Safety Tips for Driving In Bad Weather

To help you avoid accidents, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips for driving in bad weather. Although bad weather can happen at any time of year, some of the worst weather happens during winter and spring. Ice, sleet, freezing rain, and spring storms often produce some of the worst weather conditions that cause serious accidents.

Thompson Law protects Texans who are hurt in car accidentstruck wrecks, motorcycle accidents, and other motor vehicle collisions. While protecting accident victims is something we’re proud to do, we would be happy if fewer accidents happened on Texas roadways. Here’s how you can reduce your risks.

How to Drive Safely in Snow and Ice

Since winter is closing in, let’s talk about driving safely in snow and ice first. Snow, ice, and slush on the roads can create dangerous driving conditions. One of the best ways you can stay safe is to stay off the roads, if possible. Always drive slower than the posted speed limit, even if the road doesn’t look slick. Black ice is nearly impossible to see and can cause you to get into a wreck. Make sure that your windshield, windows, and back glass are fully defrosted before you leave.

Once you’re on the road, make sure that you stay several car lengths behind the car in front of you. This gives you time to stop. Remember that if you have to slam on your brakes, you’re likely going to slide into a roadway or into another vehicle. Always slow down as you approach intersections even if you have a green light or there is no stop sign for you.

Driving in bad weather

How to Drive Safely in Rain and on Wet Roads

Rain can create dangerous driving conditions. Between the wet roads and reduced visibility, driving can be hazardous. If you notice that the roads are wet from a past storm, drizzle, or for any reason, make sure that you slow down. When roads are wet, traction is reduced. This makes it harder for vehicles to stop.

If you’re caught in a heavy downpour, pull off the road and wait for it to pass. Alternatively, you can reduce your speed by one-third, as recommended by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Also, never drive into flooded roads. You can end up stranded and your car could be ruined.

How to Drive Safely in High Winds

High winds, regardless of whether they are from a spring storm, can create dangerous driving conditions. If you drive a high profile vehicle such as an SUV, pulling a trailer or camper, or drive an RV, high winds can be very serious. Regardless of the size of your vehicle, high winds can cause your vehicle to be pushed into another lane. This causes drivers to correct the path of the vehicle when trying to drive safely in high winds.

With trailers, campers, RVs, or other high profile vehicles, the correction process can be more difficult. It can result in roll-overs or car accidents. Always adjust your speed and pay attention to steering when you’re in a situation that involves high winds or the potential for high winds.

How to Drive Safely in Fog

Although fog usually lifts within a few hours in Texas, it still creates a hazardous driving condition. Make sure that you use your windshield wipers if it is necessary. This can help improve your visibility to drive more safely in fog. Use your low beams and your fog lights. High beams can actually decrease your visibility because they will create a glare in the fog. Slow down and keep your distance from other vehicles and at intersections.

How Thompson Law Can Help if You’ve Had an Accident Driving in Bad Weather

One motor vehicle crash occurs roughly every 56 seconds in Texas, and of those crash over 10% are due to poor weather conditions. Ice, rain, snow, wind, fog, sleet, and even more extreme weather, like tornados, flooding, lightning storms, and hurricanes increase the risks of a motor vehicle accident.

If you’re hurt in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident in Texas when driving in bad weather, call Thompson Law toll free at in Dallas at 214-444-4444, or in Fort Worth at 817-444-4444. CALL THE FOURS LAWYERS! We provide FREE CONSULTATIONS for people who are hurt after driving in bad weather.


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