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Our Lancaster car accident lawyers understand that accidents happen in a heartbeat, but their consequences can echo for a lifetime. Accident-related injuries and damage quickly escalate into financial burdens, insurance claims, and confusing paperwork. This is where our experienced car wreck lawyers in Lancaster, Texas can come to your rescue.

Experience matters because it gives attorneys more knowledge and insight into how to build strong cases and negotiate with insurance companies. At Thompson Law, our attorneys have years of experience dealing with a wide variety of auto accident cases, and obtaining excellent results for our clients.

Our Lancaster car accident lawyers have represented clients who have suffered serious injuries in car crashes caused by negligent drivers, and have also helped families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents with wrongful death claims.

If you are the victim of an injury accident, call us today for a FREE CASE REVIEW with no obligation to hire our law firm. Our Lancaster car accident lawyers can review your case over the phone or in-person, answer any questions you have, and help you understand your legal rights and options.

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Lancaster Car Accident Statistics

Car accidents are a jarring reality that can shake us to our very core and alter the course of our lives within seconds. Lancaster, Texas, unfortunately, is no stranger to these devastating events. Drawing from the most recent data, we’ll delve into Lancaster’s auto accident statistics to shed light on this often under-discussed issue.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) collects police crash reports for every accident across the state, including those produced by the Lancaster Police Department. TxDOT then aggregates those motor vehicle crash reports and produces an annual study on accidents in Texas. In 2022, there were 706 total crashes in Lancaster, TX. Broken down into accident severity, these crashes included:

  • Fatality crashes:  2 fatality accidents resulting in the deaths of 2 individuals
  • Serious injury crashes:  26 serious injury crashes resulting in serious injuries to 28 individuals
  • Minor injury crashes: 64 minor injury crashes resulting in minor injuries to 74 individuals
  • Possible injury crashes: 74 possible injury crashes resulting in possible injuries to 107 individuals
  • No injury crashes:  510 crashes in which 1,494 individuals were not injured
  • Unknown severity crashes:  30 unknown severity crashes resulting in unknown injuries to 156 individuals

Source of information: Crashes and Injuries by Cities and Towns.

The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Lancaster, TX

Forty-four percent of auto accidents in Lancaster in 2022 were caused by only five negligent actions taken by drivers in the city. The top 5 causes of auto accidents in Lancaster, Texas in 2022 were, in order of highest incidence:

  1. Driver inattention:  175 auto accidents
  2. Speeding or unsafe speed:  46 auto accidents
  3. Ran or ignored stop sign or red light:  31 auto accidents
  4. Changed lane when unsafe:  30 auto accidents
  5. Failed to yield right of way when turning left:  28 auto accidents

If you or a loved one was injured in a crash resulting from another driver’s negligent actions, call our Lancaster car accident lawyers for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. We charge NO FEE unless we are able to obtain a settlement on behalf of our clients.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Lancaster, TX

Almost 7 out of 10 motor vehicle crashes in Lancaster in 2022 occurred on only five different roads that pass through the city.  The top 5 most dangerous roads in Lancaster for auto accidents in 2022 were:

  1. Cockrell Hill Road:  138 motor vehicle collisions
  2. Interstate 20 (Lyndon B Johnson):  124 motor vehicle collisions
  3. Main Street:  87 motor vehicle collisions
  4. Camp Wisdom Road:  76 motor vehicle collisions
  5. Wheatland Road:  58 motor vehicle collisions

No other road in Lancaster was the site of more than 50 motor vehicle collisions in 2022. The roads listed above had by far the highest incidence of traffic accidents, so be sure to exercise caution and be vigilant when driving on these roads in Lancaster.

Further, avoid these roads altogether if you are able to do so to reduce your risk of being the victims of a car crash in Lancaster, TX. However, if you are involved in an accident, contact Thompson Law and see how we might be able to help with a FREE CONSULTATION.

What to Do After a Car Accident

In the event of a car crash in Texas, it’s crucial to be knowledgeable about the necessary steps to promote safety, abide by state law, and initiate an insurance claim. Knowing what to do ahead of time is beneficial since car accidents can be overwhelming and frightening.

