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Results below are cumulative total amounts net to clients. Scroll below to view.

$151,228,722Medical ProductHeart Damage
$104,479,115Prescription DrugDiabetes
$90,455,399Farming ProductTrade Disruption
$68,055,680Prescription DrugHeart Damage
$60,084,411Prescription DrugInternal Bleeding
$29,224,646Breach of ContractFinancial Loss
$26,923,200Medical ProductSkin Death
$25,384,216Medical ProductBladder Cancer
$19,116,024Breach of Fiduciary DutyFinancial Loss
$17,617,042Breach of Payment ContractFinancial Loss
$16,126,301D&O NegligenceFinancial Loss
$14,280,000Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$13,177,989Sale of Credit ReportsFinancial Loss
$11,991,670Commercial Vehicle AccidentDeath
$10,026,249Tile SealantPulmonary Injury
$9,512,498Chair Causing FireDeath
$9,187,114Industrial AccidentBurn Injury
$9,181,172Fuel System FailureTwo Deaths
$9,146,004Medical ProductCardiac Injury
$8,894,000Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$8,540,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$8,010,186Fuel System FailureDeath
$7,911,694Fuel System FailureDeath
$7,787,790Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$7,694,750Industrial AccidentDeath
$7,458,999Fuel System FailureBurn Injury
$7,387,617Industrial AccidentDeath
$7,199,972Prescription DrugHeart Damage
$6,998,089Oil Well DamageFinancial Loss
$6,831,013Medical ProductHip injury
$6,462,748Breach of Fiduciary DutyFinancial Loss
$6,206,250Prescription DrugBrain Injury
$6,104,400Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$6,077,926Medical ProductBrain Injury
$5,837,259Prescription DrugLiver Damage
$5,708,527Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$5,704,363Vehicle Transmission DefectDeath
$5,481,054Fuel System FailureDeath
$5,455,292Fuel System FailureBurn Injury
$5,400,000Tire FailureDeath
$5,330,365Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$5,182,055Tire FailureParaplegia
$5,177,399Ski Resort SignageBrain Injury
$5,154,600Defective Lamp/Smoke InhalationDeath
$5,068,359Tire FailureParaplegia
$5,040,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$5,020,000Fuel System FailureDeath
$4,996,790Housing MaterialsPulmonary Injury
$4,965,432Plant ExplosionBurn Injuries
$4,878,333Tire FailureParaplegia
$4,797,650Vehicle CrashworthinessBurn Injury
$4,790,686Tire FailureDeath
$4,750,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$4,558,142Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$4,527,944Water Heater DefectDeath
$4,499,839Fuel System FailureDeath
$4,492,211Industrial ReleasePulmonary Injury
$4,355,000Truck WreckBrain Injury
$4,319,586Tire FailureDeath
$4,209,829Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$4,184,864Fuel System FailureDeath
$4,131,195Tire/Seat Belt FailureSpinal Cord Injury
$4,081,667Football HelmetQuadriplegia
$4,076,986Tire FailureDeath
$4,075,000Defective LadderBrain Injury
$4,056,600Smoke InhalationBrain Injury
$4,021,912Cement Wall FailureDeath
$3,999,297Truck WreckDeath
$3,963,371Plant ExplosionDeath
$3,962,000Tire FailureDeath
$3,925,358Tire FailureDeath
$3,890,481Tire FailureDeath
$3,845,524Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$3,833,236Construction AccidentDeath
$3,801,666Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$3,786,813Truck WreckDeath
$3,786,000Tire FailureDeath
$3,753,268Medical ProductAbdominal Hernias
$3,737,645Truck WreckDeath
$3,696,800Football HelmetQuadriplegia
$3,673,096Truck WreckDeath
$3,615,349Truck WreckDeath
$3,590,318Truck WreckDeath
$3,566,310Construction AccidentDeath
$3,548,181Tire FailureDeath
$3,536,615Tire FailurePermenant Physical Injury - Broken Neck
$3,516,463Commercial Vehicle AccidentDeath
$3,435,459Truck WreckDeath
$3,365,127Workplace AccidentQuadriplegia
$3,352,420Medical ProductAddiction/Colon Damage
$3,337,304Tire FailureDeath
$3,326,843Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$3,326,426Truck WreckDeath
$3,315,247Medical ProductMesh Replacement/Removal
$3,281,460Tire FailureDeath
$3,274,794Go-CartBurn Injury
$3,271,444Tire FailureDeath
$3,268,444Pipeline ExplosionBurn Injuries
$3,245,000Tire FailureDeath
$3,168,409Tire FailureBrain Injury
$3,156,354Tire FailureDeath
$3,143,193Airplane CrashDeath
$3,139,410Plant ExplosionDeath
$3,107,629Automotive AccidentDeath
$3,095,928Tire FailureSevere Brain Damage
$3,050,992Truck WreckDeath
$3,020,676Natural Gas LeakDeath
$3,007,189Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$2,992,000Overtime CaseFinancial Loss
$2,987,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,945,334Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,932,914Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,916,173Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$2,915,729Vehicle CrashworthinessBrain Injury
$2,901,204Medical DeviceHip Replacement
$2,897,960Industrial AccidentDeath
$2,893,041Truck WreckDeath
$2,884,203Hot Water HeaterBurn Injury
$2,875,000Vehicle CrashworthinessClosed Head Injury
$2,873,940Defective HeaterBurn Injury
$2,873,498Automotive AccidentDeath
$2,828,373Fuel System FailureBurn Injury
$2,794,459Tire FailurePermanent Physical Injury - Skull & Spine
$2,760,201Construction AccidentDeath
$2,723,284Premises LiabilityDeath
$2,714,636Tire FailureDeath
$2,690,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,688,098Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$2,671,806Tire FailureLeft Hand Crushed and Severed
$2,661,694Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$2,635,816Tire FailureParaplegia
$2,623,351Tire FailureCatastrophic Head Injury
$2,623,284Tire FailureDeath
$2,620,827Tire FailureDeath
$2,616,525Tire FailureClosed Head Injury; Facial Fractures
$2,604,387Truck WreckDeath
$2,568,489Tire FailureDeath
$2,568,159Truck WreckDeath
$2,553,116Tire FailureDeath
$2,473,160Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$2,464,969Motorcycle HelmetHead Injury
$2,455,978Vehicle CrashworthinessSpinal Cord Injury; Closed Head Injury
$2,454,500Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$2,451,462Truck WreckFractured Pelvis
$2,398,500Truck WreckDeath
$2,392,191Vehicle CrashworthinessBrain Injury
$2,382,582Tire FailureDeath
$2,379,522Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,360,454Truck WreckDeath
$2,351,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,345,000Workplace AccidentDeath
$2,331,800Truck WreckPermanent Brain Injury
$2,306,609Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,302,876Furnace ExplosionDeath
$2,282,448Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$2,277,879Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,275,000Construction AccidentBrain Injury
$2,264,899Tire FailureDeath
$2,262,796Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$2,259,280Truck WreckDeath
$2,258,289Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$2,240,625Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,234,736Automotive AccidentDeath
$2,223,749Tire FailureHead Injury/Upper and Lower Body Fractures
$2,200,000Vehicle CrashworthinessChronic Respiratory Failure, Back Injury; Internal Organ Damage, Mulitple Fracutres to Upper and Lower Boday
$2,181,828Vehicle CrashworthinessTraumatic Head Injury
