What to do After an Accident in Fort Worth

accident in fort worth

In Fort Worth there are over 15,000 traffic accidents annually, which is almost one accident in Fort Worth every hour of every day. In fact, the city of Fort Worth even has a comprehensive and interactive map of traffic incidents available for public reference. Even if your home, work, or other frequent locales are not located in the map areas with the highest concentration of collisions, there is no arguing accidents are frequent. Fort Worth road travel can be highly dangerous to all of our city’s residents.  

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Steps to Take After Your Forth Worth Accident

After a serious accident in Fort Worth, the shock and adrenaline can make it difficult to focus on taking the right steps. Use this convenient guide to so you will know what to do after an accident in Fort Worth. 

First, if injuries on the scene are severe call for emergency medical support. Calling 911 for ambulance, firefighters, and police can be critical to saving lives and preventing further injuries. Next, be sure to carefully cooperate and comply with instructions from the emergency responders. Finally, gather the following important information:  

  1. Exchange Personal Identification – Take photos or otherwise exchange personal identification information (e.g., drivers licenses, insurance card information) with owners, drivers, passengers, and witnesses. For each person involved, get their full name and contact information. Also, obtain license plate numbers, registration info, and location info
  2. Take PhotosTake pictures of all vehicles involved, the accident site, and the property damage to vehicles. This might include car parts, buildings, or other objects that sustained damage in the accident. Further, take pictures of injuries to the people involved in the accident.
  3. Call the Police – For emergencies call 911. Alternatively, for less serious collisions call the Fort Worth police department’s non-emergency line at (817) 392-4222. In both scenarios, cooperate fully with the operator. Also, carefully follow the operator’s instructions. Then, when emergency personnel arrive, listen to and follow their instructions as they generate an accident report.
  4. Exit the SceneTake care departing the scene of the accident. Follow the direction provided by emergency professionals. Gather the Fort Worth police report when it is available, typically within 7-10 days of the accident. 
  5. Seek Medical Attention – It’s important to your health to seek medical attention at a hospital, emergency room, emergent care facility, or with your primary care physician. Further, getting medical care quickly is critical to establishing your injury claim. For example, insurance companies often argue people that do not quickly seek treatment were not hurt in the accident. Rather, adjusters will argue they were likely hurt in another way, such as on-the-job or in a prior injury event. Do not try to tough out your injuries.  Seek medical care now.
  6. Call Thompson LawProtect your rights by calling Thompson Law in Fort Worth at (817) 444-4444 as soon as you are able. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS. Further, there’s NO FEE unless we win for you. The sooner you make this call the better! If you are able to call from the scene of the accident or hospital we can begin assisting you right away. Don’t hesitate to protect your and your loved ones’ interests after a serious car wreck. 

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Accident in Fort Worth? Thompson Law is Here for You

At Thompson Law we truly understand the devastating impact that a serious truck or car accident in Fort Worth can have on your life. We have always believed in offering a variety of communication and meeting methods. For example, we can come to you wherever you are, or sign you up over the phone.

We understand the pain accidents can cause our clients. First, there’s the pain associated with injuries. Second, you’ve lost or damaged your primary means of transportation. Third, you may miss time at work. Fourth, you have mounting bills and expenses. In sum, all of these stressors can result in significant disruption to our clients’ lives. Rest assured that after your accident in Fort Worth, Thompson Law can and will take care of you.

From multiple locations to serve you, to 24/7/365 availability, to an extensive network of exceptional medical providers, to an experienced and passionate legal team dedicated to your case – we strive to offer everything our clients need after an accident. Contact us today at 817-444-4444 to see what Thompson Law’s Fort Worth office can do for you. In sum, call four and get the roar!

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What to do after a car accident in Fort Worth


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State law limits the time to file a claim following a personal injury accident. If you have been injured, call now for the help you need.