$151,228,722Medical ProductHeart Damage
$104,479,115Prescription DrugDiabetes
$90,455,399Farming ProductTrade Disruption
$68,055,680Prescription DrugHeart Damage
$60,084,411Prescription DrugInternal Bleeding
$29,224,646Breach of ContractFinancial Loss
$26,923,200Medical ProductSkin Death
$25,384,216Medical ProductBladder Cancer
$19,116,024Breach of Fiduciary DutyFinancial Loss
$17,617,042Breach of Payment ContractFinancial Loss
$16,126,301D&O NegligenceFinancial Loss
$14,280,000Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$13,177,989Sale of Credit ReportsFinancial Loss
$11,991,670Commercial Vehicle AccidentDeath
$10,026,249Tile SealantPulmonary Injury
$9,512,498Chair Causing FireDeath
$9,187,114Industrial AccidentBurn Injury
$9,181,172Fuel System FailureTwo Deaths
$9,146,004Medical ProductCardiac Injury
$8,894,000Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$8,540,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$8,010,186Fuel System FailureDeath
$7,911,694Fuel System FailureDeath
$7,787,790Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$7,694,750Industrial AccidentDeath

Results above are cumulative total amounts net to clients. Past success does not guarantee future success.


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Unfortunately, Texas is one of the most dangerous states for fatal trucking accidents. In 2015, it actually led the nation in number of large truck and bus fatalities per vehicle miles traveled, as well as in overall fatalities, accounting for 13.7% of the national total. Get an experienced Arlington Truck Accident Lawyer from Thompson Law! Any type of motor vehicle accident can be frightening and overwhelming, but collisions with large trucks, vans, buses and other larger automobiles can cause particularly devastating injury and damage. The magnitude of these accidents can result in additional  challenges  through the process of gaining your rightful determination and settlement. Trucking companies have legal and insurance resources at their fingertips that individuals simply do not, not to mention a wealth of experience protecting their interests in the aftermath of accidents.  

As a  victim of a serious truck wreck  simply working to heal your injuries and put your life back together, you may find that you need the help of a specialized accident attorney. Thompson Law has the experience, expertise, and tenacity to stand up to big companies and collect your rightful compensation. Don’t hesitate to  contact  (844) 308-8180  Lion Law  today  for the help you need.

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Truck Accident Injuries

The size of these vehicles results in some of the most devastating and high impact damage that occurs in roadway accidents.  Larger size vehicles  are capable of causing more damaging,  catastrophic collisions, and  involving multiple vehicles. Common injuries from truck wrecks may be: 

The most important thing you can do following a serious truck accident is take care of your valuable health. At Lion Law, our goal is for every client to enjoy the best care and fullest recovery possible, and to fight for the compensation you deserve. Please  reach out anytime 24/7(844) 308-8180 and grant us the opportunity to help you and yours after the accident.

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Ryan “The Lion” Thompson is the truck accident lawyer you need to feel protected and empowered at the negotiation table. 

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