$2,173,275Truck WreckDeath
$2,156,269Tire FailureCompound Injuries to the Knee
$2,145,571Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,136,863Truck WreckDeath
$2,112,439Medical MalpracticePermanent Physical and Mental Injuries - Cerebal Palsy and Mental Retardation
$2,090,070Oilfield AccidentDeath
$2,089,045Medical ProductEye Injury
$2,085,414Tire FailureLower BOdy Fractures
$2,076,868Medical ProductHeart Damage
$2,074,439Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$2,072,144Farming ProductInjury to Trees
$2,070,000Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$2,067,049Motorcycle HelmetHead Injury
$2,065,742Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,064,739Tire FailureDeath
$2,060,515Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$2,055,176Vehicle RolloverDeath - Closed Head Injury
$2,035,830Truck WreckDeath
$2,027,422Oilfield AccidentDeath
$2,000,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,998,000Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$1,995,515Tire FailureDeath
$1,995,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,985,000Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$1,979,597Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,975,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,964,453Truck WreckQuadriplegia
$1,961,019Tire FailureDeath
$1,956,334Tire FailureDeath
$1,955,579Vehicle CrashworthinessCatastrophic Brain Injury
$1,954,895Workplace AccidentCrush Injury to Pelvis & Lower Extremity; Massive Degloving to Lower Extremity
$1,939,138Tire FailureDeath
$1,938,419Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$1,920,745Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,895,984Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$1,895,362Tire FailureDeath
$1,885,000Vehicle CrashworthinessTraumatic Head Injury
$1,864,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,861,860Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,828,472Vehicle CrashworthinessTraumatic Head Injury
$1,827,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,811,401Tire FailureDeath
$1,800,680HelmetHead Injury
$1,797,856Vehicle CrashworthinessSpinal Cord Injury
$1,795,080Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,795,000Tire FailureDeath
$1,794,440ExplosionHand Injury
$1,781,414Construction FallQuadriplegia
$1,779,671Plant ExplosionDeath
$1,772,674Oilfield AccidentDeath
$1,757,295Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,752,822Plant ExplosionDeath
$1,732,131Defective FirearmDeath
$1,728,752Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$1,723,361Truck WreckDeath
$1,717,079Truck WreckDeath
$1,714,150Tire FailureParaplegia
$1,711,310Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,693,544Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,680,000Truck WreckDeath
$1,677,870Medical ProductPermanent Birth Defects - Mental Retardation, Blind and Deaf
$1,677,870Truck WreckDeath
$1,673,378Workplace AccidentDeath
$1,666,032Construction AccidentQuadriplegia
$1,643,255Tire FailureDeath
$1,635,827Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,633,013Tire FailureDeath
$1,631,160Medical ProductLiver Injury
$1,619,546Construction AccidentDeath
$1,619,337Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,600,407Vehicle CrashworthinessClosed Head Injury
$1,591,750Industrial AccidentDeath
$1,580,493Oilfield AccidentUpper and Lower Fractures, Internal Injuries
$1,575,302Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,572,171Tire FailureDeath
$1,557,873Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$1,540,731Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$1,534,865Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,534,688Tire FailureDeath
$1,516,627Plant ExplosionBurn Injury
$1,510,225Tire FailureDeath
$1,509,267Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,498,654Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$1,494,211Tire FailureDeath
$1,492,082Vehicle CrashworthinessClosed Head Injury
$1,490,778Tire FailureBack Injury; Multiple Contusions and Lacerations
$1,489,958Bus FireDeath
$1,469,475Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,467,673Tire FailureLower Body fractures; Internal Injuries
$1,464,419Tire FailureParaplegia
$1,463,962Vehicle CrashworthinessTetraplegic
$1,460,750Vehicle CrashworthinessSevere Head Injury
$1,459,428Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,454,185Vehicle CrashworthinessTraumatic Brain Injury
$1,453,600Workplace AccidentDeath
$1,445,000Workplace AccidentDeath
$1,442,362Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,429,984Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,417,500Tire FailureDeath
$1,414,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,409,916Vehicle CrashworthinessSp
$1,407,229Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$1,405,500Tire FailureDeath
$1,403,921Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$1,401,282Tire FailureAmputation, Spinal Cord Injury, Closed Head Injury
$1,384,736Tire FailueDeath
$1,376,880Vehicle CrashworthinessSpinal Cord Injury
$1,375,175Seat BeltDeath
$1,374,750Fuel System FailureDeath
$1,374,025Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,364,396Truck WreckDeath
$1,354,145House FireDeath
$1,350,613Truck WreckDeath
$1,348,000Fuel System FailureDeath
$1,338,000Tire FailureDeath
$1,332,450Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,331,400Tire FailureDeath
$1,329,937Apartment Negligence - Balcony CollapseDeath
$1,319,584Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,304,500Tire FailureDeath
$1,302,579Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,290,809Oil Well CollapseFinancial Loss
$1,289,115Tire FailureParaplegia
$1,288,102Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,265,078Workplace AccidentBurn Injury
$1,260,758Pipeline ExplosionDeath
$1,260,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,259,500Tire FailureDeath
$1,231,989Tire FailureDeath
$1,219,584Drilling Well ExplosionDeath
$1,211,977Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,210,579Tire FailureDeath
$1,207,500Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$1,206,902Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,203,219Workplace AccidentDeath
$1,202,807Truck WreckDeath
$1,196,719Tire FailureClosed Head Injury
$1,196,168Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$1,194,500Tire FailureInternal Bleeding; Rib Fractures
$1,187,528Vehicle CrashworthinessBroken Neck
$1,187,135Tire FailureDeath
$1,184,929Tire FailureDeath
$1,184,738Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$1,180,919Chemical LeakDeath
$1,179,722Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$1,175,397Tire FailureDeath
$1,173,568Automotive AccidentDeath
$1,171,206Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,165,750Drilling Rig CollapseDeath
$1,162,579Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,157,033Workplace AccidentSevere Brain Damage
$1,156,620Tire FailureDeath
$1,152,284Dram ShopAmputation
$1,152,245Workplace AccidentDeath
$1,151,367Oil Well AccidentDeath
$1,150,580Tire FailureDeath
$1,148,396Workplace AccidentDeath
$1,148,314Workplace AccidentDeath
