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Our Dallas dog bite lawyers know there’s a reason why dogs have been called man’s best friend. Approximately 42.5 million households in the U.S. own one or more dogs. As friendly and loyal as dogs can be under normal circumstances, they can be just as dangerous and aggressive under the wrong circumstances. If you or a loved one has been attacked and injured by another person’s dog, call our Dallas dog attack lawyers for a FREE CONSULTATION.

The problem is that not all dog owners are responsible, and therefore their dogs often go without the training and socialization they need for safe handling. Dogs are naturally protective and unpredictable creatures, and if they’re aggressive or frightened they can be downright dangerous.

That’s why Dallas dog bite victims and their families rely on the offices of Thompson Law to get them the compensation they need after a dog attack. Don’t accept a meager settlement from an insurance adjuster. Hire our Dallas dog bite lawyers to get to work on your dog attack case today.

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Dallas Dog Bite Statistics

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the number of dog bite attacks. A 2020 pet ownership statistics by AVMA revealed that about 43.4% of Texas households own a dog. While most dogs have a calm temperament, they can attack a family member, neighbor, friend, or passerby when irritated. Dog bites can be painful and terrifying, leaving victims with minor or severe injuries or even death. In fact, Texas has a higher incidence of reported dog bites and deaths resulting from dog bites than any other state. In 2021, there were 5 dog attack fatalities reported in Texas.

Despite the fact that most dog bite fatalities are caused by pit bulls, Texas doesn’t have any legislation when it comes to dangerous breeds. Rather, it only classifies an attack by a dangerous dog as a Class C misdemeanor (Section 822.004. Attack by Dangerous Dog). That is particularly concerning given Houston and Dallas ranked as the 1st and 5th most common cities in the United States for dog attacks on postal workers, respectively.

Worst U.S. Cities for Dog Attacks on Postal Workers

Dog owners may be held responsible for the injuries a dog inflicts on others. Texas has strict laws that place the liability on the dog keeper or owner, who is required to pay for the pain and suffering, hospital bills, lost wages, and more.

If you are a dog bite victim, you will need an experienced Dallas dog bite injury lawyer from Thompson Law to claim your deserved damages. We are a family-run firm pursuing justice for our clients in Texas. Feel free to reach out to us today for a free and confidential case review with our Dallas dog bite injury lawyers.

Dog Bite Statistics in the United States

By comparison, in the United States, between 30 and 50 fatal dog attacks occur every year, with 65% of deaths being from pit bull attacks. Over 4 million Americans suffer dog bites every year out of a population of almost 330 million people (2020), leading to between 6,000 and 13,00 hospitalizations each year. That means that roughly 1 in 73 people in the US will be bitten by a dog each year. Scarier still, the number of dog attacks in the US appears to be increasing despite dog bite prevention measures.

Most Dangerous Breeds of Dogs

Some dog breeds are considered to be dangerous. Regulated breeds typically include the “pit bull” class of dogs but in many areas, these include a variety of other dogs such as American Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Dalmatians, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers or any mix of these breeds.

Cities, towns and even landlords around the nation impose restrictions on such breeds. Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is the term that refers to the laws that regulate or ban certain dog breeds in an attempt to decrease the number of dog attacks on humans and other animals.

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the U.S. - Dogs involved in most fatal attacks on humans

The "One Bite Rule" in Texas

Years ago, Texas had a one-bite rule that essentially gave owners a get out of jail free card, allowing their dog to have one free bite for which the owners weren’t liable. Fortunately, that all changed when the one bite rule was abolished in 2007.

Now, if any owner knows or suspects that their dog is aggressive, they are liable for any damages that occur as the result of their dog biting someone, sometimes even if that person is trespassing. If a dog attacks anyone, the owner is responsible for the victim’s injuries.

Other states have a “strict liability” policy for dog attacks, allowing victims to claim damages without needing to prove the owner’s negligence or prior knowledge of their pet’s aggression. This means that if you’re hurt and seeking damages such as medical expenses, lost wages or emotional distress, the offending dog’s owners are liable.

How The One Bite Rule Affects your Texas Dog Bite Case

However, in Texas, you need to prove that the bite was the result of the owner’s negligence. To prove owner negligence, you’ll have to provide prove that:

  • The owner knew their pet had acted aggressively or bitten someone before
  • The owner failed to control their pet prior to the bite
  • That you suffered damages as a result of the bite and the owner’s negligence

That’s why it’s so important to work with a personal injury lawyer familiar with dog bite claims if you have been the victim of dog bites. The Dallas dog bite lawyers at Thompson Law knows the unique Texas state laws as they pertain to dog bites and dog attacks and can get you the compensation you deserve.

