What Are the Most Dangerous Seasonal Jobs in Dallas?

It’s no surprise that dangerous seasonal jobs continue to draw more new workers each year. Dangerous seasonal jobs can be incredibly important to keep our communities running, which makes these jobs meaningful and, in some cases, very lucrative. The darker side of dangerous seasonal jobs turnover, however, can be credited to the fact that an unsettling number of workers each year give up their positions temporarily or permanently due to injury.

Facing a serious injury at work causes devastating consequences. Pain and limitations from physical injury are usually the most pressing issues immediately after the event. In the longer term, however, accident injuries can have lingering and lasting effects on your emotional and psychological well–being, family life, and financial stability in addition to those physical ailments.

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What Makes a Job Dangerous?

High accident rates, high accident probability, and dangerous working conditions all can play a role in determining that a job is dangerous.

Types of Accidents at Dangerous Seasonal Jobs

All manner of serious injuries can and do occur at dangerous seasonal jobs locations, but there are some types of incidents that occur more frequently and have more severe consequences. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified a “Fatal Four” list of the most dangerous and deadly worksite events that consistently harm workers each year. The Fatal Four include falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, or being caught in or between equipment or other items. These types of accidents contribute more than any other events to the 5,250 lives lost on job sites each year.

Types of Injuries Resulting from Dangerous Seasonal Jobs

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) studies workplace illness, injury, and fatality information each year. Recent years have shown that service–based industries are slightly more dangerous based on incident rates than goods-producing industries, though the margin of difference is slim. Common work injuries include broken bones, joint injuries, muscle injuries, burns, cuts and contusions, head injuries (TBI), back or neck injuries, and more. Recent years have shown mixed results on workplace injury trends. For example, in 2019 reports, fatal incidents involving objects and equipment increased by 13% while fatal slips, trips, and falls decreased by 11%.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Seasonal Jobs in Dallas, Texas

#5 Farm and Ranch Workers

Farm and ranch work is high-risk jobs in Texas, particularly for younger workers. Teenagers and kids even younger may be found working summer jobs in agriculture or handling livestock. Large powerful animals, heavy machinery and equipment, weather, and field conditions all play a role in adding risk to farm and ranch work.

#4 Manufacturing Occupations

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recognizes manufacturing as one of the most dangerous goods-producing industries. Famous for catastrophic disasters such as factory fires, demanding hours and workloads, and damaging labor practices, it’s no surprise that this industry presents unique yet mass scale risks to workers.

#3 Construction Work

Dallas is known for booming construction projects, and long construction seasons through our temperate weather months and mild winters. Construction jobs are some of the largest employers in the state. Roofing, steelwork, building trades, and work from heights like in cherry pickers or cranes pose the most significant dangers. More than 1 in 5 worker deaths that occur in the US each year are in construction.

#2 Truck Drivers & Transportation Workers

According to the BLS’s 2019 and 2020 reports, truck driving and transportation jobs were the most dangerous jobs when ranked by fatality totals. The harm that befalls workers in this industry is particularly pertinent to Texans. Two Texas cities make the list of the top ten trucking cities in the United States, with Houston being number 2 and Dallas being number 4 on the list.

#1 Oil and Gas Drillers

Falls, toxic fumes, explosions, and treacherous job sites in inhospitable terrain are just a few of the risks associated with oil and gas drilling. Beyond those dangers, extended shift work, ever-evolving conditions, and fatigue wreak havoc on those who work on rigs.

There are variations in dangerous occupational statistics across age groups and genders. The above 5 career types provide a representative sample based on the most compelling injury and fatality statistics from major state and federal labor reporting agencies. For more information about reporting a serious injury, you can visit OSHA’s reporting page here or TDI’s page here. And of course, for the excellent representation and better, faster answers for your questions, simply call Thompson Law.

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What Are the Impacts of Working Dangerous Seasonal Jobs?

Physical injuries and fatalities are not the only tragic consequences of dangerous work. Emotional and psychological effects can also result. An Oxford Journals Health Promotion International study discussed the impacts of shift work, extended hours, and night work, all of which are common in the hazardous jobs discussed above. Such conditions can lead to depression, anxiety, and strained family relationships. Psychological consequences may result from physiological impacts of disrupted circadian rhythm or emotional impacts from challenges to life and social schedules.

The financial impacts of working in dangerous jobs can also be significant. Some dangerous occupations pay very well in order to attract applicants and provide an incentive to perform challenging and risky work. Accordingly, individuals and families rely on this income. If an injury occurs, the victim may struggle to find a new line of work that compensates at that level. On the other hand, some dangerous jobs pay shockingly low wages.

For example, from the most dangerous sector, transportation, the median income of taxi drivers is just $24,000 annually. Dangerous occupation employees are faced with the challenge of risky and stressful duties, plus financial hardships to make ends meet. Such strain can contribute to distracted thinking and fatigue – frightening impairments to bring to an already treacherous work environment.

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