Avoiding Big Rig Accidents

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Passing That Big Rig; How Dangerous Is It?

That big rig swaying in the wind ahead of you on the highway. It looks threatening, but the professional driver knows what he’s doing, right? Just how dangerous is it to drive near a big rig? And what can you do to take action in avoiding big rig accidents.

Paying attention to some safety tips when driving around big rigs on the highway could save your life. It’s especially important because when a passenger car goes up against an 18-wheeler, the driver of the smaller car is more likely to be injured or even killed in a wreck. So take a look at some basic precautions you can take when driving around big rigs.

Don’t Let That Truck Ride Your Tail

Big trucks take 40% longer to stop than your personal car or truck does. That means if you have to slam your brakes on while a big rig’s too close behind you, it could slam right into you. As a precaution, stay at least 20 feet ahead of the truck, preferably more. If you can see the truck’s front bumper and headlights in your rearview mirror, you’re probably okay — but if you feel uncomfortable, change lanes and let the truck have its way.

Pass on the Left

Those big trucks have far bigger blind spots than you do, and it’s worse on the right side. In fact, that blind spot extends across two lanes. Don’t try any fancy maneuvers on the right side of a truck, because the driver simply can’t see you. In addition, watch out for big rigs making right turns when they’re not in the right lane. They need a lot more room to swing that trailer around, and if you’re in the way of a truck’s right turn, you could get squished.

Don’t Tailgate

This is always good advice, but especially when you’re behind a big rig. You can’t see what’s in front of the truck, and if it slams its brakes on, you may not have time to react. One of the most dangerous types of big-rig vs. car collisions occurs when a car can’t stop in time and goes under the truck’s trailer. Often the top half of the car gets sliced off, with a very high risk of personal injuries, fire, and death.

Give That Truck Plenty of Room

Don’t hover next to a big rig for any length of time. Those 18-wheelers have (you guessed it) 18 wheels, with 18 tires, and if one of them blows, the truck could start to swerve out of its lane. And don’t cut off a big rig, even if you’re in a hurry. Did you know that most big rigs also have a blind spot in front? Even though that seems counterintuitive, it’s true — The driver can’t see the first 20 feet in front of the hood, so if you’ve slipped in there, he may not see you at all. Treat that monster with respect by letting it have plenty of room on all sides.

Have You had an Encounter With a Big Rig?

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