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What to Do When a Dog Attacks You in Dallas, TX

If you’ve been bitten or attacked by a dog in Dallas, do not talk to the pet owner’s insurance company if they contact you. They’ll try to get you to accept a meager settlement or sign a statement. Doing that could sign away all of your rights in your dog attack case. However, there are a few things you should do to start building your case right away:

  • Get Away From the Dog – Put as much distance between you and the dog that attacked you as possible. If you can’t get away, use whatever you have like your purse or briefcase to protect yourself.
  • See a Doctor Immediately – You need to get medical treatment even if you don’t think you’re seriously injured. You can’t see things like nerve damage, infections, or fractures. A medical doctor’s documentation of your injury will be invaluable to your case.
  • Report the bite to Animal Control – Animal control will file a report and inform the dog’s owner about the bite. They’ll also force the owner to provide proof of rabies vaccinations or to quarantine an unvaccinated dog for ten days. Notifying them and filing a report can also help to prevent future victims from being bitten by the same dog.
  • Take Lots of Pictures – Taking photos of your injuries immediately, and each day during the healing process will help you record your recovery journey. You’ll be able to document the severity of your injury with photographic evidence that you can use in court to win your case.
  • Document Witness Information – Take notes about any potential witnesses who might have seen your dog attack. Try to find the names or phone numbers, or other contact information for those witnesses so your personal injury lawyer can contact them for statements about your case.
  • Talk to Our Dallas Dog Bite Lawyers – Even if you don’t think you’ve been seriously injured, it’s important to talk to a Texas dog bite lawyer with experience in dog attack cases right away. They understand Texas dog bite laws and how to prove the owner’s negligence to get you the compensation you deserve.

Effects of a Dog Bite

If a dog bite penetrates a victim’s skin, germs can quickly get into the wound depending on the bacteria or germs in a dog’s canines. Even the slightest attack may lead to long term effects, as discussed below:

Disfigurement and Scarring from Dog Attacks

In most cases, a dog bite inflicts permanent scars or disfigurements. Even worse, it may cause severe injuries that affect your inner body parts beneath the skin. Children are the most affected; thus, dogs attack them in visible areas like the face. Victims may require skin grafting, surgeries, or stitches to reduce the extent of disfigurements. Sadly, some of the injuries might be a permanent reminder of the attack.

Psychological Effects of a Dog Attack

Dog bite victims also suffer from psychological effects that may last for a considerable time. Post-trauma stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common. Additionally, you may have other symptoms such as depression, fear, stress, trouble sleeping, severe anxiety, and flashbacks.

Other victims can develop a phobia for dogs, especially young children. It may lead to emotional distress, outbursts, nightmares, regressions, anxiety, and mood swings in the long term.

Infections from Dog Attacks

Whenever you have a dog bite, it is essential to see a doctor immediately. The longer you wait, the higher the chances of wound infections. Over time you may experience some of these symptoms:

  • Swelling around the wound
  • Fever
  • Pus from the wound
  • Pain for long hours

At Thompson Law, our Dallas dog bite lawyers have handled various cases, and we do not receive a dime until we win the case. Notably, we won 13 out of the top 100 settlements in Texas in 2019. We are available 24/7 to help you out; thus, feel free to call us.

Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Compensation for dog attack victims typically comes out of the owner’s home insurance policy. As a result, the owner’s insurance adjuster usually calls victims advising them that they don’t need a lawyer. They’re not trying to do you a favor by offering a tiny settlement. They’re protecting their own bottom-line.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Insurance companies know that a dog bite injury lawyer will take a dog bite case to court to get fair compensation for their clients, an expensive process that the insurance company is trying to avoid. People who hire personal injury lawyers for their dog attack cases typically receive much higher compensation for their injuries. When the insurance company calls you, tell them to contact your lawyer.

At Thompson Law

We provide dog bite victims with dedicated and tenacious legal representation, ensuring that you get fair value for your claim. Our Dallas dog bite lawyers will build a strong case with supporting evidence so that you recover the money that you deserve.

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How Can You Prove a Dog Bite Injury

One of the most challenging tasks in a dog bite case is proving the likelihood of the animal biting someone when there is no previous reported case. You may be fortunate enough if there was a similar incident reported in the neighborhood or the dog is an aggressive breed. You also need to demonstrate that the dog was aggressive and can easily bite others when loose. However, the loving or peaceful behavior of the dog can quickly negate this argument. This way, the owner can develop a valid argument.

No matter how complex this process may seem, you can rely on experienced Dallas dog bite lawyers from Thompson Law. You can get a lawyer in 15 minutes for a free consultation to develop a strong case.

Potential Damages You Can Claim in A Dog Bite Case

Dog bite injuries can be both devastating and disfiguring. Sometimes, all it takes is for an untrained or vicious dog to become frightened or startled to attack. The damage done can be substantial. You could suffer from physical pain, disfiguring injuries, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and anxiety as a result of your injuries.

Fortunately, the state of Texas allows you to claim both economic and non-economic damages. Your economic or financial damages are damages that you can prove with bills, receipts, or your employment record. These expenses include:

  • Medical injury expenses for consultations, medications, rehabilitation, surgery, and assistive devices like crutches
  • Mental health expenses for counseling or therapy
  • Loss of earnings from your employment
  • Any other expenses you’ve incurred as a result of your injuries

Your non-economic or non-financial damages are a little bit harder to prove. There isn’t any hard evidence to back them up and they tend to be subjective, depending on the victim. For example, a model who incurs damages to her face, or a pianist whose arms are incapacitated as the result of a dog bite might be more severely affected than someone who doesn’t rely on their arms or their face for their livelihood. Some of the non-economic damages you can claim are:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Disfigurement and disability
  • Reduced quality of life

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What Is Negligence in Dog Bites?

Usually, negligence refers to a lack of ordinary care in preventing a dog from biting others. The keeper or owner has the responsibility of restraining the dog. To prove negligence in Texas, the plaintiff must have evidence that the defendant owns the dog that attacked them. Additionally, the complainant needs to show that the owner did not show a standard of care in preventing the dog from attacking.

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