Top 5 Deadly Highway List in Texas

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There aren’t many drivers who get into their car and think that they won’t make it to their destination. They don’t consider the fact that they might not see their family or friends again. Yet, car accident fatalities are a very real concern in Texas. Our deadly highway list is calculated by fatalities per mile. There are 77 areas in Texas that account for more than one fatality per square mile over the last three years. In fact, Texas fatalities made up 10% of all fatal car accidents in the US in 2015. Out of those, more than 60% happened on a Texas highway or interstate.

A Mile and a Half of I-69C Tops the Deadly Highway List

When looking at the statistics compiled for fatality car accidents in Texas, the deadliest portion is found on a 1.49-mile section of I-69C, located at mile point 170. This section of the road is located in Edinburg. It had 12 car accident fatalities in a three year period. The math works out to more than eight fatalities per mile.

The Top 5 Deadly Highway Road Stretches

You’ve already learned about the most deadly stretch located in Edinburg. The other four out of the top five include:

  • I-30, Fort Worth. Coming in as second deadliest is I-30 in Fort Worth. There’s a stretch of road that comes in at just under two miles (1.99) at mile point 124. There were 14 fatalities during the study period. That works out to just over seven fatalities per mile.
  • I-20, Penwell. Starting at mile point 150, the next 2.93 miles had 18 fatalities during the study period. That is just over six fatalities per mile.
  • I-35, San Antonio. Starting at mile point 101, the next 2.19 miles saw 13 fatalities. That is almost six deaths per mile from the study period.
  • SH-288, Houston. Beginning at mile point 59 and lasting for 5.42 miles, this section of the state highway saw 32 fatalities. That is almost six deaths per mile.

Dallas Highways Also Made the List

Dallas has several sections of highway that made the list. The first entry on the study list is number 7: I-35. Beginning at mile point 91, there is a 2.67 mile stretch that contributed to 14 fatalities. That works out to around five deaths per mile. There are nine total deadly stretches of highway located in Dallas. Those stretches comprise 77.9 miles of danger and accounted for 249 fatalities during the study period.

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