  1. Remain at the Scene:  Under Texas law, if there is damage to cars involved in a crash or someone is hurt, you must stay at the scene.
  2. Get Out of Harm’s Way:  Move your vehicle to a safe area off the roadway, such as a nearby parking lot, if possible. If your vehicle cannot be moved, turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers.
  3. Scan for Injuries and Witnesses:  Check to see if you, your passengers, or others involved in the accident have been harmed. Start with yourself, then your passengers, and then others. If anyone has suffered an injury or injuries, call 911. Also, be sure to gather contact information from any witnesses that have stopped to render aid.
  4. Dial 911:  Call 911 to report the accident, as it is required by state law. Also, emergency services will notify police and ambulance units of the accident to create a crash report and render aid, respectively.
  5. Exchange Info and Take Pictures: Texas law requires parties to an auto accident to exchange information before leaving the accident scene. Do not rely on the police to get this information, as they may not and it can take up to 10 days for a crash report with that information to be available. Be sure to take photographs of the other driver’s license, proof of insurance, make and model of the vehicle, license plate number, and any other distinguishing features. Also, take pictures of all cars involved from various angles and distances to record the property damage.
  6. Look for Witnesses:  If there are any witnesses to the accident, get their contact information as well. Also search for cameras at nearby businesses which may have captured the accident.
  7. Seek Medical Care:  Getting checked out medically is important to your physical health, as well as your ability to later make a personal injury claim. Many car accident injuries are not immediately obvious, as inflammation takes time to set in.
  8. Call Our Lancaster Car Accident Lawyers:  Our accident law firm offers FREE CONSULTATIONS, and can help answer your questions regarding everything from how to get a Lancaster police report, to what is the personal injury claims process.

DOs and DON’Ts After a Car Accident in Lancaster, Texas



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Commonly Sustained Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents can have severe consequences on the lives of those involved, their families, and loved ones. Both physical and emotional damages can linger long after the accident. One of the most common consequences is pain, which can range from mild discomfort, to delayed onset pain, to extreme agony. Some common injuries our attorneys see that are sustained in auto accidents include:

  • Neck Injuries
    • Disc injuries, such as bulging, annular tears, and herniations
    • Whiplash
    • Facet joint injuries
    • Fractured vertebrae
  • Back Injuries
    • Disc injuries, such as bulging, annular tears, and herniations
    • Facet joint injuries
    • Fractured vertebrae
  • Skin Injuries
    • Abrasions, lacerations, bruising
    • Burn injuries
    • Avulsion injuries
    • Scarring
  • Head Injuries
    • Concussions
    • Traumatic brain injuries
    • Intra-cranial bleeding
  • Joint Injuries
    • Cartilage damage
    • Ligament damage
    • Dislocations
    • Amputation
  • Internal Injuries
    • Organ damage
    • Internal bleeding
    • Fractured bones
    • Muscular tearing

Auto accident injuries often have significant long-term impacts on victims’ daily lives. Physical limitations and pain can interfere with work, hobbies, and relationships. Serious injuries may require rehabilitation programs or even lifelong care. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a motor vehicle injury accident, contact our Lancaster car accident lawyers for a FREE CASE REVIEW.

How Will a Lancaster Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Car accident lawyers specialize in personal injury law. Our Lancaster car accident lawyers help people who have been involved in an automobile collision get financial compensation for the damages caused by the negligent party. The main goal of our accident lawyers is to ensure our clients gets compensated fairly for any losses and expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

Our experienced Lancaster car accident lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of your case are handled efficiently and effectively. This includes gathering all medical records and bills related to your injuries, organizing them properly, and ensuring that nothing goes overlooked. Furthermore, we will also review any offers made by insurance companies and evaluate them against what you deserve based on the extent of your injuries.