$1,146,396Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,138,000Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$1,127,500Tire FailureDeath
$1,124,553Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,123,170Tire FailureDeath
$1,122,966Tire FailureDeath
$1,122,542Tire FailureParaplegia
$1,118,500Medical ProductLoss of Vision
$1,115,287Premises NegligenceInternal Injury - Sexual Assault
$1,114,532Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,108,000Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$1,106,704Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,106,703Automotive AccidentPermanent Physical Injury - Below Arm sensory loss due to dislocation
$1,105,895Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,105,738Automotive AccidentDeath
$1,101,411Fuel System FailureDeath
$1,099,599Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,094,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,093,547Commercial Vehicle AccidentDeath
$1,087,500Tire FailureClosed Head Injury; Fractured Ribs
$1,085,637Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,085,268Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,081,500Defective LighterBurn Injury
$1,079,262Negligent HiringFractured Skull; Brain Injury
$1,078,690Tire FailureArm and Knee Injuries; Internal Injuries
$1,075,330Workplace AccidentQuadriplegia
$1,074,500Propane Tank ExplosionBurn Injury
$1,067,527Tire FailureDeath
$1,067,371Tire FailureDeath
$1,064,674Vehicle CrashworthinessClosed Head Injury
$1,063,528Tire FailureAmputation - Right Leg
$1,062,757Vehicle CrashworthinessSpinal Cord Injury; Closed Head Injury
$1,059,983Tire FailureDeath
$1,055,420Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,053,177Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,051,514Slip and FallTraumatic Head Injury
$1,050,384Tire FailureDeath
$1,047,132Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,046,650Tire FailureDeath
$1,040,780Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,032,511Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$1,031,600School MoldRespiratory Issues and Allergic Reactions
$1,031,227Vehicle CrashworthinessCatastrophic Brain Injury
$1,028,922Retail Store NegligenceDeath
$1,027,000Vehicle CrashworthinessClosed Head Injury
$1,022,007Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia; Closed Head Injury
$1,020,800Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$1,020,365Tire FailureSpinal Injury
$1,005,000Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$1,002,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$1,000,000Vehicle CrashworthinessBrain Injury
$999,829Tire FailureSpinal Injury
$992,547Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$990,703Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$989,690Automotive AccidentQuadriplegia
$978,984Tire FailureDeath
$968,954Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$968,722Commercial Vehicle AccidentDeath
$968,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$963,833Defective FirearmLeg Injury/Amputation
$962,321Tank ExplosionDeath
$960,169Tire FailureDeath
$951,817Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$939,735Pipeline ExplosionBurn Injury
$927,425Truck WreckSpinal Cord Injury
$922,207Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$919,500Tire FailureDeath
$918,770Truck WreckSpinal Cord Injury
$918,142Defective Swimming Pool FilterHead and Brain Injury
$911,771Workplace AccidentDeath
$910,486Workplace AccidentAmputation
$907,000Vehicle CrashworthinessTraumatic Brain Injury
$898,899Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$898,186Truck WreckDeath
$876,176Tire FailureDeath
$874,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$874,486Tire FailureDeath
$872,019Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$868,946Tire FailureDeath
$866,961Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$866,603Tire FailureDeath
$866,603Tire FailureQuadriplegia
$863,554Commercial NegligenceFinancial Loss
$862,019Pipeline ExplosionDeath
$856,868Vehicle CrashworthinessDegloving of Thigh; Internal Organ Injury; Facial Lacertations
$854,315Plumbing ProductsFinancial Loss
$850,803Premises NegligenceDeath
$849,989Automotive AccidentDeath
$849,167Tire FailureDeath
$849,133Medical MalpracticeDeath
$845,941Industrial AccidentDeath
$842,917Tire FailureDeath
$842,441Vehicle Transmission DefectHip Fracture
$842,040Automotive AccidentDeath
$841,514Tire FailureClosed Head Injury
$841,422Tire FailureDeath
$835,609Vehicle CrashworthinessTraumatic Head Injury
$828,982Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$824,978Tire FailureDeath
$824,183Workplace AccidentHead Injury; Wrist Injury
$822,360Workplace AccidentBack Injury
$820,342Tire FailureBrain Injury
$820,242Tire FailureUpper Body Fractures; Internal Injury
$818,743Tire FailureSpinal Cord Injury
$818,497Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$818,497Tire FailureDeath
$818,368Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$815,453Barge OperatorDeath
$815,000Trailer House FireDeath
$814,500Tire FailureDeath
$812,139Tire FailureSpinal Cord Injury; Closed Head Injury
$806,184Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$799,897Tire FailureDeath
$795,342Workplace AccidentDeath
$794,537Tire FailureParaplegia
$792,087Vehicle CrashworthinessSpinal Cord Injury
$783,780Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$783,333Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$777,098Workplace AccidentDeath
$774,982Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$773,500Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$770,197Automotive AccidentDeath, Spinal Cord Injury
$758,308Tire FailureDeath
$750,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$746,120Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$745,210Tire FailureUpper and Lower Body Fractures
$743,750Patent TheftFinancial Loss
$742,991Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$740,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$739,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$738,664Premises LiabilityDeath
$730,400Automotive AccidentClosed Head Injury; Shoulder and Leg Fracture
$729,189Tire FailureUpper Body Fractures; Internal Injury
$728,963Truck WreckDeath
$722,304Vehicle CrashworthinessCrush Injuries to Both Tibia; Interal Organ Injuries
$721,857Boat AccidentDeath
$720,808Tire FailureDeath
$719,852Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$719,457Tire FailureClosed Head Injury
$717,281Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$715,440Tire FailureTraumatic Brain Injury
$713,902Tire FailureDeath
$712,025Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$710,660Workplace AccidentLeg, Foot, Ankle Fractures; Internal Organ Injuries; Forearm Fracture
$710,500Truck WreckDeath
$709,780Tire Detread/SUV RolloverDeath
$704,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$704,330Truck WreckDeath
$703,875Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$697,918Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia; Closed Head Injury
$691,583Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$691,406Tire FailureSpinal Cord Injury; Closed Head Injury
$688,745Vehicle CrashworthinessHead Injury & Immediate Quadriplegia
$688,370Tire FailureDeath
