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The death of a beloved family member is devastating enough on its own. But when that loss is caused by the reckless or negligent actions of another, the pain is compounded exponentially. Not only are you dealing with profound grief, but also anger at the injustice of a preventable passing. The dedicated wrongful death attorneys at Thompson Law have spent decades helping Texas families through this difficult situation. If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s misconduct, we can guide you through the legal process of holding all responsible parties fully accountable.

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Common Causes of Wrongful Death Claims in Sugar Land

Many different types of personal injury accidents ultimately lead to wrongful death claims when injuries prove fatal. Below we cover some of the more common causes we see in Sugar Land and across Texas:

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Collisions

Reckless driving behaviors like speeding, distraction, intoxication, and aggression put everyone on the road at risk. When drivers fail to operate their vehicles safely, the consequences for motorcyclists and smaller passenger cars can be catastrophic. Survivable collisions turn deadly due to negligent motorists.

Head-on, rear-end, broadside, and rollover car and truck crashes very frequently result in severe trauma and death each year. Riders also lack the protection of a metal frame and airbags. We help the surviving loved ones of reckless driving victims seek compensation through wrongful death claims.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Collisions involving larger vehicles and vulnerable road users often result in critical or fatal injuries. Trucks, buses, and negligent motorists who fail to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in crosswalks or cyclists in bike lanes put them at grave risk.

Even when driving the speed limit, these large vehicles take much longer to stop compared to smaller passenger cars. Failure to slow down and anticipate pedestrians and bikers frequently leads to devastating injuries and wrongful death.

Defective Products & Medications

When manufacturers cut corners on safety and quality assurance, they endanger consumers. Faulty vehicle parts, dangerous children’s products, medical devices prone to malfunction, and contaminated medications can all result in wrongful death.

Companies aware of defects have a responsibility to warn users and recall products before they claim more lives. Our attorneys at Thompson Law hold negligent manufacturers fully accountable when their reckless business practices contribute to tragic losses of life.

Medical Malpractice

Preventable medical errors claim thousands of lives each year. Misdiagnoses, surgical mistakes, medication overdoses, poor post-op follow up, infections, and negligence related to anesthesia can all quickly turn treatable conditions into fatal tragedies.

Doctors, nurses, specialists, dentists, and healthcare networks must uphold proper standards of care. Tragically, medical negligence contributes to up to 440,000 potentially avoidable patient deaths annually according to Johns Hopkins. Our lawyers fight for justice when poor medical care leads a family to lose someone they love.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Elderly nursing home residents often rely on staff for nearly round-the-clock care and oversight. Insufficient fall precautions, pressure sore prevention, hygiene assistance, infection control and medication management can all contribute to a premature, wrongful passing.

Regular monitoring for changes in health conditions is also essential for preventing minor issues from escalating into life-threatening crises. Sadly, chronic understaffing and negligence in care homes leads to thousands of avoidable senior deaths each year.

Workplace Accidents & Explosions

While workers accept some inherent job site risks, employers still have a duty to minimize dangers through proper oversight, training, and safety protocols. However, lack of precautions, defective equipment, improper protective gear, and hazardous conditions result in countless avoidable worker deaths annually.

Electrocutions, heavy machinery accidents, trench collapses, exposure to toxic chemicals and dust, explosions, falls from height, and crush injuries are all too common – but preventable with cautious and diligent employers. We help surviving loved ones seek justice after on-the-job wrongful deaths.

Other Cases of Wrongful Death

Beyond major accident categories, any reckless or negligent behavior that results in a loss of life could warrant a wrongful death claim. Drunk drivers, premises liability accidents, animal attacks, police brutality, murder, and other forms of violence and neglect can be grounds for legal action if caused by misconduct.

An experienced Sugar Land wrongful death lawyer can evaluate the unique circumstances around your loved one’s passing to determine if you have grounds for a claim against the responsible parties. Seeking financial compensation cannot make up for your loss, but it can help you gain some sense of justice.

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Wrongful Death Statistics in Sugar Land

In addition to understanding the common causes, it is important to examine some statistics specific to wrongful death cases in Sugar Land and across Texas:

  • There are approximately 25,000 accidental injury deaths in Texas each year according to CDC data. Many of these are potentially wrongful deaths attributable to negligence.
  • Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of accidental fatalities in the state, accounting for over 3,600 deaths per year. Survivors may have valid wrongful death claims in cases involving reckless driving behaviors.
  • Texas sees nearly 500 bicycle and pedestrian fatalities annually. Failure to yield right-of-way is a common factor in these wrongful death cases.
  • Fort Bend County, which contains Sugar Land, averaged 62 unintentional injury deaths per 100,000 residents between 2015-2019. This is higher than the state average of 50 deaths per 100,000.
  • Falls and poisoning deaths make up over half of all accidental fatalities in Fort Bend County. Survivors should explore if negligence played a role in these cases.
  • Between 60 and 70 percent of all Texas wrongful death claims involve medical malpractice or workplace accidents according to legal data.
  • The total value of wrongful death settlements and awards in Texas exceeds $150 million annually. But no amount of money can make up for the tragic loss of life.


Our Sugar Land wrongful death lawyers analyze local data and trends to build strong cases for clients who have lost loved ones due to preventable accidents and negligence. Every wrongful death is a tragedy, but we can help survivors find accountability.

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Act Quickly to Preserve Your Claim Following a Loss

Texas statutes limit the amount of time you have to take legal action following a wrongful death. For adults, the deadline is two years from the date of their passing. For minors, you have until their 20th birthday would have occurred.