In many cases, the injuries sustained from a car accident can be life-altering. Victims may require extensive medical treatments and long-term care, resulting in high medical bills, lost wages, and reduced quality of life. Our Lancaster car accident lawyers know how to use evidence to show the extent of these damages, and negotiate towards getting fair compensation for our clients.

It’s also important to know that if negotiations fail, your case may need to go to trial. In this eventuality, your Lancaster car accident lawyer will be prepared not only to represent you but also act in your best interest throughout the entire trial process.

It’s essential to note that working with our experienced Lancaster car accident lawyers plays a vital role in achieving satisfactory compensation. Without an attorney, insurance companies or negligent parties may try to offer less than what is deserved or needed to pay for medical bills and other expenses resulting from the crash.

If you or a loved one were involved in a collision with a negligent driver, call our accident attorneys in Lancaster, Texas today for a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION.

What Happens if the Insurance Company Tries to Partially Blame Me For the Wreck?

Different Standards of Fault in Auto Accidents

When determining fault in a car accident, different states have different negligence standards. The two main standards used are contributory negligence and comparative negligence. In contributory negligence states, an injured party cannot recover damages if they are found to be even slightly at fault for the accident. Comparative negligence, on the other hand, compares the level of fault of each party involved in the accident and assigns damages accordingly.

Within comparative negligence, there are two further sub-standards: pure comparative negligence and modified comparative negligence. Pure comparative negligence means that regardless of the level of fault, a plaintiff can still recover some damages from a defendant. Modified comparative negligence means that a plaintiff can only recover damages if their level of fault does not exceed a certain percentage (usually 50% or 51%).

For example, imagine you were driving down a road when another driver suddenly turned left in front of you without giving adequate notice. You managed to slow down but still hit their car from behind. Both parties sustained injuries, and it is determined that you failed to keep a proper lookout while the other driver was negligent by turning without giving notice.

If you are in a state that follows pure comparative negligence, you would still be able to receive compensation for your injuries despite being partially at fault. Conversely, if you were in a state using contributory negligence, then neither party could receive any compensation despite both being partially at fault.

Texas’s Modified Comparative Negligence Rule

The modified comparative negligence rule in Texas can make it so fault is not always easy to determine. This rule reduces the amount of compensation an injured party can receive based on their percentage of fault in the accident. Comparative negligence is a legal theory that is used to allocate damages between multiple parties in a lawsuit. It means that if you share fault for an accident, your compensation may be reduced in proportion to your percentage of fault.

For example, imagine you were driving a bit over the speed limit when another driver ran a stop sign and hit your vehicle. The court may find that you were 20% at fault for the accident and the other driver was 80% at fault. If you sustained $100,000 in damages, you would only be awarded $80,000 because your damages award would be reduced by 20%, or your percentage of fault.

The application of comparative negligence can make it difficult to determine who is truly at fault for an accident. It’s important to seek out the help of an experienced Lancaster car accident lawyer who can navigate these complex legal principles and make sure you’re not held responsible for more than your fair share of the damages.

Placing blame partly on innocent victims in motor vehicle accidents is a common insurance company tactic. Contact us today so we can explain how our personal injury attorneys can help ensure you are not placed partly at fault for an accident.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can leave individuals with physical and emotional injuries that can have long-lasting effects. If you were recently involved in a car accident, you might be wondering how much time you have to file a lawsuit to receive compensation. In Texas, the statute of limitations for a nonfatal motor vehicle accident is two (2) years in most instances.

Missing the deadline to file your lawsuit could jeopardize your ability to recover compensation for damages like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. Therefore, it’s critical to understand the various legal time frames for filing a lawsuit after an accident, and to speak with an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident. This way crucial evidence such as police reports, medical records, witness statements can be gathered – before memories fade or witnesses disappear – in order to make the strongest case possible.