$687,867Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$683,092Grain Elevator ExplosionBurn Injury
$683,040Truck WreckDeath
$682,780Truck WreckDeath
$682,193Tire FailureDeath
$681,325Truck WreckFractured Shoulder and Knee; Body Contusions
$679,893Vehicle CrashworthinessUpper and Lower Body Fractures, Internal Injuries
$679,625Tire FailureDeath
$677,296Truck WreckDeath
$675,120Breach of ContractFinancial Loss
$675,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$674,064Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$671,250Defective Space HeaterDeath
$671,114Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$669,321Tire FailureDeath
$665,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$664,745Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$664,683Truck WreckSpinal Cord Injury
$660,989Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$657,783Medical Device DefectDeath
$656,909Electrical Transfer BoxBurn Injury
$653,785Medical ProductEye Injury
$652,981Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$650,908Tire FailureDeath
$647,714Tire FailureBroken Vertebra; Head Contusions
$646,11118 Wheeler AccidentDeath
$645,208Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$639,600House FireDeath
$638,890Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$634,500Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$634,250Tire FailureDeath
$633,611Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$633,220Medical MalpracticeDeath
$632,930Vehicle CrashworthinessBurn Injury
$632,880Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$630,966Bus AccidentBrain Injury
$621,660Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$619,386Vehicle CrashworthinessBrain Injury
$614,380Tire FailureDeath
$613,841Truck WreckDeath
$613,712Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$610,229Truck WreckDeath
$608,487Tire FailureDeath
$608,060Tire FailureDeath
$603,487Tire FailureInternal Injury - Lungs
$600,032Plant ExplosionDeath
$599,273Workplace AccidentDeath
$597,976Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$596,952Boat AccidentDeath
$595,890Tire FailureDeath
$595,483Tire FailureDeath
$595,220Truck WreckDeath
$592,866Automotive AccidentClosed Head Injury
$592,614Truck WreckSpinal Cord injury; Closed Head Injury
$592,438Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$591,958Breach of ContractFinancial Loss
$590,726Tire FailureDeath
$590,479Defective Fuel TankDeath
$590,098Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$590,007Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$589,705product defect - stoveBurn Injury
$588,603Tire FailureAmputation; Catastrophic Head Injury
$586,240Construction AccidentDeath
$585,603Fuel System FailureDeath
$581,584Vehicle CrashworthinessQuadriplegia
$581,235Automotive AccidentFemur and Wrist Injuries; Head Inury
$578,522Tire FailureDeath
$577,035Medical MalpracticePermanent Physical Injuries - Stroke
$576,209Medical ProductStroke
$576,038Tire FailureDeath
$575,488Truck WreckDeath
$574,191Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$571,727Truck WreckDeath
$570,968Vehicle Defect - Fuel Fed FireDeath
$569,191Automotive AccidentLeg, Hip, Shoulder Injuries, Head Injury
$568,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$567,835Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$567,601Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$567,498Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$567,494Drilling Rig FireBurn Injury
$565,711Plant ExplosionBurn Injury
$564,376Truck WreckDeath
$560,712Automotive AccidentDeath
$560,504Workplace AccidentDeath
$559,885Tire FailureDeath
$558,687Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$558,427Automotive AccidentDeath
$558,020Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$557,970Medical MalpracticePermanent Physical Injury - Back
$557,242Vehicle RolloverDeath
$556,463Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$555,907Commercial Vehicle AccidentLower Body Fractures
$555,275Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$553,690Faulty Latch MechanismDeath
$553,648Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$553,640Automotive AccidentDeath
$553,313Fuel System FailureBurn Injury
$552,764Tire FailureDeath
$552,426Tire Detread/RolloverDeath
$551,747House FireDeath
$550,024Vehicle rolloverDeath
$549,838Tire FailureDeath
$549,680Dram ShopDeath
$546,833Workplace AccidentDeath
$545,000Commercial Vehicle AccidentDeath
$537,533Qui Tam - FraudFinancial Loss
$536,312Truck WreckSpinal Cord Injury
$533,833Vehicle RolloverDeath
$532,608Automotive/Tire DefectDeath
$531,003Automotive AccidentSpinal Cord Inpingement
$530,562Tire FailureDeath
$530,447Dram ShopDeath
$529,933Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$527,008Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$525,828Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$525,229Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$525,100Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$525,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$525,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$521,542Tire FailureDeath
$520,137Vehicle RolloverDeath
$516,304Truck WreckDeath
$514,804Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$514,101Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$513,941Aircraft CrashDeath
$512,414Defective MotorcycleDeath
$511,142Automotive AccidentDeath
$510,937Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$510,624Tire FailureDeath
$509,086Tire FailureDeath
$509,071Vehicle RolloverDeath
$508,069Workplace Oilfield AccidentDeath
$502,105Tire FailureDeath
$501,847Vehicle RolloverDeath
$500,907Automotive AccidentFractures to Ribs; Chest Wall Injury
$498,193Vehicle RolloverDeath
$497,632Tire FailureFractures to Ribs; Chest Wall Injury
$497,266Vehicle RolloverDeath
$497,023Dram ShopDeath
$491,267Tire FailureUpper Body Fractures; Internal Injury
$490,327Vehicle Defect - Air BagDeath
$488,263Hotel Neglect/drowningDeath
$486,380Truck WreckNeck Injury
$483,941Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$482,649Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$482,483Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$478,333Vehicle Defect - Air BagDeath
$477,361Medical ProductHip Replacement
$472,070Medical MalpracticeDeath
$471,855Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$470,086Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$469,358Defective ATVFractures to Both Legs
$466,358Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$466,222Product DefectBrain Injury
$463,333Automotive AccidentDeath
$458,914Tire FailureDeath
$457,914Vehicle RolloverDeath
$456,790Devaluation of PropertyFinancial Loss
$449,983Vehicle RolloverDeath
$449,404Tire Detread/RolloverDeath
$448,395Tire FailureDeath
$448,245Automotive AccidentClosed Head Injury; Fractured Ribs
$447,235Vehicle CrashworthinessHead Injury
$444,293Truck WreckDeath
$443,01818 Wheeler Struck PedestrianDeath
$442,958Defective SeatbeltDeath
$441,754Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$439,844Plant ExplosionSpinal Cord Injury
$439,344Vehicle RolloverDeath
$438,905Vehicle Defect - SeatbeltDeath
$437,697Tire FailureDeath
