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Wherever you stand on whether or not we’re ringing in the new decade this week, chances are youre at least celebrating the start of the new year this evening! All of us here at Thompson Law wish you and yours a happy new year and all the best in 2020. And, during this busy season we wanted to take a moment to provide a few tips for navigating the celebratory season safely.  

The night of New Year’s Eve into the early morning of New Year’s Day is a notoriously risky time to be on the road. There is more traffic as many people are out and about celebrating with family and friends or attending special events; drunk driving incidences spike; and people who don’t typically go out on the town make an exception for the evening’s parties. All of this festive activity means a combination of inexperience, heavy traffic, and substance use that results in serious accidentsUtilizing the safety tips below, we hope you stay safe over the holiday, and have a truly fantastic New Year’s!

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Tips for Staying Safe Over New Year’s Eve Holiday Festivities

Sadly, sometimes accidents are unavoidable, but there are actions you can take to be prepared, roadworthy, and protected when you’re traveling, no matter the location or distance.  

Have a Plan – Whatever type of festivities you choose to partake in during this holiday season, be sure to make a plan in advance. Deciding where you will go and how you will get there helps you avoid last-minute dashes that result in dangerous driving choices. Having a plan also helps with budgeting, so the cost of a taxi or rideshare does not tempt you to go ahead and drive after drinking. New Year’s Day also has the second-highest rate of car theft, so when you plan ahead you avoid leaving your car exposed to potential thieves. 

Make Advance Arrangements for Rides  Whether this means choosing a designated driver, calling a taxi, or using a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft, make sure that you have considered how you are traveling to, from, and between your holiday parties and events. Spending a few dollars more than you intended on a ride home is a much better option than driving while you are intoxicated or overly tired. The costs associated with these mistakes are enormous, and the financial burden is nothing compared to the guilt of injuring or killing another person.  

Get Your Car Checked Out – This time of year is a great time to plan any annual maintenance for your vehicle. Changing temperatures and weather conditions can affect the performance of your car and lead to mechanical or handlingrelated accidents. Making sure all components are in good working order before any holiday travel is a responsible safety measure that can save lives.  

Prepare for Winter Weather – The winter months may be mild for us here in Texas, especially this year, but there is always the chance of a turn to freezing temps and precipitation. Beyond that, if you are traveling to cold climates to celebrate the holidays with loved ones, you may find yourself driving in unfamiliar locations with the type of bad weather you rarely experience.

Be sure your car is stocked with emergency equipment such as first aid kit, emergency flares, jumper cables, a spare tire, and any other specialty outfitting that is required – like snow tires or ice scrapers. Finally, be sure to travel on these journeys with important information up to date; have your registration, insurance and other important contact information stored for easy access. 

Save Our Contact Information Now … in Case You Need Us Later – Even if you have taken all possible precautions, an accident can happen anytime you operate a motor vehicle. Another great way to plan ahead for your protection is to save the contact information for a trustworthy, experienced, and tough car accident attorney like Thompson Law now. This way, the moment you need us, you have us! You won’t regret taking a moment to save a great 24/7 legal resource now, in case you need help in the future. Call the DFW Fours Lawyers at (214) (817) (972) or (469) 444-4444, or toll free at the number below.

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Thompson Law Wishes You Wonderful and Safe New Year’s Holiday 

The holidays and new year season are a great time for parties and celebrations, but each year in our field we see the downsides of the jubilant atmosphere. New Year’s Eve is one of the most dangerous and fatal days annually our nation’s roads, and large cities in Texas are particularly affected. Take care of yourself and the people you love during this time by planning ahead, making travel arrangements for any trips near and far, and taking care of during your celebrationsAll of us at Thompson Law are wishing you the most fun, restful, relaxing and safe holiday season!

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