Some Exceptions to the Statute of Limitations in Texas

Although there are legal time frames for filing a lawsuit after a car accident, certain exceptions can arise that may alter these deadlines. Here are some of the exceptions under Texas law:

  1. Minors:  If the injured party is a minor, they would have up to 2 years after their 18th birthday to file a personal injury lawsuit. This means that if a 16-year-old suffers injuries in a car accident, they have until their 20th birthday to file the lawsuit.
  2. Unsound Mind:  If the injured party is considered to be of “unsound mind,” the statutory deadline may be tolled until the plaintiff no longer has that legal disability. For instance, if someone suffers brain damage in an accident and becomes mentally incapacitated, the statute of limitations may not begin until they regain their mental capacity.
  3. Defendant Leaves State:  If the at-fault party leaves the state before the lawsuit is filed, the window for filing will not count for the amount of time they were out of state. Thus, if a driver who causes an accident leaves Texas for six months following the incident, that 6-month period will not count in determining when the statute of limitations expires.
  4. Government Agency:  If a government agency or a representative of a government agency is responsible for your injuries, the statute can be reduced, sometimes to as little as 6 months.

While these exceptions – and a few others – may give you some additional leeway within which to file your claim, it’s important to remember that these aren’t guaranteed rights. Our experienced Lancaster car accident lawyers can ensure that you’re aware of all possible options available if you’re facing a filing deadline. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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No Upfront Fees With Our Lancaster Car Accident Lawyers

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Our Lancaster car accident lawyers understand the financial burden an auto accident can place on a family. Thus, we do no charge any upfront fees, expenses, or other costs. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we bear all upfront costs associated with pursuing your injury accident claim.

If we are able to recover a settlement for your accident injuries, our fees and expenses only come out of a portion of the funds we are able to obtain on your behalf. However, if we are unable to obtain a settlement for your claim, you will not owe us a penny for our efforts.

No Win No Fee Lancaster car accident lawyers

If you need a Lancaster car accident lawyer, give us a call today and let us handle the insurance companies for you. If you do not need an attorney for a personal injury accident today, save our contact card in your phone so you are not searching for a “car accident lawyer in lancaster tx” right after a collision.

Whether you live in Lancaster or neighboring DeSoto, were just visiting Lancaster, or were just passing through on your way to Dallas or Waco when your auto crash happened, Thompson Law can help. Contact us today and let us help answer your questions, assess your case, and help take the first step on your road to recovery.

Car Accident FAQs

Auto Accident

If you are injured in any type of accident, your first priority should be to seek immediate medical attention, even if you are not certain that you are injured. Seeking immediate medical treatment does two things: 1) it ensures injuries you sustained are diagnosed and treated; and, 2) it helps eliminate any doubt by the insurance company that your injuries were caused by the accident. 

Often, the shock and adrenaline of an accident can mask symptoms of injuries, so making the mistake of skipping a medical examination can have profound consequences. By seeking prompt medical treatment, you protect both your health and your ability to seek compensation for your injuries with the help of your attorney.

If you were in a motor vehicle accident we have also detailed here what to do after a car accident.

A skilled personal injury lawyer is necessary to get full and fair compensation for injuries you sustained in an accident. Most defendants, whether individual drivers or commercial vehicle operators, are covered by liability insurance. Those insurance companies are not obligated to protect or take care of you. Insurance companies exist to protect the defendant (their customer) who caused the wreck. 

A personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensation for every category of damages to which you are legally entitled. These damages can include things like: medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain & suffering, punitive damages, loss of limb, diminished mental function, physical impairment, scarring or disfigurement, emotional or mental trauma, and loss of consortium (in wrongful death claims). Further, you may be entitled to future medical bills, future lost income, future pain and suffering, and other damages in severe injury cases.

The largest factor affecting your claim’s value is the severity or magnitude of your injuries. More severe injuries typically require more medical treatment. So it is essential to have all your injuries documented properly by seeking immediate treatment with doctors or hospitals, and continuing under the care and direction of your doctors as long as necessary to heal. Without prompt and consistent medical treatment and documentation, an injury claim becomes very difficult to pursue, let alone win. 