$437,487Automotive AccidentDeath
$436,917Automotive AccidentBrain Damage
$433,808Toxic LandfillMultiple Internal Organ Damages caused by contaminated soil
$433,090Tire FailureDeath
$433,018Truck WreckDeath
$432,900Business DisputeFinancial Loss
$431,599Vehicle RolloverDeath
$431,506Tire DetreadSpinal Cord Injury
$428,417Automotive AccidentDeath
$428,374Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$427,944Truck WreckDeath
$427,153Medical ProductDeath
$425,750Vehicle RolloverDeath
$425,250Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$423,997Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$422,638Automotive AccidentDeath
$421,548Vehicle RolloverDeath
$421,363Vehicle Defect - Power WindowDeath
$419,685Tire FailureDeath
$419,538Improper Medical CareKidney Damage
$416,713Truck WreckDeath
$414,761Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$413,538Automotive AccidentDeath
$409,681Automotive AccidentLower Body Fractures
$409,500Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$407,816Automotive AccidentInternal Injury
$407,241Vehicle RolloverDeath
$406,392Vehicle Rollover - Partial EjectionDeath
$406,272Truck WreckDeath
$405,665Tire DetreadDeath
$405,273Tire FailureDeath
$402,299Hotel NeglectParaplegia
$401,984Tire FailureDeath
$401,929Motorcyle Accident - FireBurn Injury
$400,178Medical ProductRhabdomyolysis
$399,083Defective SeatbeltDeath
$398,354Tire FailureDeath
$398,055Automotive AccidentSpinal Cord Injury
$397,936Defective RoadwayDeath
$397,272Automotive AccidentLower Body Fractures
$397,115Vehicle RolloverDeath
$395,562Plumbing and Water IntrusionHouse Damage - Mold
$393,371Vehicle Rollover - Partial EjectionDeath
$393,000Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$391,991Tire FailureDeath
$388,363Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$387,987Tire FailureClosed Head Injury
$385,740Automotive AccidentInternal Organ Damage - Stomach
$384,478Truck WreckSpinal Cord Injury
$384,284Vehicle RolloverParaplegia
$382,745Tire DetreadDeath
$382,736Vehicle RolloverDeath
$380,000Defective SeatbeltMemory Impairment; Spinal Fracture
$378,000Qui-Tam FraudFinancial Loss
$377,375Vehicle RolloverDeath
$371,244Automotive AccidentDeath
$370,294Vehicle RolloverDeath
$370,104Improperly Restrained in AmbulanceDeath
$368,103Vehicle RolloverDeath
$365,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$364,432Oilfield Accident - ExplosionBurn Injury
$360,649Commercial Vehicle AccidentLower Body Fractures
$360,149Tire FailureDeath
$359,770Automotive AccidentDeath
$358,970Tire FailurePartial Shoulder Replacement
$358,901Vehicle RolloverDeath
$357,947Automotive AccidentDeath
$357,755Automotive AccidentClosed Head Injury
$357,735Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$356,527Workplace Elevator AccidentDeath
$355,602Vehicle RolloverDeath
$355,549Tire FailureDeath
$355,488Truck WreckDeath
$353,573Vehicle RolloverDeath
$352,040Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$350,626Vehicle RolloverDeath
$348,898Vehicle Defect - SeatbeltDeath
$346,372Breach of ContractFinancial Loss
$342,325Vehicle RolloverDegloving of Left Arm
$340,781Tire FailureDeath
$340,311Medical ProductHeart Damage
$339,915Vehicle Rollover - Partial EjectionDeath
$338,843Vehicle RolloverDeath
$338,713Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$337,997Tire DetreadDeath
$335,678Electrical House FireDeath
$334,602Dram ShopDeath
$334,020Tire DetreadDeath
$333,728Truck WreckSpinal Cord Injury
$333,584Truck WreckDeath
$332,540Automotive AccidentTraumatic Hemothorax
$331,678Workplace AccidentDeath
$328,830Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$327,572Vehicle CrashworthinessBrain Injury
$325,849Workplace AccidentDeath
$323,537Oilfield AccidentDeath
$323,000Workplace AccidentDouble Amputation - Below the Knee
$322,028Oilfield Accident - explosionDeath
$321,766Vehicle RolloverDeath
$321,079Truck/Pedestrian AccidentDeath
$319,963Automotive AccidentDeath
$319,271Workplace Accident - Truck/Train AccidentDeath
$318,493Tire DetreadDeath
$317,826Defective HeaterDeath
$317,198T-Post SnappedLower Body Fractures
$316,900Workplace AccidentDeath
$315,597Tire FailureDeath
$313,982Automotive AccidentSpinal Cord Injury
$313,697Improper Medical CareBrain Damage
$312,723Truck WreckDeath
$312,496Vehicle RolloverClosed Head Injury
$312,284Workplace Accident - ElectrocutionDeath
$310,084Medical MalpracticeDeath
$309,114Vehicle RolloverDeath
$308,708Automotive AccidentInternal Injury
$307,540Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$307,058Vehicle Defect - SeatbeltDeath
$306,489Workplace AccidentDeath
$305,749Tire DetreadDeath
$305,000Automotive AccidentDisfigurement; Head Injury
$302,500Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$300,452Automotive AccidentDisfigurement, Hip Injury
$300,382Tire DetreadDeath
$299,761Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$299,352Vehicle RolloverPermanent Physical Injuries - Wrist and Arm
$299,200Tire DetreadDeath
$299,192Vehicle RolloverDeath
$298,949Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$298,570Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$298,283Automotive AccidentClosed Head Injury
$296,890MoldHeart Failure; Interstitial Lung Disease
$296,782Tire DetreadBrain Damage
$294,824Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$294,666Medical ProductCardiac Injury
$293,355Truck WreckDeath
$292,469Medical ProductInjury to Fetus
$289,740Automotive AccidentDeath
$289,559Vehicle CrashworthinessSpinal Cord Injury
$285,175Oilfield AccidentDeath
$284,684Vehicle Defect - Air BagDeath
$284,191Tire FailureDeath
$284,157Boat PropellorSevered Limb
$282,270Automotive AccidentBroken Hip; Facial Injuries
$280,117Prescription DrugLiver Damage
$274,910Negligent HiringPhysical/Mental Injury - Sexual Assault
$274,600Utility Trailer DefectDeath
$274,085Automotive/Cyclist AccidentDeath
$273,603Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$272,589Medical MalpracticePunctured Femoral Artery
$270,465Tire FailureDeath
$269,411Construction AccidentChest Fracture; Collapsed Lungs
$268,267Tire FailureDeath
$267,195Medical MalpracticeDeath
$266,835Pipeline ExplosionBurn
$265,327Vehicle RolloverDeath
$264,589Tire FailureDeath
$264,432Truck WreckDeath
$262,640Automotive AccidentLower Body Fractures
$261,811Tire FailureDeath
$258,720Oilfield AccidentDeath
$256,362Medical MalpracticeDeath
$255,435Vehicle RolloverDeath
$254,000Patent CaseFinancial Loss
$252,220Tire Detread/RolloverDeath
$252,062Vehicle RolloverDeath
$246,263Automotive AccidentBroken Pelvis
$239,939Defective RoadwayAmputation; Lower Body
$233,062Toxic Fumes on BoatDeath
$231,994Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$230,586Defective Boat Steering MechanismDeath
$224,062Vehicle CrashworthinessParaplegia
$221,004Vehicle RolloverDeath
$212,052Workplace Accident - ElectrocutionDeath
$207,603Vehicle RolloverDeath
$200,001Vehicle CrashworthinessBrain Injury
$194,646Workplace Oilfield AccidentDeath
$192,259Vehicle CrashworthinessDeath
$187,000Automotive AccidentDeath
$170,646Vehicle RolloverDeath
$157,686Automotive AccidentDeath
$150,408Breach of ContractFinancial Loss
$117,534Vehicle RolloverDeath
$63,235Medical ProductIncomplete Quadriplegic

