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“Their work in my son’s case helped force the recall of 19,000,000 deadly tires.”

Vicki Hendricks

“The trucking company told me they weren’t at fault. My lawyers overwhelmed our opponents at trial, and the size of our award proves it.”

Jesus Lopez

“Ryan is the definition of professionalism. He is the guy you want on your side when the going gets rough. During our project with limited means facing a leviathan, he never flinched. He traveled offsite on short notice and was ready to do whatever it took. His understanding of the most minute and complex commercial details was complete and unerring. His integrity, advocacy, and legal knowledge are truly remarkable!”

R. Alexander

“Ryan is a fabulous attorney and a staunch advocate for his clients. One of Ryan’s finest attributes is that his passions coincide with those of his clients–that is, he demands that justice be handed out evenly by our court system. Ryan’s knowledge of dangerous products law and his talent in the courtroom are second to none. I have personally seen Ryan in action and would not hesitate for one minute to hire him for my family, if needed. Ryan is truly a great asset to our bar and our legal system.”

A. Wright

“I endorse Ryan. He is an excellent trial attorney and advocate. His work ethic, compassion and dedication to his clients and their causes sets him apart from others. He has great demeanor and is well-articulated. Ryan’s continued success and proven results easily flow from his abilities and skills.”

D. Canales


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