Of course, other factors an also have an impact, and each and every case is different.  Were you injured in a commercial vehicle wreck or truck wreck that totaled your car, or was it a fender bender that did very little damage? Was the other driver intoxicated or drunk, or speeding? A multitude of factors may play into your claim’s overall likely value.  An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to visit with you and talk to you more specifically about factors which may affect your particular claim.  

In Texas, you usually have two (2) years from the date of incident to file a personal injury claim before it is barred by the statute of limitations. There are exceptions to this 2-year time limit in Texas, for minors and others. Further, other states have different time limits, and the limit that applies is typically for the state in which the accident occurred.

The safest course of action for someone injured in a car wreck, truck wreck, slip and fall, or any other type of accident is to consult with a personal injury attorney.  This will help ensure that you do not miss the applicable limitations period.  Moreover, it will ensure the right investigations are conducted, and the proper steps are taken to preserve the evidence, photos, witness statements, and records needed to successfully pursue your claim. 

If you are injured in a hit-and-run wreck (and are unable to locate the driver) or are hurt in a collision where the other driver does not have insurance, you are not necessarily out of options in terms of financial recovery. You may still be able to recover for your personal injuries if your own policy has Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage or Personal Injury Protection (PIP). It’s a good idea to contact your insurance company to confirm what types of coverage you have on your policy before an accident, but if you have been hit be sure to ask these questions before finalizing your claim request. Even if you do not have UM or PIP, the attorneys and investigators at Thompson Law can work to track down the other driver in a hit-and-run accident. To do this, we rely on witnesses who may have captured a photo of the car or license plate and/or available surveillance camera footage that might have captured the wreck.  

Typical damages you can recover in a personal injury claim include: medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and in some cases even punitive damages. In severe injury cases, other damages may be recoverable, such as: future medical bills, future lost income, future pain and suffering, loss of body member or mental function, physical impairment, disfigurement, emotional or mental trauma, and loss of consortium (in wrongful death claims).

Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage can help save the day if you are hit by an uninsured driver or if you are the victim in a hit-and-run collision. In short, UM coverage is an add-on coverage that drivers can add to their auto insurance policies that will protect them in the event that they are in an auto accident with a driver who either does not have insurance or cannot be located. You can contact your insurance provider to confirm whether your policy includes UM. If you do not have this coverage, the personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law recommend that you consider adding UM to your auto insurance policy today. 

Knowing how comparative negligence works is vital if you live in a state that uses it. In simple terms, comparative negligence implies both drivers can share fault for an accident, but one driver can be more at fault than the other. For example, you are texting while driving when another driver runs a stop sign and hits your car.

A jury finds that the driver who ran the stop sign is 80 percent at fault, but they believe you would have had a better chance of avoiding the accident if you were not texting at the time. They find you 20 percent at fault. You can only collect enough compensation to cover the other driver’s fault. In this case, you would get $8,000 if the jury thinks your case is worth $10,000.

Having the police respond to the accident scene is of paramount importance. Make sure that YOU call them and insist that they come and investigate the accident. When the police arrive, they will separate the drivers and witnesses from one another and take statements from everyone involved. Be cooperative, detailed, and firm in describing the accident. The investigating officer will usually determine fault based upon these statements, and it is essential that your version of the events is heard and believed. If you think that you may be injured, make that clear to the officer. If an ambulance or other medical professionals arrive on scene, get checked out. If not, make plans to visit an emergency room or doctor soon after you leave the scene. Before you do leave for this care, the officer will provide you with a report number and their contact information. Make sure this information is safely saved, as it will be very important in any auto accident injury claim you may have.     

Call an attorney. Your first instinct might be to call your insurance company, but it’s best to seek legal council first so you don’t accidentally admit guilt or take responsibility for the accident. In many cases your attorney will call the insurance company for you to prevent that from happening.

Absolutely not. It’s important to leave the investigation to the professionals. They know exactly how to work a case to determine all of the facts and details.