Past success does not guarantee future success.


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Dallas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

motorcycle accident with EMTs on the sceneWe Passionately Protect the Rights of and Pursue Maximum Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims in Dallas

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in the past decade the number of registered motorcycles has doubled. People just seem to love riding motorcycles. Some find it exhilarating while others prefer them because motorcycles are real money savers in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance.

However, motorcyclists often overlook the downside of riding motorcycles which is that in the event of an accident, they are at a higher risk of sustaining fatal injuries than those in other vehicles. This is, of course, motorcyclists have zero protection when an accident occurs, and are guaranteed to hit the pavement at the very least.

Statistics show that:

  •  In a crash, motorcyclists are 5 times at a higher risk of injuries, and nearly 37 times more likely to get killed.
  •  Over a course of 1 year, 463 people died in motorcycle accidents including 430 riders and 33 passengers.
  •  Approximately 20% of all car accidents in Texas involve motorcycles.
  •  Sixty percent of all accidents that involve motorcycles are not the fault of motorcyclists.

The Texas Department of Transportation indicates that more than 5600 motorcyclists sustained serious injuries in 2012 alone. Since motorcycles are often associated with dangerous behavior, the insurance company involved in a motorcycle accident claim may look to blame riders for accidents. However, in many of these cases, it’s another motorist who is responsible for an accident that involved a motorcycle.

