters are experts. But you have to remember–their expertise lies in delaying and denying claims to protect profits.

There are many things your initial offer might not take into consideration:

  • Future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Disability and or disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

At Thompson Law, we understand how frustrating and overwhelming car accidents can be. We have years of experience dealing with USAA, and we know their tactics backward and forward. A Thompson Law lawyer for USAA insurance claims can help you navigate the challenges ahead so you and your family can recover compensation for medical bills, damaged property, and more.

We offer the following services anywhere in Texas, whether your accident occurred in a big city like Austin or a smaller city like New Braunfels:

Call us today for a free consultation so we can discuss your legal rights and options. A personal injury lawyer for USAA insurance claims can help you deal with adjusters, negotiate a fair settlement, and understand your legal rights. Remember–we do not collect compensation unless you do, and your consultation is FREE.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding USAA Insurance Claims

When should I file an auto insurance claim with USAA?

You should file an auto insurance claim with USAA as soon as possible after an accident. Prompt reporting can help ensure that your claim is processed efficiently and that you receive the benefits you are entitled to. Immediately after ensuring the safety and well-being of all parties involved, contact USAA to report the incident.

Timely filing is particularly crucial for preserving evidence and obtaining accurate witness statements, both of which can significantly impact the outcome of your claim. Waiting too long may complicate the process or even result in a denial of your claim. Also, be sure to contact a lawyer for USAA insurance claims at Thompson Law.

Should I file a claim with USAA or the at-fault driver’s insurance company?

Whether to file a claim with USAA or the at-fault driver‘s insurance company depends on the specifics of the accident and your insurance policy. If the other driver is clearly at fault, you may choose to file a claim with their insurance company to seek compensation for damages. However, this could result in a lengthier process, especially if there are disputes about liability.

Filing with USAA, your own insurer, can often expedite the claims process and get your vehicle repaired more quickly. USAA will then seek reimbursement from the at-fault driver’s insurance through a process called subrogation. Additionally, if you have coverage such as collision or uninsured motorist protection, it may be beneficial to file with USAA to leverage these benefits. Consulting with a lawyer for USAA insurance claims at Thompson Law can also help you determine the best course of action based on your unique circumstances.

What information do I need to file a claim with USAA?

When filing a claim with USAA, it’s important to gather and provide all necessary information to streamline the process. Here is a checklist of key details you should have ready:

  1. Your USAA policy number: This helps USAA quickly access your account and coverage details.
  2. Date, time, and location of the accident: Accurate information about when and where the accident occurred.
  3. Contact information for all parties involved: Names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance details of any other drivers, passengers, and witnesses.
  4. Description of the accident: A detailed account of how the accident happened, including any contributing factors.
  5. Police report number: If law enforcement was involved, providing the report number helps verify details and support your claim.
  6. Photos and videos of the accident scene: Visual evidence of damages to vehicles and property, as well as any visible injuries, can be crucial.
  7. Repair estimates: If you’ve already received estimates for vehicle repairs, including these can expedite the claims process.
  8. Medical records: Documentation of any injuries sustained and treatment received as a result of the accident.

Having all this information at hand when you file your claim can assist in ensuring that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible, helping you receive the benefits you are entitled to without unnecessary delays.

How can I file a claim with USAA?

Filing a claim with USAA is a straightforward process designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Here are the steps you can follow to ensure your claim is filed efficiently:

  1. Online through the USAA website: Log in to your account at, navigate to the claims section, and follow the prompts to submit your claim. This method allows you to upload necessary documents and photos directly.
  2. Using the USAA mobile app: Download the USAA mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. The app provides a step-by-step guided process for filing a claim, and you can take pictures of the accident scene and upload them directly from your device.
  3. By phone: Call USAA’s claims department at 1-800-531-8722 to report your claim over the phone. A customer service representative will walk you through the information needed and the subsequent steps.
  4. By mail: If you prefer to file your claim by mail, prepare all necessary documentation and send it to USAA’s mailing address for claims. This method might take longer than the other options.

Regardless of the method you choose, be sure to provide all relevant information and documentation to support your claim. This includes your USAA policy number, details about the accident, contact information for involved parties, and any available photos or police reports. Once your claim is submitted, you can track its progress online or through the app. If you encounter any obstacles or need further assistance, USAA’s customer service is available to help guide you through each step of the process.

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