In insurance terms, “totaled” or a “total loss” means that the cost to repair your vehicle to its pre-accident condition is more than the vehicle is worth. Each insurance company has a different threshold for determining if a vehicle is totaled, but generally, if it’s close, you want the insurance company to “total” your car. Following the determination that your car is a total loss, the insurance company will provide you with their assessment of the value of your car. An experienced auto accident attorney should review this estimate to make sure that you are truly receiving fair market value for your loss.  You absolutely have the right to challenge their assessment, and a skilled attorney knows the best way to do so to maximize your recovery.  

Typically, yes. If a family member is seriously injured or killed in an accident, or if the injured party is a minor child, then it may be appropriate under the law for a parent, spouse, relative, or legal guardian to file a claim or lawsuit on behalf of the injured or deceased party.  These types of claims are complex, and usually depend on the type of relationship involved, as well as the individual facts and circumstances of the injury. Calling the experienced personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law is step one to explore filing a legal claim on behalf of your loved one. 

Even if you are partially to blame for a car accident, you may be able to recover some of your damages from the other party. Under Texas’s proportionate responsibility system (also known as comparative negligence), unless you as the claimant/plaintiff are determined more than 51% at fault, you may recover legal damages that are reduced by the percentage you are determined at fault. For example, if you are determined to be 30% at fault, you can recover 70% of your damages from the other responsible party (you can’t recover the other 30% because that was the amount of liability that was determined to lie with you). The personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law can help you navigate this proportionate responsibility system – so reach out online or call anytime for a free consultation.     

If you or a family member are injured in an automobile accident, you cannot afford NOT to hire the very best attorney available. Thompson Law works on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that you only pay legal fees IF we win for you and AFTER your case is settled. We understand that legal fees upfront are simply too much to deal with after a serious accident where you are dealing with property damage repairs, medical bills, missed work and lost wages. The fact that you owe $0 upfront is an added bonus when you hire great legal representation at Thompson Law.   

If you were injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, there is a good chance we can help you out. We will look at the facts of your accident, whether a car wreck, truck wreck, motorcycle accident, or on-the-job-injury and examine whatever reports or records are available. If we believe that you were injured and it was someone else’s fault, it is likely to be a case we can take. The more information and documentation you can give us about your accident and your injuries, the quicker we can evaluate your case and let you know.  Give us a call or reach out online anytime! 

The best personal injury attorney has three major characteristics: Excellent customer service, cutting edge technology, and a willingness to take cases and win at trial. Ask your potential attorney about the client experience they offer, what kind of technology they use to make your life easier, and when was the last time they took a case to jury trial. Asking these types of questions will give you guidance on what kind of experience you can expect as a client and what kind of results you can expect at the end of your case.

Thompson Law has high ratings from clients for its emphasis on customer service, and its attorneys have achieved significant results on small, large, and complex cases alike. No matter if you have been involved in a minor car wreck or are dealing with catastrophic injuries from a rarer and more devastating event like a terrible workplace accident, dog bite, or an 18 wheeler wreck, Thompson Law can assist you.  

Yes! Thompson Law is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide free consultations. If you have been injured in a truck wreck or car accident, hurt in a slip and fall incident, or otherwise injured from the negligence of another person or party, give us a call any time at 1-800-LION-LAW. We can speak to you over the phone, chat online through our website or social media outlets, or arrange an in-person meeting at your convenience. Our team is ready to help! 

Thompson Law is available 24/7 to provide free consultations and to sign up new clients. We can sign you up over the phone or we can send one of our experienced licensed investigators to meet you at the hospital or at your home if you prefer. Whether you live in Arlington, Ft. Worth, El Paso, McAllen, or even outside of the state of Texas, we are always here to assist you and provide the resources you need at a difficult time. We do the hard work for you so that you can focus on healing from your injuries.  

