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Many people across the U.S. use a medical device designed to treat a condition or relevant symptoms. The injury attorneys at Thompson Law know that most patients don’t expect that device to malfunction or to cause serious injuries. When that happens, it may be followed by a defective medical device lawsuit.

A broad range of medical conditions and problems may prompt you to schedule an appointment with your doctor wherein he or she prescribes a medical device to assist you with recovery or management of the symptoms of such a condition. You expect that medical devices were developed to help you and other patients like you.

This is why it can be catastrophic when you realize that your medical device is defective or otherwise leaving you to pay the consequences of the device makers’ rush to market with a product that was not safe for consumer use. Prior to bringing a medical device to the market, manufacturers are responsible for testing it and pursuing possible side effects or interactions that could prove problematic for patients.

In some cases, their clinical trials may be hurried in an effort to get approval to be placed on the market and to begin making profits back on something that has taken months or years to develop. In other cases, they may not have completed the appropriate testing, or they knew about a serious issue that emerged during a clinical trial process and failed to report it.

Why These Defective Medical Device Lawsuits Happen

Without all of the information, physicians who suggest medical devices and the patients who end up using them are not able to make an informed decision. In fact, some of these patients may not even know whether an alternative is available and end up using a device that compromises their health.

One of the most unfortunate aspects of defective medical devices on the market today is that most patients using them will not realize it until it is far too late. For example, consider the metal on metal hip implants that have led to metal poisoning in the blood for patients.

This can lead to life changing consequences for a patient. Likewise, doctors need all of the relevant data in order to determine which medical devices are safe to prescribe and recommend to patients.

When they do not have all of the information because the manufacturer has failed to equip them with it, mistakes can be made that lead to an injury – or worse – for a patient. Defective medical devices have been in the news in the last several years because of a growing number of class action lawsuits and reports filed with the Food and Drug Administration regarding medical devices that had major side effects linked to them. Although a broad range of protocols and clinical trial requirements aim to capture problems before a medical device becomes available for patients, this does not always prevent dangerous devices from making it to market and injuring those patients. This is why Thompson Law encourages those victims to file a defective medical device lawsuit to send a message to the manufacturer about safety being a top priority.

Why You Need to Take Action After Being Injured

Reporting your concerns to the FDA and an experienced Dallas, Fort Worth defective medical device attorney also can help other people from suffering a similar fate. For example, if you had a medical device that turned out to be defective and caused you serious medical issues as a result, your decision to report this could join a growing body of adverse event reports that are ultimately used for that device to be recalled or taken off the market entirely. Such reports protect other consumers and families from having to deal with the devastating consequences of a device that never should have been available to begin with.

Often, it is these adverse event reports and class action lawsuits against defective medical device manufacturers that stop the behavior once and for all. Being able to identify a Dallas, Fort Worth defective medical device attorney who has extensive experience in the field is strongly recommended. You have a limited period of time in which to file a lawsuit to hold a manufacturer accountable. Taking action sooner rather than later protects you and protects others. Furthermore, it sends a message to the manufacturers that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

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