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What Should I Do After a An Accident on Someone Else's Property?

If you were injured on someone else’s property, you might be eligible for compensation for your injuries. When a property owner’s negligence results in personal injury, a Dallas premises liability lawyer can help. Premises liability accidents, such as slips and falls, frequently happen due to hazardous conditions or inadequate maintenance.

Owners of public property are required to keep their premises safe and hazard-free. If they fail to meet the proper safety standards, this negligence can lead to slips, falls, and other injury accidents. Our Dallas premises liability lawyers can determine whether you qualify to get compensation for your damages and medical bills.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to inadequate maintenance of the premises, the Dallas premises liability lawyers at Thompson Law may be able to help. We can provide you with a free case review to see if you have the ability to make premises liability claims related to your injuries.

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Common Premises Liability Accidents

Common types of premises liability cases our law firm handles include:

  1. Slip and fall accidents.  Slips and falls are one of the most common types of accidents, sending 1 million people to hospital emergency rooms each year in the US according to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) with the most common injury being fractures (5% of people who fall). Whether you’re walking on a wet surface or tripping over an uneven sidewalk, a fall can result in serious injuries. If you were injured on someone else’s property in a slip and fall, call us today for a free consultation.
  2. Dog bite and animal attacks.  Roughly 1,000 US citizens require emergency care for serious dog bite injuries each year according to DogsBite.org. The most common injuries associated with dog bites are puncture wounds and flesh missing or torn in dog bite victims. Our Dallas premises liability attorneys might be able to assist if you were attacked by a dog when an owner knew an animal was dangerous and failed to take measures to adequately secure the animal.
  3. Swimming pool accidents.  Missing or ineffective fences and lack of close supervision are two of the leading causes of fatal drownings in swimming pools that can involve negligence on behalf of the property owner. A young child can drown in as little as 25 seconds, and even non-fatal drownings can lead to severe brain damage. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a swimming pool accident, call us for a free case review.
  4. Amusement park and water park accidents.  The Texas Department of Insurance tracks amusement ride injuries at amusement parks, which range in severity from moderate abrasions to fractures, dislocations, and death. If you were hurt at a private water or amusement park and believe the owner(s) were negligent, call us today to review your case.
  5. Firework accidents.  Firework accidents can be either premises-related accidents (if a property owner was negligent in using the firework) or product liability (if the firework was defective) cases. In 2021, there were roughly 1,500 emergency room visits related to firecrackers and 1,100 ER visits related to sparklers in the United States. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 31% of those injuries were to the hands and fingers, and 21% were to the head, face, and ears.
  6. Propane accidents.  According the National Library of Medicine (NLM), there are roughly 3,000 propane fires and explosions reported annually in the US, with over 9% resulting in injury and 7% of the injured being fatally wounded.

The above examples are simply some of the more common types of premises cases we handle, and do not demonstrate every type of premises liability case we can accept. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury on someone’s property due to their negligence, our Dallas premises liability lawyers may be able help, particularly if your injuries are severe. Call us today for a free consultation.

How Do Slip and Fall Injuries Occur?

In terms of inadequate maintenance of premises, slip and fall accidents can occur due to many factors. Most commonly, falls occur in public walkways. A property owner is responsible for ensuring a safe environment free from dangerous hazards. Inadequate maintenance of a property can be considered negligence.

Duties of Property Owners to Maintain Safe Property or Premises

  • Filling cracks, potholes, and other uneven surfaces
  • Cleaning spills of any kind promptly
  • Ensuring there is adequate lighting
  • Making sure areas with foot traffic is not blocked by electrical cords
  • Posting temporary signs where there are spills or other hazards
  • Proper handrails on stairways
  • Keeping stairways, walkways, and aisles free of any merchandise or tripping hazards

As you can see, the list of potential hazards is long. A property owner is responsible for providing a safe environment for everyone. If your slip and fall were caused by someone else’s negligence, a Dallas premises liability lawyer can help you get the compensation you need. Call today to discuss your case with our family-run, bilingual team of Dallas premises liability lawyers.

Please note, the statute of limitations in Texas is two years for personal injury. While that might seem like plenty of time, the deadline can sneak up on you. And its passing can make you ineligible to get compensation. Call our premises liability attorneys in Dallas, TX today for a FREE CONSULATION.

Common Types of Premises Liability Injuries

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Many different injuries can occur due to inadequate maintenance of someone’s premises. One of the most common personal injuries is a slip and fall accident. Any number of hazards or obstacles might cause a fall: spills, stray merchandise, electrical cords, uneven floors, and walkways, or inadequate lighting.

Common Premises Accident Injuries Include:

  • Head or traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries or paralysis
  • Chronic pain
  • Internal bleeding or other internal injuries
  • Lacerations and scarring
  • Broken bones, such as hip, ankle, wrist and skull fractures
  • Neck and back injuries

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services (2017), unintentional falls are a leading cause of injuries in Texas and the United States. In 2014, 16% of fall-related hospitalizations were a result of traumatic brain injury (TBI). And in 2015, 40% of fall-related deaths indicated TBI.