Being in a wreck, especially on the highway, can be a terrifying experience. Remember these 6 steps to make sure you are safe and to help preserve your legal case right from the start: 

  1. GET SAFE. Stop your vehicle/move it to a safe place if you are able. Stay close to the scene without obstructing traffic. Activate your emergency flashing lights to prevent other cars from striking you. 
  2. CALL 9-1-1. If you are seriously injured, be sure you request an ambulance when you call. A police report may become critical evidence in determining liability in your case. The police will respond to wrecks involving injuries but may not send a unit for cases involving property damage only.  
  3. TAKE PHOTOS. If you are able to safely do so, take photos of your vehicle, the other vehicle (including the license plate), and the surrounding scene of the accident. You will also want to photograph the other driver’s license and insurance card.  
  4. GATHER INFO. After making sure you and passengers are okay, exchange contact information and insurance information with the other driver.  
  5. FIND WITNESSES. If there are witnesses to the accident, take down their names and contact information. Their statements may help resolve any liability disputes.  
  6. CALL THOMPSON LAW. The experienced team of attorneys, investigators and paralegals are ready to assist you right away. You can even call us to meet you at the scene of an accident.  

Yes! Passengers in auto accidents are entitled to make claims for their damages and injuries too.  As a negligence-free passenger, who you make a claim against (one or both drivers and their insurance companies), and what coverages are available (third-party liability, first-party coverages, and/or personal injury protection), depends on the specific facts and circumstances of the car wreck.  Injured passengers should call the personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law to assist in navigating these complex issues so that they may receive the fair compensation they deserve.

Under Texas law, “bicycles are entitled to all rights of the road that apply to a motor vehicle, including access.” Unfortunately, drivers often don’t respect the rights of cyclists, and bike accidents are increasingly common, causing severe injuries to the cyclist.   

First, stay at the scene.  As soon as it is safe, assess the situation and call 9-1-1 to report the incident.  

Second, when help arrives, receive emergency medical attention.  Get “checked out” even if you think you are okay—the trauma and shock of the collision can cause your body to block out pain and injury, and internal injuries often produce non-specific symptoms. Follow the medical advice of the emergency response team. 

Third, with assistance from the police, exchange and obtain information, such as insurance information as well as the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses, passengers, and drivers.  DO NOT discuss the facts and circumstances of the bike accident with anyone other than the investigating officer.   

Fourth, document the scene.  Make notes on paper or using your cell phone about the time of day; weather conditions; road or traffic conditions; lighting; location of the vehicles and involved parties; and any relevant road signs, traffic control devices (lights, stop signs, yield signs) etc.  Also, make sure to get photographs of your bike, the driver’s car, and the scene.  

Last, a lawyer to discuss your rights.  The experienced personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law will help you investigate all applicable insurance coverages and fight to get the compensation to which you are entitled.   

An insurance company will not pay medical expenses or other damages as they come due; rather, after they have accepted liability, the insurance company will make a one-time, lump-sum final payment only at the end of your case.  Dealing with medical expenses, and obtaining the proper medical care, after an accident can be tricky. But it does not have to be! Call the personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law, who can explain how to deal with the “day-of” hospital bills, how to continue to receive the care you need, and ultimately how to recover an appropriate settlement that takes care of your bills from the incident as well as fair and just compensation for you.

Let’s be honest: this isn’t a legal show on TV and your case will not settle in the next hour – or even tomorrow.  The true answer is: it depends.  We find that most cases settle within 6-12 months from date of incident; but the timeline in your case could be shorter or longer depending on: the facts and circumstances of the accident; the length of time it takes you to complete medical treatment; and the character of the insurance company, or companies, involved in your case.  In the event that your case cannot settle pre-litigation and it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit, the litigation process alone can take 1 to 2 years due to the court system and legal process necessary to prepare for trial.  But because so much of the timeline depends on the facts and circumstances of your unique case, call Thompson Law today to discuss the personal injury claims process

Thompson Law Guarantee

Thompson Law receives an attorney fee and you pay no legal fees as our client unless we pay you. Thompson Law has 350 years of combined experience in legal representation and has won over $1.8 billion dollars in cash settlements for our clients. We master the art of managing client cases with empathy, compassion, respect and, of course, prodigious skill. Contact us today for a free, risk-free consultation to discuss your accident and your options.

State law limits the time you have to file a claim after an auto accident. If you have been injured in an accident, call now to get the help you need.