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Consumers purchase billions of products every single year in the United States. They assume that by the time a product has made it onto the shelves at a store or can be purchased online, it is completely safe and ready for consumer use. Manufacturers are also responsible for sharing information about potential risks of a product on the labeling such that when a product carries a risk, a consumer can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase it.

Sadly, Thompson Law knows that it has become so easy to develop and market products these days and that many people are trying to get their product available for sale as soon as possible without exploring the potential risks. Many of these products are geared for use by very vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children, or even infants. No matter your age, using a defective and dangerous product has the potential to leave you with serious injuries.

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What to Do After a Serious Injury from a Product

You and your family members may be affected by consumer products that you did not realize were dangerous. Whether the issue has to do with how the product was designed, manufactured, or labeled, this can form the basis of a product liability lawsuit in Dallas, Fort Worth. Your first reaction may be to contact the company that made that product and informs them about the potential risks. However, this has the downside of the company giving you an inappropriate response.

You may assume that the company will recognize the danger, pull the product from the shelves, and stop marketing it immediately. However, this is not always the best way to resolve an issue with a dangerous product because the company may not take you seriously or even attempt to blame you for the injuries you or a family member sustained from the item.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission provides comprehensive details about a broad range of recalls affecting consumer products all over the United States. Trying to keep track of a number of products named in a recall alone is dangerous, and this is to say nothing of the products that have not yet emerged as a danger because consumers have not reported them to the CPSC. Talking to the CPSC is a great way to share your initial concerns about a potentially dangerous product as well as talking to a knowledgeable Dallas, Fort Worth products liability attorney.


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No consumer expects to purchase a product and be significantly injured by it while using it. A lack of proper instructions may be one type of product liability lawsuit, but there can also be defects in the way the product was designed or manufactured that serve as the foundation for your legal claim. Thompson Law is here and ready to help you get started on your product liability claim today.

Anyone who has been injured in a product liability lawsuit is doing a service not only for themselves to recover compensation for their injuries but also to society by raising issues about the way that products are made and marketed and holding companies accountable when they cut corners or fail to warn the public about serious risks. Finding yourself in the situation of using a defective product can be overwhelming, but our team at Thompson Law know that keeping evidence and writing notes about how the injuries happened and keeping the materials that the product came in could become crucial during your product liability claim.

How to Handle a Product Liability Claim Successfully

Speaking to an experienced Dallas, Fort Worth product liability attorney as soon as possible is one of the first steps that you should take in order to clarify your rights and responsibilities in filing a lawsuit. Not everyone is eligible to file a lawsuit so discussing your opportunities to do so with a lawyer can help to give you a broader perspective over what’s involved if you choose to file a case and how to best protect yourself as your case unfolds.

While no product should ever make it to the shelves of your favorite store or to an online retailer without comprehensive testing and warning labels for risky items, this happens every single day and it is often the consumers who sound the first alarm about dangerous products that compromise the health and well-being of the people who purchase them.

You have a limited period of time in which you must act in order to protect your legal right to a claim. Your claim may ultimately become part of a class-action lawsuit that sends a serious message to product manufacturers about how they create and sell dangerous items.

Do not wait to schedule a consultation if you believe that you or someone you know has already been injured by a defective product. Contact the product liability attorneys at Thompson Law today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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