Meeting this deadline is crucial. An experienced attorney can immediately launch an in-depth investigation before evidence disappears or memories fade. We know how to build the strongest possible claim by:

  • Inspecting and photographing accident scenes before changes occur
  • Collecting police reports, medical records, surveillance footage, employment documentation and other relevant files and evidence
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses to lock in accounts while events are still fresh
  • Consulting medical examiners, coroners, doctors and other experts to determine exact causes and contributory factors in the death
  • Researching past safety violations and complaints against liable individuals and companies

Taking swift strategic action preserves more evidence to prove liability and damages. The sooner we can build your case, the better positioned you will be during negotiations and litigation. Do not allow room for responsible parties to escape proper punishment due to delays.

Maximize Compensation for All Aspects of Loss and Damage

In a wrongful death lawsuit, our goal is to secure the maximum amount of compensation possible to help surviving loved ones move forward financially. Successfully holding negligent parties accountable can help cover:

  • Funeral, burial and memorial service costs
  • Loss of future income, benefits, inheritance and financial support
  • Loss of companionship, nurturing, guidance and consortium
  • Emotional anguish, grief, sorrow, mental health therapies
  • Pre-death, conscious pain and suffering of the deceased
  • Loss of parental guidance for minor children
  • Costs associated with raising minor children solo after a parental death

Thoroughly calculating both economic and non-economic damages is crucial. We can engage finance experts to project lost future earnings and benefits. And no dollar amount could ever encapsulate the true value of losing someone irreplaceable. But obtaining fair compensation provides surviving families with a greater chance of financial stability.

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We Have A Proven Record of Success in Litigation

Once we have thoroughly investigated and built your wrongful death claim, we tenaciously negotiate with insurers seeking full restitution. However, companies often try to lowball offers or deny rightful claims. If good-faith negotiations fail, we have a long record of successful litigation experience.

Our accomplished Sugar Land wrongful death attorneys are not afraid to take a strong case to court before a judge and jury. We understand how to simplify complex details into compelling arguments that clearly demonstrate negligence and liability. And we know how to effectively humanize and personalize losses so that jurors fully grasp the magnitude of each tragic passing.

By spotlighting reckless behaviors, unsafe business practices, and patterns of negligence, we can secure not only financial compensation, but also a sense of justice for grieving families. Companies and individuals cannot get away with wrongfully cutting lives short just because they have deep pockets and legal teams. With us by your side, you can feel confident that all responsible parties will be held fully accountable.

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Contingency Fees – We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Do

Pursuing legal action should never create additional financial stress and uncertainty after losing a loved one. This is why we represent exclusively on a contingency fee basis for wrongful death claims. You will not have to worry about any upfront costs or retainers.

We also promptly pay for all case expenses such as expert witness fees, investigation costs, filing fees and other bills as they arise. You will not pay a dime out of pocket throughout the legal process. Our fees only come out of any settlement or court award we win on your behalf. If we do not recover compensation, you owe us nothing.

This pay only if we win model allows grieving families to seek experienced legal representation without taking on any financial risk or burden. Our incentives also remain fully aligned – we only get paid if you do. This encourages maximum effort to secure the full compensation you deserve during settlements or litigation.

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Let Our Compassionate Lawyers Shoulder Your Burden

Losing someone you cherish suddenly due to negligence or misconduct is a nightmare no one deserves to face. The aftermath often feels like an insurmountable burden during an already devastating time. But you do not have to bear that weight alone when you choose Thompson Law.

The accomplished Sugar Land wrongful death lawyers have constantly upheld the highest standards of compassion and sensitivity when representing grieving families. We take on the legal battles so you can focus your energy on healing and honoring your loved one’s memory. And you can feel confident knowing everything possible is being done to achieve accountability and justice.

No one can replace someone who meant the world to you. But holding negligent parties fully liable may provide some solace and ability to move forward. Do not hesitate to contact our attorneys online at or schedule a free consultation by calling (844) 308-8180. Fighting for you is our highest priority during this difficult time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Death Cases

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is an enormously difficult experience. You likely have many questions about your legal options and the wrongful death claims process. Here we address some of the FAQs we commonly receive from grieving families:

Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit in Texas?

The deceased victim’s spouse, children, parents, or estate may pursue a claim. An appointed executor or administrator of the estate is typically the party named as the plaintiff.

What damages can be recovered in a wrongful death claim?

Damages may include loss of companionship, funeral expenses, lost wages and benefits, pain and suffering of the deceased prior to death, and other losses faced by surviving family members.

How is the value of a wrongful death claim calculated?

Factors include the victim’s income and benefits, life expectancy, projected earnings, pain and suffering damages, and the losses to the survivors’ quality of life. Expert witnesses often provide testimony on valuations.

How long do I have to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Texas?

For adults, you have two years from the date of death. For minors, you have until their 20th birthday would have occurred. Meeting deadlines is essential.

Can I still bring a claim if my loved one was partly at fault?

Yes, Texas follows comparative fault rules. Your compensation may be reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to the deceased victim.

What if multiple parties were responsible for the death?

We can pursue damages from every negligent individual and entity that played a role. This includes drivers, doctors, manufacturers, employers, etc.

What evidence is needed to prove a wrongful death case?

Police reports, medical records, witness statements, accident reconstruction analysis, videos, employer safety records, and expert testimony are all key evidence types.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. Our attorneys are here to guide you through this difficult process.

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