Thompson Law Core Values:

Common Causes of and Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents in Dallas

Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Dallas include:

  • Carelessness or negligence of the other driver
  • Over speeding,
  • Mechanical failures
  • Defective design of the motorcycle,
  • Faulty motorcycle repair work
  • Improper maintenance or bad condition of the road such as slippery roads,
  • Left turns
  • Opening of a car door
  • Improper changing of lanes,
  • Distracted driving
  • Being struck by a car from the back

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries to the motorcyclist such as:

  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Brain injury
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Fractured bones
  • Facial injuries 
  • Chronic pain
  • Road burn
  • Fractured bones
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Severe lacerations
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of limbs
  • Concussions
  • Sometimes even death

No matter what the cause of accident might be, if you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, then by the law of the state, you deserve to be compensated.

Our experienced and dedicated Dallas motorcycle accident lawyer can aggressively pursue your claim ensuring that you receive adequate amount of compensation for the pain, injuries and damages incurred. We’ll work hard to get you every dollar that you deserve in compensation for all the losses including but not limited to hospitalization, medical treatment, loss of income due to disability or long recovery time and vehicle damage.

Our rich experience and strong knowledge about the different laws covering motorcycle accidents in the State of Texas like helmet laws, highway traffic laws, manufacturer recalls, and other related motorcycle crashes statutes enables us to protect your rights and get you as much compensation as possible from the accident.

Does Not Wearing a Helmet in a Motorcycle Accident Affect the Victim’s Injury Claim?

Did you know that 53 percent of the riders who get fatally injured in crashes include riders without helmets? Although according to the Texas Law pertaining to motorcycle helmets, if you’re above 21 and have proof that you’ve successfully completed a training course for motorcycle safety, and you have a medical insurance policy, than you’re not required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

However, it is important to understand that the lack of a helmet may affect your compensation if you suffered from a head injury during a crash. But if the injuries are not related to the head then whether you were or not wearing a helmet is irrelevant to the case.

What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Texas?

As motorcycle crashes are so severe, the first thing that you should do is dial 911 to have an ambulance and a police officer sent to the accident scene.  The ambulance will take you to the nearest hospital for medical assistance. However, if you’re in a position to take photos of the accident scene then do so for evidence purpose. Also, make sure to note the plate number of the car that hit you, and get the contact information of the driver too.

If you’re badly injured, then don’t worry about evidence collection. As you seek medical assistance, get in touch with our Dallas motorcycle accident lawyer. We’ll get to the work right away to preserve evidence for your case. We’ll also deal with insurance companies and take action to seek compensation for physical, financial and mental harm caused to you due to the accident.

After the accident, you’re most likely to be contacted by an insurance adjuster from the person responsible for the accident, who will want to take a statement from you. If this happens, don’t get involved with the insurance adjuster, instead decline politely or tell them to contact your Dallas motorcycle accident lawyer.  

Make sure you don’t talk about the crash with anyone as anything you say can be used against you by the insurer to minimize or even deny your accident claim thereby protecting their profits by limiting what they pay to you.

However, if you have a skilled and experienced lawyer from Thompson Law LLP representing your case, we’ll protect you and seek maximum compensation for the injuries and losses incurred due to the motorcycle accident.

Contact Thompson Law Today for a Free Case Review

At Thompson Law LLP, we’ll aggressively and efficiently pursue your monetary settlement that is adequate enough to provide you, the victim, with medical treatment and rehabilitation services and compensate for damages to your finances and quality of life. We’ll help you recover claims for your medical bills, lost income, and other expenses. According to TopVerdict, Thompson Law won 10 of the top 50 settlements in Texas in 2020, including the 2nd and 3rd largest personal injury settlements in the State. We can help you, too. 

Remember, the state law limits the time to file a claim. Call us at 844-308-8180 for a free case evaluation.

Take action now to protect your right to a fair value monetary recovery.


I Crashed My Motorcycle When a Driver Made a Left Turn in Front of Me. Who’s at Fault?2018-11-18T22:04:15-06:00

Unless you ran a red light or were exceeding the speed limit, the driver turning left is responsible.

I’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident. What Should I Do?2020-01-23T15:43:50-06:00

I’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident. What Should I Do? 

Sadly, people tend to jump to blame motorcyclists for causing collisions, even though basic motorcycle training helps make motorcyclists among the most conscientious and aware drivers on the road. In fact, more often than not, the other motorist is at-fault in collisions with motorcycles. Remember these 6 steps to make sure you are safe and to help preserve your legal case right from the start: 

  1. GET SAFE. Stop your motorcycle or move it to a safe place if you are able. Stay close to the scene without obstructing traffic. Activate your emergency flashing lights to prevent other cars from striking you. 
  2. CALL 9-1-1. If you are seriously injured, be sure you request an ambulance when you call. A police report may become critical evidence in determining liability in your case. The police will respond to wrecks involving injuries but may not send a unit for cases involving property damage only.  
  3. TAKE PHOTOS. If you are able to safely do so, take photos of your vehicle, the other vehicle (including the license plate), and the surrounding scene of the accident. You will also want to photograph the other driver’s license and insurance card. 
  4. GATHER INFO. After making sure you and passengers are okay, exchange contact information and insurance information with the other driver. 
  5. FIND WITNESSES. If there are witnesses to the accident, take down their names and contact information. Their statements may help resolve any liability disputes. 
  6. CALL THOMPSON LAW. The experienced team of attorneys, investigators and paralegals are ready to assist you right away. You can even call us to meet you at the scene of an accident.
Do I Need to Wear a Helmet When I’m on My Motorcycle?2020-01-23T12:22:12-06:00

While Texas law does not legally require you to wear a helmet, basic motorcycle training tells you to wear “All the Gear, All the Time” – and this is just as important for when you are in an accident. Not only will wearing a helmet help reduce the likelihood of serious injury, but refusing to wear a helmet can work against you when trying to prove your case. Unfortunately, an insurance carrier adjuster, or even a jury, may believe that your failure to wear a helmet contributed to the severity of your injuries and try to blame you as the victim for being injured. There simply is no reason to give the insurance adjuster or a jury any reason to put any fault on you or to endanger yourself. Wear a helmet, always! 

