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According to a recent report by the New York Times, Winter storm Uri, the severe Texas snow and ice storm has left a swath of injury and damage in its wake:

  • 13 million Texans were affected by broken water mains, water leaks, and burst pipes from frozen pipes, such as:
    • Swimming pool pumps and supply lines
    • Water sprinkler lines
    • Water supply lines in attics, basements, and exterior walls
  • At least 80 deaths, with more still being counted
  • Cramped emergency rooms across the state
  • 797 Texas water providers reporting problems
  • Patients denied dialysis treatments due to water availability and water quality issues

Across the United States, 39 states and over 100 million homes fell under some form of winter weather advisory or storm alert in mid-February 2021. That represented the largest US region under a winter storm warning since 2005, and set roughly 2,000 cold temperature records for cities across the country. For example, Dallas shattered its prior cold record of 13 degrees Farenheit set in 1903 with a new record of -1 degrees. Moreover, 73% of the country was covered in snow, which is the new record for snow blanketing the country since satellite records began being kept in 2003.

The damage has proven so devastating in Texas, that even the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA is getting involved.  In times like these, disputes can arise between insurance companies and claimants. Whether you have a Texas snowstorm personal injury claim or a property damage claim, Thompson Law is your local legal ally for insurance claims.
Texas Winter Storm Damage Attorneys

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Texas Snow Storm Damage Insurance Claims Attorneys

Are you desperately looking for a skilled Texas winter storm attorney? You’re not alone. In February 2021, freezing rain, snow, and other severe weather conditions pummeled the state of Texas. The extreme weather event caused food and water shortages, halted travel, and claimed lives. Harsh conditions took their toll, quickly racking up instances of property damage, personal injury, and death. Texas insurers are expecting hundreds of thousands of claims according to the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) already, with insufficient premiums to cover all of the losses, as seen in the table below.

Source:  Texas Department of Insurance, TDI 2020 annual report.

Karen Clark & Company (KCC), a catastrophic risk modeler for the insurance and reinsurance industry, estimates the losses from damage related to US Winter Storm Uri to reach $18 billion. The vast majority of expected losses from Uri are expected to be in Texas, and include home, auto, commercial, industrial, and business interruption insurance losses.

To put that figure in perspective, the losses from winter storms in 2018 and 2019 were $3 billion and $2.1 billion, respectively. Prior to Uri, the most costly winter storm since 1980 in United States was the blizzard that occurred between May 11-14, 1983 which impacted 24 states, led to $5 billion in damage (in 2020 dollars), and took the lives of 270 people.

When people tend to think of property damage, they usually think of hurricanes or earthquakes. The losses from Uri are expected to be over 3 times the combined losses from natural catastrophes in 2019 for wildfires, heat waves, drought, tropical cyclones, winter storms, cold waves, floods, flash floods, earthquakes, and geophysical events. If Uri had been a hurricane, it would have been the 8th most costly hurricane in the United States.

When damage from storms becomes this widespread, shortages of workers and supplies to fix the damage often occur. When scarcity exists in a market, prices for that equipment and services often goes up substantially.  In response, insurance companies often delay reimbursements to policyholders, intentionally underestimate the cost of repair, or refuse to pay valid claims outright by hiding behind complex language in homeowners policies. If your insurance company is delaying, underpaying, or outright denying your homeowners insurance claim, Thompson Law may be able to help.

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We can help you make sense of your policy and navigate frustrating insurance providers. Whenever disaster strikes, it can feel overwhelming and daunting. Thompson Law understands. We know that professional insight and input are essential to protect you from being victimized by aggressive insurance companies and ensuring you receive top dollar to repair your damaged home or business.

As Texans, we witnessed the snow and ice storm firsthand. We’ll help you with underpaid, denied, or delayed claims, and we’ll make sure you get the compensation you deserve. The winter storm had a swift, surprisingly violent impact on the state of Texas. We’re here to make sure you get the professional assistance you need in these trying times. We help clients who have suffered property damage losses from any type of natural catastrophe – such as any of those in the table below – and we can help you recover a fair insurance settlement for your property damage claims.

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Common Types of Storm Property Damage

A winter storm like the one that recently hit Texas can wreak havoc and cause any number of damages to your residence or business property.

Here are some of the most common and severe damages caused by winter storms:

  • Flood/water damage caused by burst pipes
  • Damage to contents inside houses and other structures due to water from busted pipes
  • Structural damage to foundations and roofs
  • Mold damage from flooding
  • Wind damage to siding and roofs
  • Damage cause by trees and tree limbs falling due to the weight of snow and ice
  • Other plumbing issues

When demand for repair skyrockets, as it is right now, contractors often raise their rates accordingly. Insurance companies won’t readily acknowledge this when they factor in their “reasonable cost of repairs.” This is just another reason why you need a skilled Texas winter storm attorney on your side.

Winter storm property damage is some of the most costly damage imaginable. Water damage repair, mold remediation, and pipe replacement are all significant expenses. Insurance companies that deny or underpay your claim can saddle you with an extreme financial burden. But Thompson Law’s winter storm attorneys are ready to aggressively seek fair compensation.

Texas Winter Storm Death and Injury Lawyers

Some of the most devastating outcomes of a brutal winter storm are personal injuries and death due to power loss. Here are just some of the harrowing, true-life events that shook Texas communities in the past week:

  • Massive 130 vehicle crash off I-35 near Fort Worth, killing at least 6 people and injuring over 65
  • Power outages rendered Oxygen tanks useless, resulting in death
  • Carbon monoxide deaths as residents tried to stay warm
  • A grandmother and three grandchildren died in a Texas fire trying to keep warm
  • A young boy and at least 70 others died of hypothermia

A Texas snow and ice storm personal injury attorney will fight for you to make sure your family sees fair compensation. If you or a loved one was injured during the Texas winter storm, call us right away.

Expenses after serious personal injury and death can be astronomical. At Thompson Law, we’re confident we can help you bear the burden of your loss and suffering.

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Thompson Law is your local resource for world-class legal representation in the aftermath of the devastating Texas winter storm. Whether your business has suffered severe damages or your family has experienced significant injury or loss, we can help.

Only a savvy attorney with years of experience in these specific areas can ensure you get the justice you deserve. We understand that each case is unique, and we’re eager to discuss the impact the Texas snow and ice storm has had on your family. We’ll apply a personal touch to your case and create a customized strategy for success.

Texas Winter Storm Damage Attorney FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

More Winter Storm Damage FAQs

Winter Storm

Most homeowners insurance policies cover damage resulting from busted pipes if the rupture is sudden and could not be predicted. However, homeowners insurance companies may not cover damage that occurs gradually due to a leaky or deteriorating pipe if you do not take reasonable steps to keep the situation from getting worse. Our storm damage attorneys can guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your claim.

A winter storm attorney is a skilled professional who knows the ins and outs of personal injury claims and snowstorm property damage claims. They can help you deal with difficult insurance companies and ensure you get a fair settlement.

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