Unintentional falls are serious, and they can happen to anyone. However, individuals 65 and over are especially vulnerable to serious injuries after a fall, particularly due to lower bone density as we age. According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among adults 65+.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to inadequate maintenance of someone’s premises, Thompson Law’s Dallas premises liability lawyers can help. We have handled a wide variety of case types involving a large array of injuries, so contact us if you think you have a case we might be able to accept. Remember, the statute of limitations in Texas is two years for personal injury, so call us today.

What Compensation Can I Get in a Premises Liability Case?

In Texas, property owners are required to make sure their public premises is safe. If someone who is legally on the property is injured in a fall or accident, they might be eligible for compensation. Maintenance contractors, lessees, property managers, and property owners who fail to maintain and monitor public premises can be held accountable. The compensation or damages you receive will vary depending on the specifics of your case.

 Examples of Economic Damages in Premises Liability Cases

  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the injury
  • Medical and rehab expenses
  • Cost of assistance to perform tasks
  • Cost of assistive devices

 Examples of Non-Economic Damages in Premises Liability Cases

  • Disability
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium (in wrongful death cases)

Your damages will depend on the unique details of your case. A personal injury attorney can help determine what your case might be worth. Many factors are considered, including medical care, disability accommodations, and whether the defendant is guilty of malice or gross negligence. The skilled team at Thompson Law has years of experience with slip and fall injuries, and we are here to help. Call our Dallas premises liability lawyers today!

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What You Should Do if You've Been Injured on Someone Else’s Property

If you have been injured in a premises liability accident on someone else’s property when their is negligence involved on their behalf, you should take the following steps:

  • Report the fall or accident to management as soon as possible.
  • Take notes and get the name of the person to whom you reported your accident.
  • Ask for a copy of the incident report, unless one cannot be produced (e.g., a dog attack on private property).
  • If there were any witnesses, gather their names and contact information.
  • See if any nearby videos may have captured the accident, and request a copy.
  • Take photos, including any hazardous conditions.
  • Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Do not give a recorded statement or sign anything until you speak with a lawyer.
  • Call our Dallas premises accident attorneys right away for a FREE CONSULT.

How Do You Prove a Premises Liability Claim in Texas?

For a successful premises liability claim, an injured person must prove the following elements:

  1. The defendant was an owner, lessor, or resident in the property where the accident occurred. Typically this is a matter of investigating land titles, ownership rights, and unearthing the proper paperwork to prove you have the correct defendant. However, sometimes determining the proper defendant requires filing of a lawsuit to compel them to cooperate, if they are not naturally inclined to do so.
  2. The property owner owed you a duty of care. The duties of care owed by property owners to visitors largely depends on the type of visitor you are to the property. For example, an invitee (e.g., house guest, shop customers) is a guest with the highest duty of care, followed by licensees (e.g., sales people), then trespassers on property, who do not qualify for most duties of care.
  3. The duties of care were breached by the property owner. Invitees afforded protection under the law that allows them to expect the property owner will: 1) repair known property defects; 2) warn of existing hazards; and, 3) search for and repair unknown defects. Licensees are also afforded the first two of those expectations, but not the third. Although trespassers who are children are afforded the right to expect a property owner will maintain safe premises, adult trespassers are only afforded the right to expect the property owner will not intentionally injure them.
  4. Your injury accident was caused by a breach of duty. Essentially you must prove causation between the property owner’s failure to maintain safe premises and the accident that led to your injuries. Generally, the law looks at: 1) was the hazard “open and obvious”, or “in plain sight” (i.e., you should have seen it); and, 2) were the property owner’s actions negligent (i.e., he or she breached duties of care).

If you think you may have grounds to make a premises liability claim for your injury accident, call our Dallas premises liability lawyers today for a FREE CASE REVIEW. We can answer your questions, explain the injury claims process for premises cases, and let you know if you know if we might be able to help. Further, we can get you signed up over the phone and have an attorney start working on your case today.

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Premises Accident Attorney FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a lawyer for a slip and fall?

If you slip and fall on someone else’s property, contact the person in charge to report your accident. This might be a property manager or property owner. Next, get medical attention for your injuries. Once you have seen a doctor, contact a Dallas premises liability lawyer right away. Insurance companies will do everything they can to fight a slip and fall claim, so professional representation is essential.

Who is responsible for a slip and fall accident?

Property owners in Texas are responsible for maintaining and operating safe premises. A Dallas premises liability lawyer can determine who is liable in your personal injury case. Your fall may have been a result of inadequate maintenance or hazardous conditions. A Dallas premises accident attorney is skilled in determining liability.

How much is pain and suffering worth in a slip and fall?

Compensation and damages will vary from case to case. It all depends on the unique circumstances of your premises accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you get an idea of what your case is worth. This includes economic damages and non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

How can a personal injury lawyer help?

A personal injury lawyer will help you stand up to big insurance companies. A skilled premises attorney has the experience and know-how to build a solid case effectively. Hence, you stand a better chance of getting the compensation you need.

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