How Can I Tell If My Helmet Meets Federal Safety Standards?2020-01-23T12:23:11-06:00

Check the back of the helmet – there should be a sticker that tells you if the helmet meets one of the three safety standard certifications. There are three major safety standards for motorcycle helmets: DOT (“Department of Transportation”, ECE “Economic Commission for Europe”, and SNELL (“Snell Memorial Foundation”). If a helmet has one of these safety certifications, this means that it has passed testing by one of these organizations, which is a sign of the helmet’s quality and safety rating. The most basic safety standard is usually considered to be DOT, and ECE is very similar. SNELL is considered to be a more demanding safety standard. At minimum, you should try to purchase helmets with these safety standards, and preferably DOT/SNELL, for the highest safety rated helmets. Additionally, a helmet is a purchase you should always buy new. A previously owned or used helmet may have been damaged or compromised in a way that has diminished its structure and features, leaving you vulnerable to more severe injury. 

How Can My State Force Me to Wear a Helmet?2018-11-18T22:11:44-06:00

Helmet laws are valid in many states. By having Helmet laws, states can reduce the risk of injury to the motorcycle driver, and contribute towards lower health care and insurance payouts.

Can I have a free consultation about my case?2020-01-23T13:00:51-06:00

Yes! Thompson Law is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide free consultations. If you have been injured in a truck wreck or car accident, hurt in a slip and fall incident, or otherwise injured from the negligence of another person or party, give us a call any time at 1-800-LION-LAW. We can speak to you over the phone, chat online through our website or social media outlets, or arrange an in-person meeting at your convenience. Our team is ready to help! 

If I’m in a Minor Motorcycle Accident, Should I Still Call A Lawyer?2020-01-23T12:08:45-06:00

Given the vulnerability of motorcycle riders, even minor, lowspeed accidents can result in lifelong injuries, and the severity of your injures might not be apparent right away. Insist on emergency medical attention after any motorcycle accident, as speed of care can make a life changing difference. Additionally, the motorcyclist involved in the accident is usually not the person at-fault for the collision, so it is important to make sure that the details of the event are correctly represented. Contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible to help preserve the details of your accident and to explain your right to compensation from the responsible party.   

I’m in the hospital or unable to travel. How do I meet with a lawyer?2020-01-23T13:01:23-06:00

Thompson Law is available 24/7 to provide free consultations and to sign up new clients. We can sign you up over the phone or we can send one of our experienced licensed investigators to meet you at the hospital or at your home if you prefer. Whether you live in Arlington, Ft. Worth, El Paso, McAllen, or even outside of the state of Texas, we are always here to assist you and provide the resources you need at a difficult time. We do the hard work for you so that you can focus on healing from your injuries.  

I was just in an accident. What do I need to do first?2020-01-23T15:44:56-06:00

Being in a wreck, especially on the highway, can be a terrifying experience. Remember these 6 steps to make sure you are safe and to help preserve your legal case right from the start: 

  1. GET SAFE. Stop your vehicle/move it to a safe place if you are able. Stay close to the scene without obstructing traffic. Activate your emergency flashing lights to prevent other cars from striking you. 
  2. CALL 9-1-1. If you are seriously injured, be sure you request an ambulance when you call. A police report may become critical evidence in determining liability in your case. The police will respond to wrecks involving injuries but may not send a unit for cases involving property damage only.  
  3. TAKE PHOTOS. If you are able to safely do so, take photos of your vehicle, the other vehicle (including the license plate), and the surrounding scene of the accident. You will also want to photograph the other driver’s license and insurance card.  
  4. GATHER INFO. After making sure you and passengers are okay, exchange contact information and insurance information with the other driver.  
  5. FIND WITNESSES. If there are witnesses to the accident, take down their names and contact information. Their statements may help resolve any liability disputes.  
  6. CALL THOMPSON LAW. The experienced team of attorneys, investigators and paralegals are ready to assist you right away. You can even call us to meet you at the scene of an accident.  
I was a passenger in an accident. Can I still claim damages?2020-01-23T13:01:51-06:00

Yes! Passengers in auto accidents are entitled to make claims for their damages and injuries too.  As a negligence-free passenger, who you make a claim against (one or both drivers and their insurance companies), and what coverages are available (third-party liability, first-party coverages, and/or personal injury protection), depends on the specific facts and circumstances of the car wreck.  Injured passengers should call the personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law to assist in navigating these complex issues so that they may receive the fair compensation they deserve.    

After an accident, how do my medical expenses and other damages get paid?2020-01-23T13:02:50-06:00

An insurance company will not pay medical expenses or other damages as they come due; rather, after they have accepted liability, the insurance company will make a one-time, lump-sum final payment only at the end of your case.  Dealing with medical expenses, and obtaining the proper medical care, after an accident can be tricky. But it does not have to be! Call the personal injury attorneys at Thompson Law, who can explain how to deal with the “day-of” hospital bills, how to continue to receive the care you need, and ultimately how to recover an appropriate settlement that takes care of your bills from the incident as well as fair and just compensation for you. 

How long is the case process?2020-01-23T13:03:34-06:00

Let’s be honest: this isn’t a legal show on TV and your case will not settle in the next hour – or even tomorrow.  The true answer is: it depends.  We find that most cases settle within 7-10 months from date of incident; but the timeframe in your case could be shorter or longer depending on: the facts and circumstances of the accident; the length of time it takes you to complete medical treatment; and the character of the insurance company, or companies, involved in your case.  In the event that your case cannot settle pre-litigation and it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit, that process alone can take 1 to 2 years due to the court system and legal process necessary to prepare for trial.  But because so much of the timeline depends on the facts and circumstances of your unique case, call Thompson Law today to discuss. 


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